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On The Nation this morning:

As Labour holds its annual congress this weekend, Newshub’s Political Editor Patrick Gower talks housing and immigration with leader Andrew Little and asks him how the party’s tracking with just… four months to go until the election.

First up is immigration. Little is still floundering on the number of immigrants he would cut. He keeps repeating “tens of thousands”, but when  pushed says he won’t back off one statement he made cutting to about 25,000, which is 45,000 less than the current 70,000.

Little says immigration needs to be cut by 10s of thousands… and the cuts can be made in work visas.

Thousands of student visas will be cut in Labour’s policy says Little.

“About managing it (immigration) carefully and properly and better”.

Kiwibuild “strongly committed to the 100,000” but then starts generalising again “building a lot of houses in a single year”.

Housing policy will be announced tomorrow.

Will Labour remove tax breaks for landlords? Little says he’ll announce the policy on that tomorrow.

A tourism levy “we are looking at that” and Little is “personally in favour” bust doesn’t have a figure in mind.

Social investment – they have got into Labour space? Gower pushes on this twice and both times Little launches into campaign spiel.

Mental health is a big issue – “everybody is saying”.

Little says the Govt’s social investment policy is not connecting with the lived experience of NZers.

The debacle of the last two weeks? It looks and feels like a debacle. Where is the discipline?

Will Te Reo be compulsory in the first term? No says Little.

Labour leader says National’s social investment policy is all about data and numbers not “lived experiences”.

Is time running out for Little? A diversion into spiel again.

What is Little’s one big idea for New Zealand? Little recites campaign mantra on housing again.

Do you want to be Prime Minister again? Little recites campaign mantra.

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  1. David

     /  May 13, 2017

    I wish someone would actually point to where exactly is the tax advantage for landlords, we are treated worse than every other sector now with no depreciation and taxed if sold within 2 years now what other asset class does that apply too..none.
    If Little had a brain he would just go back to the old regime before Joyce stuffed it up and only allow foreign students to work 5 hours a week instead of 20 therefore keeping the income from them studying and stopping them undercutting and taking jobs off kiwi students and school leavers.