Slater: “I’ve had a legion of supporters watching”

More from Cameron Slater when questioned by Colin Craig in their defamation trial yesterday.

RNZ: Craig vs Slater: Whale Oil blogger gives evidence

The cross-examination began with Mr Slater explaining why his blog was the most popular while left-wing blogs were run by a bunch of “moaning Labour Party supporters”.

“You have to provide relevant, funny, pertinent information for readers otherwise they don’t come. It’s the ultimate market forces in action. They come because they like what they see. That’s why they buy merchandise, that’s why they back me. That’s why everyday in court I’ve had a legion of supporters watching.”

Mr Craig, who is representing himself in court, then asked Mr Slater about politics.

Mr Slater replied: “It’s in my DNA, politics. It’s the best show in town. There’s no rules.”

Mr Craig then asked Mr Slater who was fair game.

“Well, if they’re standing up on a platform of conservative values – hate the gays, all of that sort of thing – and then in the background their personal life is a complete and utter wreck where they’re trying to get their leg over with various different people, then they’re a hypocrite and they become a target for a story,” Mr Slater said.

On politics:

“Politics is about actions and reactions and there’s this ‘motherhood and apple pie version’ that some politicians have that’s rather quaint – that we should all hug each other, and eat apple pie and thank Mum for it all and be pleasant. Politics is a dirty, despicable game and it’s played by dirty despicable people and they can be of any persuasion – left, right, whatever. But if you don’t acknowledge that’s what politics is about, then you’re going to get nowhere.”

Mr Slater told the court he believed he had influenced the outcome of elections.

The orca affect?

More from NZ City: Politicians despicable, Slater tells Craig

Blogger Cameron Slater has told a court his posts are so popular it makes him a target for attack from people, such as former Conservative Party leader Colin Craig.

Under cross-examination by Mr Craig – who is representing himself – at the High Court at Auckland on Wednesday, Slater said people such as Nicky Hager in his book Dirty Politics had regularly attacked him because he was influential.

“That is why I’m targeted and continue to be targeted by people such as yourself,” he told Mr Craig.

Mr Craig later asked Slater if his blogs were a political force that influenced votes and altered political outcomes, to which Slater replied “yes”.

Slater said modern politics was a game that had only just graduated beyond the barbaric violence that often accompanied Ancient Rome’s political life, saying “politics is a dirty game, played by dirty despicable people”.

He said he did not hide his opinion in his posts and on some issues could be considered a political lobbyist.

There’s what I think are legitimate questions about who has written posts at Whale Oil posed under Slater’s name. Not disclosing authorship is in my opinion unethical whether a journalist or a blogger.

However, he said he was never paid for blog posts but did receive income as a consultant providing media training or helping clients, such as politicians, prepare for hostile question and answer sessions.

I won’t go into that at this stage, it may be dealt with more in the case currently before the court. It has already been covered in Hager’s Dirty Politics book but that was three years ago.

Whale Oil continues their daily coverage today, and already there’s another suspect looking comment from one of the legion of supporters, ‘rantykiwi’:

After discussion over coffee I think the phrase for the boss to drop in court today is “orchestrated litany of lies”

There’s been a few comments dropped into the discussions at WO attacking Craig, but this one is odd given that it’s Slater being questioned.

I wonder who ‘the boss’ is.



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  1. NOEL

     /  18th May 2017

    I loved the post yesterday when he claimed he was a journalist.
    Now he sees no wrong in injecting his opinion in his ” reporting”.

  2. Loki

     /  18th May 2017

    The whole thing is a farce.
    Why take Colin craig out?
    Who paid?
    Why after a decade of attacking winston peters he now loves him?
    Why has winstons pet lawyer taken on this case?
    Name ten people that wrote most of his posts until dirty politics?
    Name the two or three who rather stupidly continued to do so after dirty politics?
    You actually need to spend time with him to truly understand the crazy selfish, petulant sociopath he is..
    Right, Time for Karaoke and rice wine.
    Loki out.

  3. Corky

     /  18th May 2017

    ‘I wonder who ‘the boss’ is.’

    I wonder if we got rid of all ‘alternate identities’ across the blogs and just left original posters, what would we be left with? Going by posts on Whale Oil their comments section would be cut in half ( mostly Lefties taking the piss). Other blogs would fare worse.

    • Brown

       /  18th May 2017

      I like Whale Oil’s mix. The comments are generally sensible in my view. What doesn’t appeal I simply skip. Pete has views I think are flimsy but that’s life. Slater has a bit of an ego perhaps but we all do.

      • PDB

         /  18th May 2017

        SB is an awful writer, Slater is more bitter and twisted than normal and Belt is irrelevant……as for the people commenting – fleece them for as much money as you can and then if you get a decent amount of money out of Craig head off into the hills and forget about them.

        • Loki

           /  18th May 2017

          Fiji is looking like the bolthole if he loses.
          Keeps talking up his fiji “DNA”
          His long suffering family were there when he was born.

        • Sally

           /  18th May 2017

          It does seem to be their retirement plan. Get involved in as much litigation as possible, bludger free lawyers and supporters until a big win.

          • Kitty Catkin

             /  18th May 2017

            Loki, I knew someone who claimed to smell incense and (channel) other Indian things because her grandfather was a famous engineer who lived there for many years. Yes, the famous engineer existed, but he was no more her grandfather than Ian Paisley’s mine.

  4. Blazer

     /  18th May 2017

    a ‘legion’ of supporters means his wife and Cactus Kate in a wig and dark glasses are in court giving amoral…. support.

    • NOEL

       /  18th May 2017

      Wondered about that. Roman legions averaged around 5000.

      • Kitty Catkin

         /  18th May 2017

        I was thinking more about the demons who were transferred to the Gadarene swine-there legion was used as an adjective in the other sense of ‘many,’ not Roman legion. ‘My name is Legion, for we are many.’

        I somehow doubt if many people are supporting CS. He changed the outcome of the election ? Yes, and there are fairies at the bottom of my garden.

    • legion
      a division of 3,000–6,000 men, including a complement of cavalry, in the ancient Roman army.
      synonyms: brigade, regiment, battalion, company, troop, division, squadron, squad, platoon, contingent, unit, force, corps, garrison, section, group, detachment, commando, battery, band, outfit, cohort
      “a Roman legion”
      a vast number of people or things.
      “legions of photographers and TV cameras”
      synonyms: horde, host, throng, multitude, crowd, drove, mass, mob, rabble, gang, swarm, flock, herd, body, pack, score, mountain, army, sea, abundance, profusion
      “there were legions of photographers and TV cameras”

  5. duperez

     /  18th May 2017

    ” … questions about who has written posts at Whale Oil posed under Slater’s name. Not disclosing authorship is in my opinion unethical whether a journalist or a blogger.”

    I have seen the movie ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ three times. Fertile imagination easily takes one into Mad Max fantasylands.

    There is the juggernaut, ruthlessly seeking out what it has as truth and fearlessly exposing and dealing to evil.

    There is the self anointed gravitas of the Privy Council. The acclaim it sees itself drawing equals that of the combined most rapturous moments of the FA Cup Final, a Rugby World Cup Final with All Blacks winning, the Super Bowl final and an Olympic Gold medal win.

    There is the absolute, utter knowledge of being right and that certainty being more definite than life itself. Perspicacity, insight and astuteness are woven into that fabric.

    Yet when the behemoth knocks at my door its opening reveals the truth. There stands a dishevelled, barefoot, scruffy boy, Vegemite still smeared on the face from yesterday’s lunch. Raggedy clothes and grubbiness presage the intellectual limitations soon to be evident.

    The Whale Oil scenario reminds me of Mad Max.

    • Blazer

       /  18th May 2017

      except ‘Mad Max’…was not a …surrender monkey’.

    • Gezza

       /  18th May 2017

      Ok, I’ve given you an uptick but I struggled a bit with some of that, dupers.

      • duperez

         /  18th May 2017

        Gezza, in a Slater Trump world one wouldn’t paint pictures. There’s enough for anyone to form a picture of an intellectually impaired oaf assuming a station way beyond their deserts knocking on everyone’s door with loads of malevolence and scummy persona, bringing a unique brand of bullying.

        • High Flying Duck

           /  18th May 2017

          But we DO live in a Trump / Slater world don’t we?

      • Conspiratoor

         /  18th May 2017

        Up ticks for hyperbole and word salads? You’re slipping G

        • Gezza

           /  18th May 2017

          “Fertile imagination easily takes one into Mad Max fantasylands.”
          “There is the juggernaut, ruthlessly seeking out what it has as truth and fearlessly exposing and dealing to evil.”
          “The Whale Oil scenario reminds me of Mad Max.”

          Just got him over line c. I don’t just dispense upticks willy nilly, as you know. Although in your case, as is understood, if it’s addressed to moi, one will indicate I have read it.

  6. Sally

     /  18th May 2017

    It all comes down to the qualified privilege defence of whether Slater is a journalist. Regardless of what has been said in the past, being a political animal and taking out a political figure using your politically active friends is not really something that counts as journalism but activism. Slater himself has accused Hager of this.

    • PDB

       /  18th May 2017

      “taking out a political figure using your politically active friends is not really something that counts as journalism but activism”

      I’d suggest many ‘journalists’ in the USA are doing just this on a daily basis.


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