Helen Craig: “triumph of lies over truth”

The sparse coverage of the Craig v Slater defamation case continues, except on Whale Oil where they continue to post and comment about the case, and allow critical and derogatory comments of Craig to remain. Yesterday it was oddly in ‘Face of the Day’ where it states “It’s coming out in court.  Warts and all.”

In Craig v Slater, Day 5 (media roundup) Slater and his wife ‘Spanish Bride’ are active in comments. It’s hard to know how close an interest in the case other commenters have but some seem to be feeding information, like this:


This exchange ends with ‘WO’ (it sounds like Slater) appearing to say that there will be more legal action after this trial:


The Herald seems to have picked up media duties this week with several articles.

Steve Braunias: The sad, ragged ballad of Colin Craig and Rachel MacGregor

The sad, ragged ballad of Colin Craig and Rachel MacGregor – the former political party leader and his former press secretary, formerly in a relationship that started with a kiss and never actually went any further – played to an empty courtroom 14 at the High Court of Auckland today.

The only people there were people who had a professional reason to be there. No spectators, no idly curious, despite the fact that the courtroom was filled with song.

This is odd, it’s hard to know if this is serious or not. It’s an odd topic for satire.

NZ Herald: Former Conservative Party leader Colin Craig would have dated press secretary Rachel MacGregor if single

When offering a $20,000 personal loan to his then press secretary – a woman he had strong feelings for – former Conservative Party leader Colin Craig did not consider whether it created an inappropriate power balance, he admitted to a court.

Rachel MacGregor worked closely with Craig from about the time he founded the Conservative Party in 2011 until she resigned suddenly two days before the 2014 election.

Whale Oil blogger Cameron Slater subsequently, in posts in 2015, claimed Craig sexually harassed her.

In a series of questions, Justice Toogood also quizzed Craig about whether he and MacGregor had wanted to have a physical relationship.

He replied that because he was married, they could not. However, if they had been both free to do so, he thought they would have entered a relationship together.

MacGregor will be a key witness when she appears in court.

NZ Herald: Harassment claims part of ‘nightmare’ campaign, says Colin Craig’s wife

Colin Craig’s wife has called a blogger’s claims of sexual harassment by her husband “appalling” and a “triumph of lies over truth”.

Yesterday Craig’s wife, Helen, told the High Court at Auckland Slater’s posts were part of a “nightmare” campaign aimed at her husband and were not based on facts.

She said the situation was a “nightmare” because she never knew what allegation Slater would make next.

The ensuing “media firestorm” not only ruined her husband’s political career, but cost their business clients and affected their relationship with friends, she said.

Slater’s lawyer, Brian Henry, later quizzed her, asking why she thought Whale Oil, a small blog site, had cause of all these problems when New Zealand’s major media players had also written about the allegations.

A “small blog site”? That’s at odds with what Whale Oil’s About claims:

Run as a “super-blog”, the site attracts over 286,000 readers, 2.2 million visits every month, with over 4 million pages being served to our readers.

Whaleoil is the fastest-growing media organisation in New Zealand.

…with a vast network of people from all parts of the spectrum contributing and assisting in the effort.

However that’s obviously out of date, Whale Oil is unlikely to still be “he fastest-growing media organisation in New Zealand” several years after that was claimed.


  1. ‘Whaleoil Staff’ covers the trial in ‘Face of the Day again and says”

    There is absolutely no shame in believing your husband’s account over that of a despicable blogger.

    The problem arises when these “lies” are tested in a court of law and you then realise that the blogger wasn’t wrong.

    Where do you go then?

    You go to a lawyer for advice on whether arguing a in-progress court case on your blog is a good idea or not?

    The blogger’s evidence has not yet been presented or cross-examined.

  2. Tipene

     /  May 16, 2017

    [WO choose to use their blog to argue the case currently before the court but I don’t want that done here. PG]

    • Tipene

       /  May 16, 2017

      OK I thought I was just summarizing what had already been reported in the public domain but all good.

  3. duperez

     /  May 16, 2017

    Have to laugh at the “small blog site” angle. Picking on the “little fulla”? Who it could fairly be said has claimed to be big, important and of some significance?

  4. Kitty Catkin

     /  May 16, 2017

    This case is tediouzzzzzzzzzzz……..

  5. I actually have no interest in any court case while it is being heard. Any comments are either sensation seeking, prejudiced pr speculative. I really do not want to give WO any oxygen at a;;.