Bradbury does dirty

This morning Martyn Bradbury posted

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Massive online ACT Party data breach

The Daily Blog has been contacted with information that the ACT Party database has been left open online…

…we’ve had a look, and they are right. There is a huge data base of members and donors on the list, alongside a fascinating document from Franks/Ogilvie to the hard right NZ Initiative outlining their hatred of Maori gaining any power under the new RMA.

As far as I can see the entire database of donors and members are just open on this and I estimate there maybe about a 1000 names there.

To protect their privacy we won’t publish any of their details, but ACT might want to hire someone to make their database secure.

If ACT did have insecure date publicly accessible on a website that’s embarrassing for them and fair enough to point it out and to score a political hit.

But beyond that Bradbury has acted in an inexcusable, despicable way, as did the person he claims alerted him to it. This looks to be as dirty as when Cameron Slater went far to far when someone found insecure data on a Labour Party website.

This is as bad as finding an unlocked building and entering and rummaging through cupboards and drawers, and taking copies of information and publishing it.

Bradbury published information that could reasonably expected to be not intended for the public to see.

The person who enabled Bradbury to breach privacy like this is more culpable.

If the data was still insecure when Bradbury publicised it that put it at great risk of other people finding and copying data and information.

Again, going online publicising an unlocked door is highly unethical.

As per the Slater-Labour breach, fine to publicise lax security, but accessing and searching and publishing information is inexcusable and possibly illegal.

The proper thing to do would be to advise the owner of the data that it was insecure, and after it was secured then fair enough to go public.

What Bradbury has done here is admit himself to the dirty politics hall of infamy occupied by Slater.

Bradbury promotes The Daily Blog as a shiny new alternative to mainstream media (similar to Slater and Whale Oil). Very sadly both operate in the social media gutter.

This makes him more like a sensation and attention seeking scummy dirty blogger. D

It’s hard to believe how irresponsible Bradbury has been here – more so than whoever was responsible for insecure data.

Other contributors to The Daily Blog should be concerned and embarrassed by this.

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  1. And as hypocritical as ever, Whale Oil posts:

    Left wing blog hacks ACT party computer

    Accessing data with prior knowledge that you are not allowed to access it, no matter how trivial the act itself, is an illegal act.

    Which is quite similar to Slater and Labour’s website. Except that at WO it’s different if they do things.

    It would be the same as saying “I took their TV, because all the doors were open and I could walk straight in”.

    Of course I’m not really serious. But that’s the argument they used against Cam Slater and this blog when he did the same with the Labour party’s web site.

    The Labour party laid a police complaint that they were hacked.

    It is quite likely there was some low level probing instead of an accidental discovery. Similar to a courier dropping off a package, finding you’re not home and making himself a cup of tea. In essence it’s wrong…

    And it sounds to me to be much the same as what Slater and Eade did.

    • Tipene

       /  12th May 2017

      I wonder what BR’s take would be on this?

      • Bill Brown

         /  13th May 2017

        Maybe he could make up some more fantasy on how he was involved and then we can again learn he’s a foolish little boy

  2. I would have labelled it as a continuation of Nicky Hager’s dirty politics. But of course this is election year again and he is still trying to trash the SAS.


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