Media watch – Wednesday

10 May 2017


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  1. Rugby league seems to have a major problem with drugs in Australia.

  2. Mungo Jerry

     /  May 10, 2017

    Looks like Colin Craig had a bad day in court yesterday.

    Remember he has denied he ever sexually harassed Rachel MacGregor. I’m not sure he can maintain that stance anymore.

    • It’s early days in a 3 week trial.

      Craig hasn’t come out of this looking good at all. That was the apparent aim of Williams and Slater. But Williams and Slater haven’t looked good either. It’s a bit of a train wreck for all of them.

      However that’s not what determines whether defamation occurred or not.

      Craig went from leader of a 4% party to nothing. Slater confirmed his reputation as a dirty political hit man.

      The judge will decide who was defamed and who’s reputation was damaged, and if so by how much.

  3. Blazer

     /  May 10, 2017

    fix the housing…bubble!..

    ‘Some of the biggest property-owning MPs include National Cabinet Minister and Selwyn MP Amy Adams, who declared eight properties including farm land, commercial property, an apartment and two residential properties.

    National and Otaki MP Nathan Guy declared farm land, a family home, two rental properties and Thorndon house. He also has interests in 13 commercial properties.

    Mt Roskill-based National list MP Parmjeet Parmar has declared seven properties including four residential rental properties, a family home, and commercial property.
    Deputy Prime Minister Paula Bennett has been active in the Auckland property market, selling a home in Sunnyvale. She still has properties in Mt Eden, Oratia and Henderson.’

    • Blazer

       /  May 10, 2017

      update…’between them, 116 of our MPs own or have an interest in 302 properties and more than three quarters boast a portfolio of anywhere between two and 12 properties. ‘….

      • Blazer

         /  May 10, 2017

        attribute ..Stuff..Kirk and Fyers…’National Party MPs are the biggest property owners, with interests in 190 properties, an average of 3.43 per MP.’….what crisis?

  4. Corky

     /  May 10, 2017

    President Trumpy sacks FBI director Comey.

  5. Chris

     /  May 10, 2017
    So these two party leaders cant afford to buy a house because some MPs own 2 or more houses.
    What a thick excuse. These “Leaders” are on a minimum of $175398 per year as well as other benefits. If they cant buy a house with this income then there is no hope at all for younger people in NZ. But wait, young people do buy houses on incomes a hell of a lot less than these guys are on. What a lame excuse!

  6. Blazer

     /  May 10, 2017

    good work..if you can the revaluations…

  7. It seems that the Natz are the only party now dragging the chain on cannabis reform.. I read these comments on newshub site:

    ‘ACT MP David Seymour showed he’s no one-hit wonder after announcing he would legalise cannabis “tomorrow”.’

    ‘The Project host Jesse Mulligan tackled the burning issue and planted the seeds by asking Mr Seymour if, given the growing popularity of cannabis in NZ, its legal status should be changed.’

    “I think that time’s going to come. People are going to look at what’s happened in Canada and California and other places starting with ‘C’ and they’re basically going to say: ‘Look, it’s time to make that change’,” Mr Seymour replied, bluntly.

    “Personally I’d do it tomorrow, but sometimes you gotta go with public opinion – try to get too far ahead and you’re dead.”

    This comes on the back on Maori party co-leader, Marama Fox recently saying, that they are ready to start the conversation on at least; ‘decriminalisation’.

    Dunne also apparently saying, he is more open to other options; than just prohibition ?

  8. Corky

     /  May 10, 2017

    ”This comes on the back on Maori party co-leader, Marama Fox recently saying, that they are ready to start the conversation on at least; ‘decriminalisation’. ”

    Do you see any thing contradictory with that statement, Zedd%.?

    • Nelly Smickers

       /  May 10, 2017

      But good to see a judge finally *come down real hard* on this Chinese criminal……

      “In order to allow Yan to work, Judge Rob Ronayne granted him permission to leave his luxury apartment for up to five hours each day…….*HOWEVER* (and here’s the kicker)……. “The judge *flatly denied* a request from Yan to use the gymnasium in the Auckland hotel complex” XD

      *Deleted image – PG*

  9. Blazer

     /  May 10, 2017

    Bank spokesperson tries …comedy…

    ‘But New Zealand Bankers Association chief executive Karen Scott-Howman was keen to differentiate the local operators from their Australian parents.

    “New Zealand banks operate in a different environment from those in Australia. Here we have strong and independent regulators, a very competitive banking sector and high levels of customer satisfaction,” she said.

    – Additional reporting AAP

    – NZ Herald…..hey Karen,APRA in Australia actually has teeth,deposits are guaranteed in Australia not NZ.NZ has the OBR to give depositors a…haircut,.Cheek

    • Corky

       /  May 10, 2017

      Don’t mention the word haircut with regards to deposits. The thought of getting a 30% trim on the first cut is horrifying. But the good news is, according to an email I received from the RB spokesperson, banks will only enact the OBR after consultation with the Minister Of Finance. So rest easy, Blazer.

      • Blazer

         /  May 10, 2017

        NZ’ers 2nd class citizens of Australian banks.

  10. The US media are hilarious. I have just seen two newspapers quoting former Deputy Attorney General Yates and her response to Cruz about the legality of Trump’s directive that Yates refused to implement. On one side of the news report it was claimed that Cruz embarrassed Yates by quoting the law that made it obligatory for her to obey the President’s directive, yet the other side led with the line that Yates had made Cruz look silly quoting legal precedent. They can’t both be correct can they?

    • Gezza

       /  May 10, 2017

      I don’t see why not. From what I’ve read just on Wikipedia the whole business of the President’s executive authority in respect of Executive Orders is somewhat amorphous.

  11. patupaiarehe

     /  May 10, 2017

    It’s little wonder that people are losing faith in our so called justice system…
    No ESO for this ‘model citizen’. He’ll most likely be living close to a school, which won’t be told about him, as it might violate his rights.