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There’s a lot of things happening of interest around the world, from the Brexit split between the United Kingdom and the European Union to Donald Trump’s young presidency in the United States, from the civil war in Syria and the associated surrounding Middle East mess, to growing tensions around North Korea and China.


  1. Missy

     /  May 22, 2017

    It has to be done…

    So yesterday was the almost royal wedding of the year as the sister of the Duchess of Cambridge, Pippa Middleton, got married. The news here has been full of Pippa’s wedding – some for months, but for the small village where she was married it was as good as a royal wedding. Among the guests were Prince Harry (minus Meghan at the church, but Meghan went to the Reception), Princess Eugenie with her boyfriend (sparking speculation they may be getting engaged soon as Pippa apparently had a rule that only spouses and fiances were invited – no ring no bring), and of course the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with their children Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

    Roger Federer was also a guest, along with some UK ‘celebrities’ I had not heard of before, and a bunch of people who are obviously not important as the media were not interested in even finding out their names.

    3 weeks out from an election and the UK media are focussing on the important stuff.

  2. Missy

     /  May 22, 2017

    Theresa May is taking it to Brussels. Today in an interview with the Daily Telegraph she has – for the first time – indicated that she will be making Brussels pay a Brexit bill for the UK’s share in joint EU projects. She has insisted that the UK has financial rights as well as obligations.

    This won’t go down well with the hardline EU countries who wish the UK to pay to cover the shortfall of them leaving, but say that the UK are not entitled to any share of the assets.

  3. Missy

     /  May 22, 2017

    Jeremy Corbyn continues to be a PR disaster, despite a poll showing increased support for Labour. It emerged Friday night that MI5 had opened a file on Corbyn due to his links to the IRA after a Telegraph investigation into how deep his ties to the terrorist organisation are. Today on Sky News he failed to condemn the IRA, whilst trying to equate what the IRA did with what the British Army were doing, when asked by the interviewer. On a side note on that, his attitude was rather patronising and disrespectful towards the female interviewer, and I wonder if he would be the same if the interviewer had been male. A couple of weeks ago on GMB he had a similarly patronising attitude towards the female presenter, whilst showing Piers Morgan much more respect. I am starting to think he has very little respect for women.

    Corbyn & the Shadow Chancellor, John McDonnell have floundered a bit over this, especially as neither will condemn the IRA, and Corbyn won’t pledge to review and put a stop to the criminal investigations into the UK soldiers who served in Northern Ireland.

    The latest polling was taken prior to this weekend’s debacles by Labour (I will talk about the Trident debacle in a different post). The Conservative support in the polls appears to be levelling out, but Labour’s is increasing, with the Lib Dems and UKIP dropping. Some analysts believe that what this is showing is that the former Labour supporters in UKIP are abandoning UKIP and returning to Labour (the Conservative voters who voted UKIP previously abandoned UKIP pretty early on in the piece). Also Labour are also picking up some support from the Lib Dems, which is believed to be left leaning voters who either were Leave voters in the referendum – or are Remain voters who have accepted the referendum, but don’t want to vote Conservative and are put off by the Lib Dems strongly pro EU message. Only a couple of weeks ago the Lib Dems were at around 13% support, they have now dropped to just on 8% support. People are being turned off their messaging quite a bit.

  4. Missy

     /  May 22, 2017

    Jeremy Corbyn and Labour have been forced into once again trying to convince voters they are committed to renewing Trident (the nuclear deterrent). Jeremy Corbyn is a committed pacifist – sorry, committed anti Western Military individual (as pointed out he can’t be a pacifist if he supports terrorist groups). Last year he intimated on a number of occasions that he would scrap Trident, causing splits in the Labour Party, he has also stated he would never use it, however, renewing Trident has remained part of the Labour Party manifesto.

    On Friday in an interview on morning radio, Emily Thornberry the Labour Foreign Affairs spokesperson, said that if they were elected Trident would be reviewed as part of a defence review and that she could not guarantee that they would keep it. This caused a public rebuke of Thornberry by the Defence Spokesperson, Nia Griffiths, who said there were no plans to get rid of Trident, and that ‘with all due respect Emily is not the Defence Spokesperson, I am’.

    This has of course been gold to the Conservatives as they show Labour as being chaotic, divided, and not to be trusted on defence.

  5. Missy

     /  May 22, 2017

    The Lib Dems have upset some Liberals with their latest poster, which hasn’t gone down overly well in social media.

    Some have called it transphobic, and some have suggested it is sexist by implying a woman needs to have a man tell her what to do. Most (Lib Dem supporters included) have called it nasty and unnecessary. Interestingly it is the older Lib Dem supporters that have publicly condemned it, and it appears to be the younger supporters that are embracing it as funny and a good move, which is interesting as it was unveiled by Vince Cable.

    Though some have come back with their own version: