Hooton on Labour and Maori

Yesterday Matthew Hooton promoted his weekly NBR column with a provocative headline (with a promise of similar from Duncan Garner):

A Labour staffer responds:

Hooton’s column isn’t up on the NBR site yet (it will be behind a pay wall anyway) but he pushes some different buttons via Twitter:

Garner’s column doesn’t appear to be up yet either, but it could be a testing weekend for Labour at their election year conference (they are calling it a ‘congress’) with the focus on a speech on Sunday:

Upcoming events

Sunday, May 14, 2017 at 01:30 PM

Amokura Gallery, Te Papa in Wellington, New Zealand

Andrew Little’s Congress Speech

Join hundreds of Labour supporters, as Andrew Little announces a fresh new addition to our housing plan ahead of the 2017 election at Labour’s Congress in Wellington.

In his last big speech, his ‘state of the nation’ address in January, Little didn’t mention Maori at all – see Maori 0f Little importance?

He won’t get away with ignoring them again on Sunday.


  1. This seems as relevant this morning as it did late last night –

    @ Corky – the likely consequences “should you [Labour] not start kow-towing to Maori very soon” …

    You mean kow-towing like National do Corky …?

    In a late-night attempt to try and think like one, I ask: Where does this leave Righties come election time?

    If you’re a Rightie – unless you live in Epsom or an absolutely safe National electorate – a ‘protest’ candidate vote for anyone other than a National candidate is a wasted vote? Or I guess you can send a ‘clear message’ to your National MP by reducing his/her majority at the next election? Doh! Or “do a Northland”?

    And a party vote FOR National – a Bill each way – negates both your candidate protest vote and your philosophical ‘protest’ against them “kow-towing to Maori”?

    You’re kind of trapped really aren’t you? Trapped into voting for National … Whom many of you believe are selling New Zeal Land to immigrants AND simultaneously giving it away to Maori (as opposed to giving it back) …

    Neither ACT nor The Conservatives can help you on election night, because neither has a chance of becoming a significant enough coalition partner to genuinely influence policy.

    Maybe Winston can help you out …? Stop the Maoris taking over … ?
    It doesn’t look like Gareth will …?

    So really the only powerful potential coalition partner is once again …. (drum roll) … The Maori Party!!!

    I don’t envy Righties come 23/9 … not if National’s “Maori agenda” is an important issue for you … and rest assured … (‘JAWS’ theme music) … IT SHOULD BE …

    Here’s a fresh take on the daily “lets kick Labour around some more” topic … What fun!!! It’s like a smoke-screen of non-critique of government = publicity FOR the government. Promote National by denigrating Labour …

    So, for Righties, what’s ‘good’ about National in all this …?

    You might say, “At least they’re consistent”! But no. Abolishing the Maori seats is apparently in their manifesto … a sop to ACT and the Conservees … while they wheel-and-deal with the Maori Party … and the dreaded “race-based, separatist, apartheid, tribal elite” …

    What does your precious National government end up looking like?

    Well … It looks like they’ll deal with any ‘elite’ who’s got BIG MONEY … Peter Thiel and countless overseas property investors come to mind … even if they have to give them the BIG MONEY themselves! Even if ‘legally’ [and perhaps morally?] they have to FYO an elite … Fund Your Own …

    But anyhow … always remember … keep the target in shight … Where ‘Maori agendas’ are concerned, what’s important is what Labour’s doing wrong …

    (“Shight” = Shit Sights – new word # 97) …

    • Corky

       /  May 12, 2017

      Great venting, Parti. You may have forgotten some of my past posts. To recap:

      1- I won’t be voting National because of their kow-towing to Maori re RMA.
      2- I want the Left to win this coming election.
      3- Second best choice is for National to win.

      At this point you are probably thinking this fool doesn’t get it…he’s farked whichever way he does his permutations. Not really. National kept its Maori on a tight lead. However, sooner or later that lead had to be loosened, and such was the case with the RMA reform.

      Labour having the experience of dealing with vicious bullying grassroot Maori knows a barge pole is the best option. They got tired of seeing their people and government officals in tears after being abused by Maori.( see Parekura and Tamahere being dealt to re Foreshore protests)

      No, you are telling me nothing new, Parti. I’m taking a gamble on a perfect storm brewing after the election when people wake up to the scenario you write of. Maori, Immigration…..it’s just a matter of waiting for middle New Zealand to find the Kahuna’s to say enough is a fucking enough.

      I think you have more the problem….you believe in something.

      • How dare you accuse me of believing in something!!! *sarc*

        So let me see if I can translate this: You want the people you don’t want to win to win so they can fail and the people who voted them in – namely you – will be sorry … and lose?

        Fuck no … I’m well clear of ‘problems’ …

        • @ Corky – “National kept its Maori on a tight lead.”

          Really!? What would be examples of this Corky?

          The Foreshore & Seabed? Whanau ora?

          Interesting about the RMA. The very thing that most needs to happen to Aotearoa New Zealand’s fledgling Consociational Democracy – real power-sharing – scares white middle-class voters into voting OUT their own white middle-class Party …

          Just how BIZARRE can politics get …?

        • Corky

           /  May 12, 2017

          ”So let me see if I can translate this: You want the people you don’t want to win to win so they can fail and the people who voted them in – namely you – will be sorry … and lose?”

          Nearly: If the Left win, they will completely disintegrate while in office. They will never be the same again. That’s great because I despise the Left and those people who populate it. Meanwhile the only other alternative is the Right. Whether in or out of power people will be over them too. That’s when a Trump like storm starts brewing and a complete reconfiguration of New Zealand politics takes place. That’s my hope anyway

          • Oh for Heaven’s Sake! You call Trumpism a “complete reconfiguration” …?

            That’s Rightie La La Land Corky … Roger Douglas was a complete reconfiguration … or nearly … AND HE WAS LABOUR!!! Far Right …

            Incidentally, as things stand at present, the Far-Left – which is who you’re really afraid of – has already disintegrated long, long ago …

            So what are you worried about … ?

            You’re worried about your National government trending too far Left-of-Centre …. Making concessions to Maori …

            Meantime its not actually political parties doing the damage Corky … Labour and National are both going to manage the FIIRE economy on-behalf [of the global elite] in almost entirely the same way … with only a few minor ‘Peter vs Paul’ differences at the peripheries …

            Do you want a return to import licencing, tariffs and subsidies, unionised labour – with no cheap immigrant workers – and all that ‘socialist’ jazz? That’s really what Trump’s trying to do without overtly doing it … Clayton’s social democracy with free-enterprise … America for Americans, New Zealand for ‘Kiwis’ … which Righties mistakenly call ‘socialism’ …

  2. Gezza

     /  May 12, 2017

    I doubt very many people actually read Hooton’s NBR hoots, it’s not exactly wide readership material.

    • No, but he pushes his musings on Twitter, and also gets radio and other media exposure.

      • Gezza

         /  May 12, 2017

        Yeah, I do actually quite like him as a commentator when I hear him on radio, Pete. He’s not a fool.

        • High Flying Duck

           /  May 12, 2017

          He had a great rant yesterday about a Gangster being in charge of Russia and a Gangster in charge of the White house and how they need to be booted out as they were a danger to the world.
          He was quite heated.

          • Gezza

             /  May 12, 2017

            They might have had the office thermostat set a bit high. I sometimes had strange dreams when the house was too hot at night.

            • High Flying Duck

               /  May 12, 2017

              Are you sure it wasn’t the cheese?

            • Gezza

               /  May 12, 2017

              Could’ve been mushrooms I suppose. But it was always really hot when I woke up. And I hadn’t always had mushrooms.

            • Pete Kane

               /  May 12, 2017

              Soy and Oyster Sauce also boys?

            • Gezza

               /  May 12, 2017

              Happy to advise I don’t need oysters.

            • Gezza

               /  May 12, 2017

              Anyway, gotta go have an echocardiogram at Welly Hospital soon. Neurology concerned I might be getting heartless, I guess. Catch yous later. Be good. 👍

            • All the best with that Gezza e hoa. Take care …

  3. Alan Wilkinson

     /  May 12, 2017

    Racist identity politicking – always fertile ground for troublemakers. Media can’t leave it alone.

    • Racial identity politics Alan … not racist … which, sadly, is ALL POLITICS (as we know it) …

      All politics as we know it is highly, exaggeratedly and overly conflictional [new word # 98] and – provided its not totalitarian – is majoritarian, divisive and polarised …

      Those are the elements the media can’t leave alone. It wouldn’t matter if everyone on Earth was exactly the same tone of White …

      • Gezza

         /  May 12, 2017

        “[new word # 98]”

        Not far off the ton now, good buddy. Looking forward to popping the champagne cork here. 👍

        • Yep Gezza … I’ll be sure to make a big sonce about it …. [Sonce = song-and-dance – new word # 99!!!] … 😀

      • Alan Wilkinson

         /  May 12, 2017

        I said racist and meant it, PZ.

        • And I’m just saying that ALL POLITICS has an element of racial and ethnic identity imbued into it …

          You think New Zealand politics isn’t essentially English … British?

          That’s its ethnic identity …

          And, after 170 years of relative intransigence, that’s still essentially where it belongs: in England.

          We could have our very own unique version of Aotearoan New Zealand politics …

          But no, after all these years of racism, that would be racist …

          • Alan Wilkinson

             /  May 12, 2017

            There is a difference between derivation and discrimination that seems to have escaped you, PZ. The essence of identity politics is discrimination and individual favouritism. The essence of common law and free markets is non-discrimination and equal treatment which, of course, you will deny.

            • I don’t get the “derivation” thing Alan … Can you explain? Identity politics is derived from … identity … or something?

              Of course I’ll deny it. Common law isn’t ‘common’ at all, its decidedly elitist … arrived at via feudal LandLord-Tenant, Master-Servant, Gentry-Peasant, Owner-Wage Slave relationships …

              And there’s no such thing as a free market … You might care to name one for me? … The Stock Exchange perhaps? Real Estate? Mining in Africa? Palm Oil production in Papua?

              Of ‘Identity Politics’, Mon Sewer Google says, “a tendency for people of a particular religion, race, social background, etc., to form exclusive political alliances, moving away from traditional broad-based party politics.”

              Well … Yes … Except that “traditional broad-based party politics” are precisely “exclusive political alliances” … albeit often covert and numerically large … especially based on ‘social background’ and ‘race’ (an important factor in social background) … Example: Labour are mostly Unionists … National’s traditional base is farmers and employers …

              Wiki goes further still – “Examples [of Identity Politics] include social organizations based on age, social class or caste, culture, dialect, disability, education, ethnicity, language, nationality, sex, gender identity, generation, occupation, profession, race, religion, sexual orientation, settlement, urban and rural habitation, and veteran status.”

              That pretty much covers everything!

              Wiki adds, “Not all members of any given group are involved in identity politics.”

              So, at best, “Identity Politics” is a cheap trick, an easy and poorly thought-out way of denigrating minority political movements and minor political parties in a changing ‘representational’ world … ACT are identity politics as much as the Maori Party or ALCP …

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