Q&A today

A not very riveting line up on Q+A today.

This could be a bit interesting and is no doubt contentious in the Coast:

A West Coast council is looking at whether to offer up cutting rights for native trees on public land.

The West Coast council and ‘sustainable’ timber business wants to pluck logs out of native forest and they can provide revenue and jobs..

Russel Norman says that the largely ancient forest ecosystems should be left alone and I think it’s hard to argue against that.

Looking back on Murray McCully’s political history (the most interesting bits will probably remain secret):

Foreign Minister Murray McCully is finishing up his 30 year political career. He sits down with Jessica Mutch to discuss the highs and lows.

I was never a fan of McCully, but he seems to have risen to the task of being Foreign Minister, with a few significant question marks.

McCully says he doesn’t feel uncomfortable with any major decisions he’s been involved in. He acknowledges a couple of ‘blemishes’ but won’t give details.

Russel Norman concedes some positives but laments what he sees is the biggest negative – a lack of progress on climate change.

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  1. Gezza

     /  30th April 2017

    Gave it a miss. Sometimes watch it, depends who’s interviewing & who’s being interviewed these days.

    Very rare for me to watch The Nation these days. Fed up with Lisa Owen – she’s supposed to interview – not hector & talk over the top of – her guests. I’d like to hear what they’re saying, not her constantly interrupting just about every response to push her own barrow.

    What that Politics in 60 Seconds *comedy* segment with Jeremy Corbett & Paul Ego is there for escapes me. They’re about as amusing as duck poo on your doorstep.


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