Q+A – Little tries again

Andrew Little followed up his interview on The Nation yesterday with an interview in NZ Q+A this morning.

We will cross live to Wellington to talk with Labour Party leader Andrew from the Party’s Election Year Congress.

Will anything more come out of this than Little’s practiced campaign recitals?

Are you pleased with where Labour is at? Avoids question and recites. He is “feeling very confident?

Enough money to fight the election? He thinks they are doing very well, the bulk from “ordinary Kiwis making small contributions”.

Immigration: policy announcement in a few weeks. “We need a breather, slow down and get it right”.

He is “totally confident” he could work with Winston Peters on immigration. Switches to same talking points.

Calling charter schools another name? Still says they are going to repeal the charter school legislation. They will talk to existing partnership schools.

Will Labour keep existing partnerships open? He says he doesn’t know individual school situations?

Will current schools continue? Diverts again.

Little is getting better at divert and recite, he hardly addressed any question directly.

The panel discussion was a bit disappointing – why did they have two Labour people on the panel? Josie Pagani and Mike Williams both said that it was by far the best interview for Little.

Bill English doesn’t exactly ooze charisma, but he has an in depth knowledge of a wide range of issues and policies.

Unless Little learns a lot more, gets some policies he can promote in detail, and learns to think on his feet he is at risk of being run all over in leaders’ debates.


  1. Zedd

     /  May 14, 2017

    “come on down.. Mr PM”

    the times they are a-changin’.. the facts are on tv 🙂

  2. Gezza

     /  May 14, 2017

    Well, I watched the Q+A interview and then the panel discussion on TVNZ on demand.

    It was a better interview than the one yesterday with Paddy Gower that I watched via PG’s link. At least Jessica Mutch let him get a few comments finished before interrupting him to halt the tendency he has to be able to answer a question without giving a programmed mini-speech each time.

    On the subject of whether Labour would close charter schools, he obfuscates about what he means when he says they will talk to each & every one about ‘continuation’ if they are doing a good job, are teaching the national curriculum, and have trained, registered teachers.

    He just repeats that they will repeal the charter schools legislation, because charter schools are “a bad model”. He says Labour has a proud history of supporting special character schools. Jessica never asked him exactly what it is – what parts of them – about the charter schools legislation & model are bad. I can deduce it’s because they allow unregistered teachers, & assume they must not be teaching the national curriculum.

    I would’ve thought this was a basic obvious question for an interviewer to pose.

    Labour’s in a bit of a difficult position in that they can’t really disclose too much detail on policy because they run the risk of it getting pirated by National if it’s any good, & shot down by their opponents if they look unaffordable because they never seem to be very good at selling their stats & knowledge of economics.

    i thought the panel discussion was ok, but see PGs point about having two Labour connected commenters. Also think that if that was Andy’s best interview yet, it sure wasn’t anything spectacular. Maybe gave a little more insight about why we know so little about his family, compared to the Key tribe.

    • Gezza

       /  May 14, 2017

      Argh *… “halt the tendency he has to be UNable to answer a question without giving a programmed mini-speech each time.”