ACT response to Labour’s housing policy

David Seymour has responded to Labour’s housing policy.

Labour puts Envy Politics over Economics

“The Labour Party’s policy of ring fencing and negative gearing will only pass costs onto renters in a tight market,” says ACT leader David Seymour.

“As renters well know, the rental market is a tight one, it is a landlord’s market.  Renters have few options, so landlords can pass costs on to tenants easily.

“Labour’s policy is unbelieveably stupid, because it pushes up costs without generating more homes. It is a recipe for rent hikes, putting the most vulnerable out on the streets.

“Unfortunately the Labour Party is still driven by envy first and economics second, it is highly disappointing.

“The only way to improve conditions for renters to increase the overall supply of housing, creating a renter’s market where it is the renters who have the options.

“ACT advocates serious policy reform that would do just that. Replace the RMA in cities, and fund infrastructure by giving councils half the GST on construction that they consent. This policy would get homes built and improve tenant’s options, whereas Labour’s policy will only price more people out of the market as landlords pass costs on to them.

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  1. I really did not have access to this in my comment about the Labour Housing policy. It is good to see a thinker in Parliament, pity he is in ACT, But I still think National are being lazy again and not focussed on the social justice problems in NZ that are real and extant.

  2. John Schmidt

     /  14th May 2017

    Why does anyone think that increasing landlord costs will not reflect into rent increases.
    The same applies to company tax.

    • Blazer

       /  14th May 2017

      just imagine if the govt withdrew the accomodation supplement of over $2billion dollars a year that goes straight into the pockets of rapacious …landlords…so much for supply and demand…just crony ..welfare.

    • Blazer

       /  15th May 2017

      perhaps you could provide some examples…you could start with Apple and Google…and….

  1. ACT response to Labour’s housing policy – NZ Conservative Coalition

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