Morgan message on J Day

The annual J Day was held on Saturday.

Norml: J Day this Saturday 6 May, nationwide cannabis law reform events

J Day is a worldwide protest against prohibition and a celebration of Kiwi cannabis culture, held on the first Saturday in May every year. This Saturday is the 26th Annual national day of action supporting cannabis law reform, including safe legal access to medicinal cannabis.

To mark the occasion NORML and our cannabis law reform colleagues organise free events nationwide. J Day is where supporters of cannabis law reform can meet like minded people, relax without fear, learn how they can help make cannabis legal, join their local group and meet other cannabis advocates.

“With an election soon it is important people show their support,” said J Day’s national coordinator Chris Fowlie, of Auckland. “For the first time there are multiple parties contesting the election who advocate for cannabis law reform. The Greens have been joined by Labour and the Maori Party, as well as ACT, TOP and the Cannabis Party. Even United Future is on the side of reform!”

“We agree cannabis should be a health issue, not a crime, and there are too many cannabis users to arrest.”

Gareth Morgan of TOP (The Opportunities Party) has given a message to mark the occasion:

Sorry I can’t be with you on J Day, which is a bit of a shame because it’s very significant one this year for us.

We are about to produce a policy on cannabis law reform.

We have looked at the issues around this subject and the big one is harm.

We have to minimise harm and it’s pretty clear from all the evidence that, particularly internationally, that prohibition is not the way to go if you want to minimise harm from use of this drug. be produced and under what restrictions, what pricing, all that sort of stuff.

Pretty exciting times and I look forward to being back with you in a couple of weeks when we do produce this policy and I think you will find that it’s both exciting and a big step forward in terms of minimising the harm of cannabis. All the best.

There is growing pressure on Parliament and on parties to address the problems caused by current laws and current application of laws on cannabis.

Morgan and TOP will help to promote that pressure.

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  1. While IMHO they should never be two separate issues – medicinal & recreational – I suspect that far-and-away the majority of cannabis is used recreationally and, by contrast, the vast majority of reform emphasis is on the (albeit important) medicinal aspect …

    Its as though recreational use is just ‘too difficult’ after all these years of official prohibition … and extremely widespread public use!

    The very real danger IMO is that the medicinal issue will lead to a medicalized response … that where the two intersect … grow your own … personal use … and personal freedom … will be smothered by the pharmacuetical creation of ‘registered medicines’ …

    If no-one is going to look at it comprehensively, we may be little better off than we are now?

    Considering the ‘criminal element’ created by current legislation, it will be a brave government who takes this on … They should stand up now … because cannabis has the potential to be a big election issue … a big vote winner for the right policies …

  2. I tend to agree P_Z but Med-use will likely top the agenda.. with any political debate or changes ?

    It is good to see the debate moving beyond just Greens & ALCP to other parties. Methinks this could see Natz being the ‘outsider’ if they continue with their eff. Zero-tolerance to ‘raw herb’ & only ‘big-pharma’ approach.

    NZ needs to stop trying to ‘reinvent the wheel’ on this & look to other OECD countries who are already legally regulating the plant & its use !

    btw; J-day in the Octagon was a nice time.. meeting up with other ‘herbie folks’ & partaking. 😀

    • Yep … I’ve heard about various events around the place … and some people just celebrated quietly at home …

      You’re right about the Natz … they’re getting left behind …

      The good (or leastwise hopeful) thing is they clearly don’t like being the ‘outliers’ … When public opinion swings far enough they change their spots …

      So the question becomes: How to swing public opinion far enough …?

      Is the old “precursor or ‘gateway’ to harder drugs” still an issue in NZ do you think?

      • I did not see ‘Reefer Madness’ breaking out or ruling J Day.. just a bunch of gentle, peaceful folk, enjoying the music & each others company.. partaking of the herb. 🙂

        I didnt see any MASS insanity or the gateway to HARD DRUGS opening.. no Heroin or Meth use in sight !! Even if some still believe/push this B-S.. maybe they should have come along too ?

      • Gateway is a misnomer, for people on Class B prescription drugs, its an exit drug.

  3. Oliver

     /  8th May 2017

    It’s a draconian law. time to get rid of it. Sick of paying for the war on drugs. I’d rather my money go to health care.

    • I agree Oliver.. but as long as Natz remain in power, its unlikely to occur here, anytime soon !

      23/9 is coming.. hopefully a change, is in the wind ? :/

  1. Morgan message on J Day – NZ Conservative Coalition

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