Sky pisses down on Fans

Sky seems to have upset a lot of people today when they advised customers that they were making ludicrous changes to their Fan Pass sports streaming service.

After 24 May:

  • No Day Pass (currently $14.99)
  • No Week Fan Pass (currently $19.99)
  • Month Pass goes from $55.99 to $99.99

We wanted to let you know about some changes we’re making to the passes available on Fan Pass.

We wanted Fan Pass to give Kiwis the freedom to dip in and out of sport by offering short-term flexible passes. However, sports rights aren’t cheap and it’s just not stacking up for us as much as we’ve tried to make it work. So we’ve had to make the following changes which will affect you:

– From 24th May, you’ll no longer be able to get a Day or Week pass on Fan Pass.

– The cost of the Month pass will increase from $55.99 per month to $99.99 per month from 24th May.

I have used the day and week passes, although sparingly because I thought the prices were a bit steep. If the day pass was under $10 I would have used it a lot more.

But instead of reducing prices Sky is ditching the short passes and putting the Month Pass up to a ridiculous price – they are charging more for four channels of streamed sport for more than they charge for all of their sports channels plus all of their ‘basic channels’ (there must be fifty or more).

– We’ll be introducing a 6 Month pass which will be a one-off payment of $329.99. It’s a big payment upfront but it still works out as less than $2 a day which is pretty good value. That could give you the entire All Blacks Season from kick off to the final whistle.

That’s extraordinary. I presume they are trying to stop their subscriptions from being ditched, and are trying to get ex-subscribers back on board:

If none of these changes are your cup of tea, SKY have got an offer where you can join SKY with no joining fee and get a $150 account credit on a 6 month Basic contract.

But going by reactions on social media – and my thoughts – they are annoying and losing more customers.

The changes don’t come into effect for nearly three weeks – the timing is suspiciously aimed at the Lions tour but I’m not going to spend $100 a month just to watch those games.

I have a dilemma tonight. I was going to get a Day Pass to watch the Hurricanes tonight, the league test and the Highlanders in the morning, but I’m inclined not to give Sky my business in advance of their self destructive changes.

NBR covers this (not paywalled): Sky hikes Fanpass pricing, narrows options

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  1. Kitty Catkin

     /  5th May 2017

    Errr….how do they explain being unable to do the passes at the usual prices but being able to give away $150 credit (even though it won’t cost them that ?)

    I wasn’t listening to the news story, as I never watch sport and don’t have Sky, but this seems very odd indeed.

    If I wanted to, I could join free and watch the games free for a month and a half with my credit, or pay $150 for a month and a half to do the same thing ? That makes no sense.

  2. MaureenW

     /  5th May 2017

    101 How To Lose Customers. I didn’t think their business was going all that good, should go a lot worse now.

  3. Brown

     /  6th May 2017

    “… sports rights aren’t cheap …”

    Maybe that’s the truth. $2 a day is not expensive unless you think everything should be free. We are becoming a nation of deluded fools when it comes to comparing what things cost and what we should pay. Generally “Things” have never been cheaper so if you think its a rip don’t buy or start your own service and make a small fortune by starting with an large one.

    • It adds up to expensive if on many of those days you don’t want to watch anything you have to pay for.

      • Brown

         /  6th May 2017

        I looked at a second hand car on a lot today. It was $50,000 and thinking of you I was tempted to offer the guy $15,000 because I only want to drive it on the weekend. Not a goer probably so I didn’t bother.

    • MaureenW

       /  6th May 2017

      Personally I think it’s easier to sell-up from a large customer base, rather than rip your happy customer base away, and then big-bang them.


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