Australia versus New Zealand

RNZ:  Australia considers NZ ‘soft entry’ point – PM

Prime Minister Bill English says he does not understand why Australia thinks New Zealand is a backdoor route for migrants wanting to get into their country.

New Zealanders living in Australia have been stung by numerous new policies that affect their entitlements and rights in the past few years.

At his weekly post cabinet media briefing yesterday, Mr English said Australian officials believed this country had become a backdoor way for migrants to enter their country.

“We would like to, I suppose, understand precisely what their concern is, because there is no evidence that the New Zealanders moving to Australia constitute some unique or special burden on Australia,” he said.

Mr English said the economic evidence was that they were “good net contributors”.

“This issue around whether New Zealand is a soft entry to Australia is one that in that context has come up.

“But it’s been quite hard to pin down just what exactly they think the problem is,” he said.

Australia stunned the government last week when it announced that from next year, the fees New Zealanders would pay to study at Australian tertiary institutions would more than triple – affecting about 12,000 people.

Following that surprise, Foreign Minister Gerry Brownlee met with his Australian counterpart, Julie Bishop, in Sydney where he accepted the lack of a head’s up was a one-off.

But Mr English said Australia gave no assurance similar policies were not on the way.

He said the government had no interest in a tit-for-tat exchange with Australia and it would not be reducing entitlements or rights for their citizens in New Zealand.

This is a big issue for Kiwis in Australia and for many back here in New Zealand. I have three children living and working in Australia.


  1. Blazer

     /  May 9, 2017

    as usual ,head in the sand…we don’t have the …data.

  2. Perhaps this speaks of Australia’s subconscious and residual ‘White Only’ mentality and policies? [subterranean racial psychopathology?]

    The unspoken ‘problem’ is almost certainly ethno-religious … or in other words Muslims …

    • Trumpenreich

       /  May 9, 2017

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      • Trumpenreich

         /  May 9, 2017

        You are rationalizing your hypocrisy. My comments don’t get through because they demolish your globalist narrative.

        [I’ll let this one through for it’s comedic factor. I need to get busy writing my promotion of globalism. PG]

      • Gezza

         /  May 10, 2017

        Could I just check something here PG?

        Are you saying above that whinging will never work, or only that some whinging can be expected to be ineffective?

        Also, do you have a similar policy on whining?

        • Never say never. Moderation is always going to be imperfect and some will complain of unfairness for themselves.

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          The aim is a balance of an open forum with a forum that looks and behaves open, and that promotes decent debate.

          • Gezza

             /  May 10, 2017

            👍 I think you get the balance right, PG. The fact you have a sense of humour, make reasoned, polite moderation decisions, & are prepared to explain them further when queried I find very satisfactory. I’m sorry to hear the petty, malevolent, personal harassment against you & your blog continues.

            • Pete. Thanks for this place. You are, quite literally, the best blog host. Your content and output is enviable, well thought out and executed.

              I always appreciate this place; it’s that rare beast – a truly neutral home.

  3. Gezza

     /  May 9, 2017

    I suspect he’s referring to the now longstanding Aussie perception & complaint that New Zealand grants permanent residence rights & then citizenship to too many rubbish immigrants who then get easier rights to live in Australia – which was always their original intention.

    • Gezza

       /  May 9, 2017

      Just claify my statement above, my reference to ‘rubbish immigrants’ is to how they are colloquially characterised by Australians opposed to their immigration into Australia from NZ. Not my label or view. It describes a common perception over there that would-be immigrants (mostly from places like India) who do not meet Austraia’s *higher* immigration selection standards instead apply for immigration to New Zealand & then hop the ditch as soon as they can. It certainly does happen, & more so in the past, but not imo in anything like the numbers that would be a genuine cause for concern their immigration criteria are being subverted.

  4. Jay3

     /  May 9, 2017

    Ok, so its these non-white immigrants using NZ as a back door to get into Australia that is the problem and “real ” kiwis are paying the price. What a lazy answer which plays directly into the racist anti-immigration meme that is being stoked by people like Winston Peters and others such as Labour’s Twyford. New Zealanders have for decades been merely tolerated in Australia and there has just as long been resentment that they have been able to access government benefits only normally available to Australian citizens. Hence the policy changes regarding Kiwis introduced in Australia since the early 2000s which I think are generally well supported there.

    • Hmmm, to me your comment – whoever its directed at – is kinda convoluted Jay3. Everything you say points to the whole thing being THEIR problem, Australians’ problem, not ours … regardless of the race, ethnicity or religion of the Kiwis involved …

      In which case “generally well supported there” simply magnifies the indictment on THEM …

      It’s not as if these are illegal immigrants … Aussie employers want our immigrant labour …

  5. Oliver

     /  May 9, 2017

    We should support Australia’s decision to make it less attractive for kiwis to live in AUS. If kiwis come back to NZ then we don’t need to bring in more immigrants to fill the skill/labour shortage.

  6. Trevors_elbow

     /  May 9, 2017

    Their house. Their rules. Moving on