Election quiz

A New Zealand election quiz to “to see how your political beliefs match the political parties and candidates in the September 2017 general election”.

My results:


But this is only part of the story.

Policies that I rate as more important than most in the survey weren’t in there.

And it doesn’t address competence of leaders, competence of parties nor compatibilities of parties – for example if I liked Labour I might not like Labour +NZ First or NZ + Greens as a coalition option.

And it doesn’t take into account tactical voting. I’ve voted Green before not because I thought they were the best party to lead a government but because I thought the election was a foregone conclusion and I think that a decent dollop of Green voice in the mix is health for our Parliament.

This survey is an interesting exercise but gives no indication of who I might vote for.


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  1. Kitty Catkin

     /  14th May 2017

    I remember one where the answers were of a kind where it was often the least unikely of the selection given. One couldn’t change them and it was immensely long and seemed endless.

  2. PDB

     /  14th May 2017

    With that result I’m starting to question your sanity PG………

  3. Maggy Wassilieff

     /  14th May 2017

    It’s crap.

    I tried it,,,,, and some of the questions are so general, that you can’t give a decent, nuanced response.

    Anyway…. I seem to be closet ACT voter… (in their dreams!)

  4. Did other people answer all the questions in the ‘Answer More’ drop-down boxes?
    I answered every one including numerous ‘Add Your Own’ answers …

    Green 59%, TOP 58%, Labour 51%
    Maori 48%, National 41%, Mana 38%
    NZF 37%, ALCP 36%, United Future 33%
    ACT 29%, Conservatives 19%

    For me personally this is fairly reflective of my overall position, given that my support for ‘Party Politics’, and so-called ‘democracy’ as we know it is middling or luke-warm to begin with …

    A good survey IMHO … and I notice you can now apply your NZ answers to other countries! So really dissatisfied Righties can check out places they might bugger off to … ?

    • Survey asks “What would improve the accuracy of your results”?

      Questions about the reform and improvement of ‘democracy’ itself … which is probably outside the scope of the survey.

      In some ways these results are perfect. I would be NO MORE than 59% committed to or in agreement with any single political Party’s policies, if that.

      100% ideal minus 59% maximum currently possible = 41%. This provides a measure of the MINIMUM LEVEL OF COMPROMISE involved in voting under our present-day so-called democratic electoral system! How excellent to put a figure to it!

      Taking into account that Parties no longer feel obligated to adhere to their manifestos once elected, I would say the level of compromise is way over 50% – just like the level of ‘ACTUAL REPRESENTATION’ for each individual is way under 50% …

      The level of compromise involved might explain some non-participation and might eventually make so-called ‘democracy’ not worth participating in? In which case we’ll hand it over fully to interest groups and lobbies, who already have relative control of a lot of it anyhow …

      Recently I experienced my first conference via Skype. If 30 people can do it via Skype, so could 100 or 1000 people via a Skype-like connection to or meeting at each Polling Booth in Aotearoa New Zealand – taking ‘Proximity to Polling Booth’ as the unit of population – where they could discuss issues, if they wanted to, and vote on them, and vote in referenda, local & general elections, possibly in a variety of ways on a variety of issues … ?

      I’ve gleaned a great deal from this survey and thank ‘I Side With dot Com’ (a title I detest) for creating it …

  5. By way of extending this quiz, I’d be interested in hearing from other people about what your ‘level of compromise’ is when you vote?

    In other words, to support a particular Party, how much do you have to compromise your true beliefs and values … whatever they may be … with level of compromise depicted as a percentage?

    A current example is National voters percentage compromise around National’s “pandering to Maori”? That wheua ika must really stick in the craw?

    For staunch Labour voters it may be ‘Partnership Schools’? NZFirst has a lot of good policy ideas, but legalising cannabis is off the table completely!

    Anyhow, I’ll kick off. I don’t even support one particular Party and my level of ‘Vote Compromise’ (or perhaps ‘Votompromise’? – new word # 101) is definitely > 50% …

    • ” I’d be interested in hearing from other people about what your ‘level of compromise’ is when you vote?”

      With the current options whoever I vote for is a significant compromise on what I think is ideal, but it is a choice out of whoever puts themselves forward and not a vote on what will never be.

      • So currently, politics is like having an organisation with incomplete Values, a partial Mission and NO Vision statement …?

        More independent candidates … Every vote a conscience vote …

        “Some men see things as they are, and ask why. I dream of things that never were, and ask why not.” – Robert Kennedy

        • Come on … its a *FUN* quiz … Rate your general election Voter Compromise level as a percentage?

  6. Conspiratoor

     /  15th May 2017

    PG:Fence Sitter

  1. Election quiz – NZ Conservative Coalition

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