Hooton to appear for Slater

From Whale Oil’s daily report on the defamation trial between Colin Craig and Cameron Slater:

As for today: another day of Colin Craig questioning Cam Slater, although there is an expectation is won’t be all day.  Mr Craig will wind up his questions, and then there will be an opportunity for Brian Henry to ask a few, followed by the Court.

If the judge questions Slater that could be interesting. It will be quite different to being questioned by Craig.

Then Cam Slater’s witnesses will take the stand.  Matthew Hooton is scheduled to the first.

And Hooton could be interesting too, both in what Slater’s team want him to say, and in what Craig asks him.

As you might have gathered from Cam’s wife, while he’s on the stand, we can’t discuss the case with him in any way.

I can’t even describe what I think he’s doing well, or not doing well, in case he reads it on the blog.  Hopefully we can have a catch up after today.

This makes some of the commentary on Whale Oil somewhat surprising, in posts, in  what has been said by Pete Belt and Spanish bride in comments, and in comments under other pseudonyms that have been allowed.

There has been an obvious allowance for derogatory comments aimed at Craig, and supportive comments for Slater. Slater himself has commented occasionally but that seems to have stopped since he started giving evidence.

There has also been defence of and promotion of Whale Oil along similar lines to evidence being given by Slater.

The daily reports have been posted under ‘Whaleoil Staff’, which I presume is Pete Belt not wanting to be open about who is writing them (I can’t be sure due to the anonymity).

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  1. Park

     /  19th May 2017

    If: is correct as stated;

    “He said he received payment for individual posts on his blog.”

    “With regards to payment for posts, this is a standard journalistic endeavour these days. It is commonly called native advertising or sponsored content.”

    Then if found that defamation has occurred then surely those paying for the posts have broken the law?

  2. Loki

     /  19th May 2017

    Hooton appearing!
    Probably considers Winston is his best chance of getting those sweet government contracts that Joyce blocked him on.

  3. Juana is such an awful, turgidly boring blogger, she makes me want to be Muslim. That’s how utterly shit she is. Taking a topic I actually mostly agree with her on and beating that old horse so far into death you can see Allah through its corpse. As for Belt, he writes about Slater like he’s the fucking hero of some unpublished Ayn Rand novel, with about the same quality and readability of prose.

    Slater is truly lucky that he is being sued by the one man who is even more embarrassing and unlikable than he is.

    • Corky

       /  19th May 2017

      More hooks on your line than hairs on the human head, Blair.


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