Human rights in prison

On The Nation this morning:

Lisa Owen talks to Chief Ombudsman Judge Peter Boshier about whether inmates’ human rights are being violated in our prisons and what his office can do to deal with the issue.

Prisoners lose some rights, like freedom and voting, but a decent society still has to provide human rights in prisons.

Boshier says resourcing is “at the heart” of issue of cruel and degrading treatment of prisoners.

“You can’t have someone in prison with high mental health needs and no appropriate way of treating that prisoner”.

“Frankly I’m horrified… that Serco occurred under our noses” says Boshier.

An unfortunate experiment at Mt Eden prison.

Boshier says he’s concerned about use of restraints in private secure dementia units.

“I’m deliberately signalling that we need to watch this space” he says.

Boshier says he’ll go to Parliament in a year to ask for more funding to expand monitoring of secure dementia units.


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  1. Bill Brown

     /  13th May 2017

    Yep poor prisoners! So terrible in jail after destroying some else’s life!!!

    Typical BS in NZ – who’s helping the victims ???? Oh yeah, maybe a quick call from Victim Support

    Prison in this country is easy – 3 meals, bed, blankets, even sex with your partner or inmates if you want it!!

    These scum bags should be on the chain gang breaking rocks in my view

  2. Where are the countries who successfully reduce crime by removing prisoners’ human rights, having tougher or extremely severe penalties and/or the death penalty?

    • Bill Brown

       /  13th May 2017

      Yes I agree on some levels but what countries with the socio and demo of population we have seem to have cracked it ?????

      Clearly the relaxed atmosphere of NZ jail is doing nothing

      • We don’t know … The relaxed atmosphere might be preventing the condition worsening?

        I personally doubt its relaxed although privatisation may have ‘relaxed’ things somewhat by reducing staffing levels and resources available to prisoners?

        • Bill Brown

           /  14th May 2017

          Serco was a great move – not.

          Look at all the down ticks !! Jerks


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