Media watch – Friday

5 May 2017


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  1. Missy

     /  May 5, 2017

    Prince Philip to visit Vanuatu in some form or another – either spiritually or bodily?

    The members of the cult of Prince Philip… sorry, the Prince Philip Movement may see Cyclone Donna as a sign of this apparently.

    • The Cargo Cult … another affliction of Western Secular-Christendom upon the innocent peoples of the South Pacific …

      “Early theories of cargo cults began from the assumption that practitioners simply failed to understand technology, colonization, or capitalist reform … a misunderstanding of the systems involved in resource distribution and an attempt to acquire such goods … However, many of these practitioners actually focus on the importance of sustaining and creating new social relationships, with material relations being secondary.

      Since the late twentieth century, alternative theories have arisen. For example, some scholars, such as Kaplan and Lindstrom, focus on Europeans’ characterization of these movements as a fascination with manufactured goods and what such a focus says about Western commodity fetishism.”

      “Western commodity fetishism” …. brilliant!

      • Gezza

         /  May 5, 2017

        Every culture seems to like coloured polished stones PZ

        • Blazer

           /  May 5, 2017

          like …’fire water’….even better!

          • Gezza

             /  May 5, 2017

            Yes, and sadly, knives, spears, axes, swords, guns, ammunition, explosives, & various delivery systems for the latter two.

            • Yes indeed. Do you think the cultures that invented especially sophisticated modern weapons, most often use them and promote their sale, distribution and use bear any responsibility …

            • Gezza

               /  May 5, 2017

              I think some of the locals make their own explosive vests.

  2. Pete Kane

     /  May 5, 2017

    Interesting article for a lazy weekend.
    The end of the cult of car ownership?
    Kathryn Ryan talks with Stanford University lecturer Tony Seba who has co-authored a report predicting the impact of driver-less cars. He says within 10 years of regulatory approval, 95% of passenger miles traveled in the United States will be in autonomous electric vehicles.

    • Regulatory approval will have to wait until the current generation of petrol-heads, lawful and unlawful ‘gangs’ – police and criminals – trailer-trash, survivalists, independent singles & families, Indy-and-stock-car fans and status-symbol commodity fetishists all die off then …

      We may be waiting a long, long time for regulatory approval …

      Or will people be forcibly having their cars taken off them?

      The beginning of the prediction cult of the end-of-the-cult-of-car-ownership?

    • MaureenW

       /  May 5, 2017

      I was listening to one of Max Keiser’s segments on RT recently where he was talking about the purchasing model for vehicles (anything that runs on software) changing, to where the purchaser doesn’t actually own the item, rather it is a implied licence for the life of the vehicle to operate it.

  3. MaureenW

     /  May 5, 2017

    I wonder whether Obama’s interference in the French elections will have the same outcome as when he tried to interfere in the Brexit referendum.

  4. Blazer

     /  May 5, 2017

    the future,great investment for housing…