The Nation: Bill English

On The Nation this morning:

PM Bill English on Trump, TPP, North Korea, Housing & whether he will stay on past 2020 if he wins

Is the TPP dead or can it come back from the brink? talks to about that & much more from Hong Kong

On Donald Trump – New Zealand has to focus on the things they we can have an influence on. It would be better for NZ if the US could focus better on the important issues rather than domestic politics.

What happens if Trump passes on our intelligence info to another country? English says there’s no indication of a systemic problem.

Pm tells distractions around Trump mean US not focusing on economic issues.

Does English trust Trump? English says he trusts him to carry out his own domestic politics.

The US will always be welcome back into the TPP says English.

Will the TPP have to go back to Parliament? English can’t rule it out but says it’s unlikely it will require substantial change.

English says the Crown Building Programme is not a “rip off” of Labour’s Kiwibuild policy.

Is the Govt planning to build enough homes for first home buyers? He says those needing social housing are the top priority

Most first home buyers don’t start with a new house, they start with a cheaper older house.

English was asked if he intended to lead National through and contest the 2020 election: Yes.

But that’s pretty much a pointless question, politicians always say they intend to keep standing and keep leading, but circumstances can quickly change.

The Nation: Interview: Bill English




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