@Laudafinem splutters again

I don’t usually bother about what @Laudafinem is doing, they block me which suits because I’m not interested in what they are trying to do.

But someone alerted me to them having a dirty splutter at me last week so I checked,  and saw that they must follow things closely here. Someone had mentioned them in a comment in relation to the Stephen Dudley case, and they reacted.


Very funny, but probably unintentional.

They did make some valid points about the Dudley case, but as is typical they went way over the top with baseless allegations and conspiracy theories, and couldn’t do anything about it.

The LF website may have been sometimes right but their reputation is mostly for being malicious, defamatory nut job conspiracy theorists and gutless anonymous cowards.

In another tweet the named four people, saying “one by one they’ve all fallen to LF’s sword – as will the others​ you’ve backed “.

LF are like waving a paper sword in the rain – they can’t front (or won’t) front up in a New Zealand jurisdiction because of the legal jeopardy their actions have put themselves into. All they can do is rant anonymously from somewhere on the other side of the world. I presume this is why they seem to have been 100% wrong about overturn the legal shut down of their website – they can’t front up without putting themselves at risk.

They also tweeted:


My ‘kiwi cabal’ is one of their conspiracy theories. They have accused me of working for and  the GCSB, the police, business people, bloggers, media and journalists when all i do is independently run a blog.

Truth and LF are only occasional acquaintances. And they react badly when I expose the truth about them – they tend to get more ludicrous with their claims and accusations.

I believe that @laudafinem may be operated by an Antony Nottingham from the Netherlands – I haven’t seen that denied by them.

They often contradict their own claims – they say they have no New Zealand connections, but have often bragged about informants and associations.

@MarcSpring still openly associates with them on Twitter, is still the registrant of laudafinem.co.nz, and posts and comments on their website often sounded very similar to his style – I got to know and recognise his MO when he commented here under various pseudonyms.

Spring’s aim was to shut this site down because he didn’t like being exposed, or because he is just malicious.

He had help from Dermot Nottingham and Cameron Slater was also involved, but I presume now that Slater is getting good legal advice he has distanced himself from these legal idiots. Spring filed a court against me and this site in 2015 but failed to follow basic procedures set down by the Harmful Digital Communications Act, used law that didn’t come into effect until a year later, and was thrown out as soon as this was advised to the Court.

See Court order discharged – that was one that LF got 100% wrong – in fact they have been closer to 100% wrong about a lot of things from what I’ve seen.

(Dermot) Nottingham also tried a private prosecution against me – see Notice: Private Prosecution – another 100% failure.

LF have tried to dig dirt on me but failed, hence they resorted to making things up. Which makes it likely a lot of other things they have claimed are made up. And they have dug themselves into a legal hole – if they ever find a way out of that there are likely to be quite a few lawyers ready to act.

So they are left ranting in a small dark corner where very few notice, and then splutter when exposed.

They failed to comprehend that ‘justice campaigners’ actually need to understand how justice works, and what is just. They may have had some good intentions sometimes, but they are just idiots, albeit malicious ones.

They are usually best ignored but sometimes I think it’s worth confronting their bull and their bullying.

They could take note their own message – “tell the truth or eventually someone will tell it for you” – but may not get it. They are more likely to just splutter again. Fools in futility.

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  1. duperez

     /  22nd May 2017

    We all admire fearless campaigners for justice. It’s good to be able to pin the medals on them, hang them around their necks. Deciding which awards they deserve is sometimes a bit tricky – Pulitzer Prize, whichever Nobel, George Cross, Victoria Cross, Legion of Honour, Mother Teresa Award or Kunumarra Early Childhood Centre Star Pupil award.

    What a bugger the fearlessness of some deserving doesn’t extend to letting us know whose name to engrave on the gongs.

  2. Gezza

     /  22nd May 2017

    Wow … you’re certainly on the LF Hit Parade at @Laudafinem today, PG 😳

    • Yeah, hilarious. And he said he could push my buttons.

      I have half the police force working for me apparently.

    • PDB

       /  22nd May 2017

      Seriously unhinged……..they need to take a chill pill

  3. Chuck Bird

     /  22nd May 2017

    If the courts did not regularly give permanent name suppression because of a person’s occupation or judicial or political connections people would not look at sites such as LF or one in OZ that used to highlight the corrupt name suppression.

  4. Tipene

     /  22nd May 2017

    According to LF, you have lots and lots of jobs, Pete.

    You wouldn’t have time to blog on that work schedule.

  5. Alan Wilkinson

     /  22nd May 2017

    A bunch of deadbeat cockroaches hiding in a crack and crapping on everything in the dark. Pathetic apologies of men.


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