Media watch – Thursday

18 May 2017


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  1. Gezza

     /  May 18, 2017

    Interesting article on China’s President Xi’s New Silk Road proposal & championing of globalisation- Trap or Opportunity?

    “While Australia ties itself in knots over whether to sign up to China’s new Silk Road plan, New Zealand is charging ahead without hesitation NZ Innovation Minister Paul Goldsmith has been in Beijing for the Chinese government’s One Belt One Road forum.

    The Kiwis signed up to be a part of the scheme during Chinese Premier Li Keqiang’s official visit in March, while Australia held out.

    Mr Goldsmith flagged over the next 18 months both China and NZ would draw up a work program.

    There’s some speculation China Rail could be granted a contract to build a 22-kilometre stretch of highway and rail corridor from Whangarei to a port at Marsden Point in Northland as part of One Belt One Road. But Mr Goldsmith declined to discuss specific projects, saying talks were still in progress. He said NZ architecture firms and consulting groups were keen to explore opportunities.

    Mr Goldsmith was diplomatic when it came to Australia’s reluctance to sign on. “Each country has to work out where they fit,” he said in Beijing. “It’s not a competition… I wouldn’t like to comment on our Australian friends.”

    But he pointed out NZ was the first developed country to have a free trade agreement with China and is now the first to be doing an upgrade of the deal. Chinese investment in property, agricultural land and major public assets has been a hot button issue in Australia in recent years.” – Yahoo nz News.]

    The article is cautionary, but an interesting final sentence:

    “… Nonetheless, most developing nations have cautiously welcomed the modern Silk Road initiative, since, as one Asian diplomat bluntly put it, “Everyone wants to be China’s friend now with Trump in office.”

    • Gezza, I didn’t get a chance to comment yesterday but thanks for posting this …

      This is a MAJOR issue of our era IMHO, which will loom large and figure massively during the next decade.

      I hope to comment in more depth later and that this conversation keeps going …

  2. PDB

     /  May 18, 2017
  3. I read that a visiting doctor (med-cannabis expert) is calling for Dunne to ‘stop lying’ about the issue : (see some comments from a report, highlighting this)

    ‘Dr David Bearman is a world expert on medical marijuana.’

    ‘The New Zealand government should stop “lying” to its people over medicinal cannabis, a visiting doctor says.’

    ‘United States physician Dr David Bearman, who specialises in medicinal cannabis effects and pain relief, said Associate Health Minister Peter Dunne needed some remedial education on cannabis.’

    “And he needs to stop talking out of both sides of his mouth. I don’t see how on the one hand, he can say there’s no evidence that cannabis is medicine and then on the other hand approve Sativex, which is tincture of cannabis — it’s liquid cannabis.”

    ‘Cannabis has been used as a medicine for over 4000 years and has been listed in every medical material ever written.’

    “The drug war has been an abysmal failure at an awful cost to the taxpayer and even greater cost to human life. And as a physician I would say — to human health.”

    ‘He said the New Zealand government should start treating cannabis in reasonable way and stop forcing people to use a drug that costs $1400 a month.’

    “We should treat cannabis how we would treat any other medicine, and treat prescription medicines with the same aggressive scepticism that some of the authorities are treating cannabis,” he said.

    *more issues of ‘fake news’ (from Dunne & co.) 😦

  4. PDB

     /  May 18, 2017

    The left mention Hitler……..again

    “Labour leader Andrew Little has slapped down Green Party co-leader James Shaw’s comparison of US President Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler, saying the first person to bring Hitler into an argument had lost it.

    Shaw said Trump was “the most dangerous person since Adolf Hitler” on TV show Backbenches on Wednesday night as part of a panel of politicians”

    • Blazer

       /  May 18, 2017

      why would anyone care about the mention of ..Hitler?