Explosions, deaths at Manchester concert

There was at least one explosion at the end of an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England. There have been multiple deaths and injuries reported.

Current summary (BBC):

  • Greater Manchester Police say there have been number of fatalities
  • People are urged to stay away from the area around Manchester Arena
  • Rail lines blocked at nearby Manchester Victoria station
  • Ariana Grande concert was evacuated
  • A spokesman for the singer confirms she is unharmed

Guardian: Manchester Arena: police confirm fatalities after explosion at Ariana Grande concert

Police in Manchester have responded to a “serious incident” at the city’s arena, amid unconfirmed reports online of an explosion.

Greater Manchester police warned people to stay away from Manchester Arena while they dealt with the issue. Officers did not release any further details on what has happened. A concert by Ariana Grande was being staged at the time.


Here is the full update from Greater Manchester chief constable Ian Hopkins:

I can confirm the details of events tonight that we currently know. At around 10.33pm last night we received reports of an explosion at the Manchester Arena in the city centre. It was at the conclusion of an Ariana Grande concert.

Currently we have 19 people confirmed to have died and around 50 people injured.

The injured are being treated at six hospitals across Greater Manchester. My thoughts are with all those who have been affected and we are doing all we can to support them.

Officers from GMP and emergency services are working at the scene and are supporting those affected. We are coordinating the response from GMP headquarters.

An emergency number is available for those who are concerned about loved ones or anyone who may have been in the area. It is 0161 856 9400.

We are currently treating this as a terrorist incident until we know otherwise. We are working closely with the national counter-terrorism policing network and UK intelligence partners.

This is clearly a concerning time for people but we are doing all we can, working with local and national agencies to support those affected and gather information about what has happened tonight. As you will understand, we are still receiving information and updates, so will provide more details when we have a clearer picture.


  1. Gezza

     /  23rd May 2017

    Aljazeera reports hearing 19 dead, 50 injured, police treating as terrorist incident, reports peole have shrapnel type wounds – more to come …


    • Gezza

       /  23rd May 2017

      Aljaz says BBC reports police are reporting a controlled explosion near the arena is imminent: no details but something considered suspicious has been located in Cathedral Gardens. The Arena management are reporting that the bomb exploded outside the arena as people were leaving.

      • Gezza

         /  23rd May 2017

        I think they just said they’ve heard 2nd suspicious item – the controlled explosion – was abandoned clothing ….

        • Gezza

           /  23rd May 2017

          Injuries are reportedly predominantly lacerations, deep cuts.

          • High Flying Duck

             /  23rd May 2017

            Reuters are reporting a Suspected suicide bomber carried out the blast.

            • Gezza

               /  23rd May 2017

              Yes, Aljaz were reporting earlier that it’s American news media which are reporting that it’s a suspected suicide bombing – saying that the US media advise the UK police or security authorities reported this to US security agencies, who now telling media contexts there that this is what they were told. It’s not what the UK police are saying to the UK population yet.

        • Controlled explosion is just hitting anything suspicious with Disrupters,http://proparms.com/product/20mm-neutrex-waterjet-disrupter/

  2. Alan Wilkinson

     /  23rd May 2017

    May affect the UK election?

    • Pete Kane

       /  23rd May 2017

      Now that’s an interesting point Alan. The next ‘Brexit aftermath’ poll will be interesting.

  3. Corky

     /  23rd May 2017

    The worst part of this process, if it’s proven to be terrorism, is the apologies and commiserations and more repressive security measures that follow. Meanwhile, Islam works quietly away,undermining Western culture every second of the day.

  4. Missy

     /  23rd May 2017

    I have just woken up to this horrific news. It is just so awful.

    There are some reports it was a nail bomb, but those are unconfirmed.

    One or two media are making something of the fact that it is 4 years to the day since Lee Rigby was killed. I am not sure if that has any bearing on the timing so much as it was a concert with lots of young people and children attending.

    Al, you mentioned the effect on the election. I think this has put security front and centre in the campaign – when they resume campaigning, it has been suspended after the attack. This will have voters looking at who will keep them safe, and I think other matters will become secondary.

  5. Hmmmmm……. If this is tied to a radicalised convert to the Religion of Peace, I would think that some bad things are going to happen. There is only so much the English working class will take before the gloves come off…

    Any reports of claims of responsibility?

  6. artcroft

     /  23rd May 2017

    Really terrible news. 😦

  7. Conspiratoor

     /  23rd May 2017

    Here is something we never heard from his submissive predecessor…

    “Drive. Them. Out. Drive them out of your places of worship. Drive them out of your communities. Drive them out of your Holy Land, and drive them out of the earth”

    • Brown

       /  23rd May 2017

      You should pop down to the local Muslim’s kebab shop and offer condolences Pete in case someone offended by Islam’s history of barbarism generally and this latest outrage in particular gives them a withering stare or something.

      • What’s your point? Are you trying to blame me or local kebab shops for a bombing on the other side of the world?

        The British Home Secretary has said:

        The great city of Manchester has been affected by terrorism before. Its spirit was not bowed; its community continued.

        This time it has been a particular attack on the most vulnerable in our society. Its intention was to sow fear; its intention is to divide. But it will not succeed.

        • Conspiratoor

           /  23rd May 2017

          Question for you pg, since you responded to brown with some words of defiance. Do you agree with the home Secretary? Will it not succeed? If so what do you see happening to stop it?

          • Realistically terrorism can’t be stopped. The best that can be hoped for is to prevent it as much as possible and minimise risks.

            I’m fairly certain about one thing – ostracising food sellers won’t help at all, and creating division means success and encouragement for terrorists.

            The two local kebab outlets that I use are as likely to be staffed by Kiwis like me than immigrants or people practicing a certain religion. I think it’s quite a shit thing to do to ostracise them regardless of whether they’re atheist kiwis are Muslim immigrants.

            What good do you think could come out of ostracising anyone in New Zealand because of what happened in Manchester?

            • “Realistically terrorism can’t be stopped”

              Given that virtually all terrorism today is perpetrated by Muslims I should have thought that the way to stop it would be self-evident. It is a concern how often in Europe an Islamic terrorist killer is revealed to have been under surveillance by the authorities, sometimes for years, but no action taken for fear of the Lefties screaming “Islamophobia”. Read up also on the North of England Muslim Rape Gangs.

              If Europe does not face the fact that Islam is usurping its civilisation from within, there will very soon not be a European civilisation to usurp. As Donald Trump has just demonstrated, Muslims respect only strong, dominant males (as befits their low IQ savagery), and I see no such anywhere in the governing elites of Western Europe. They are as lambs to the slaughter; which I wouldn’t object to if they were not taking all their innocent citizens with them.

              PS: The Home Secretary’s words might be more inspiring if they carried a plan more effective against a violent foe than shining lights on buildings and babbling mawkish sentiments on social media. Stoicism must be accompanied by a fighting spirit if it is not to degenerate into defeatism. Essentially he is echoing the recent words of the Muslim Mayor of London: “You must learn to accept terrorism if you live in a city”. He would do better to echo the stirring words of Winston Churchill when Britain was last faced with a vile and savage invader.

            • ” I should have thought that the way to stop it would be self-evident”

              Going by what you have said, or more to the point what you haven’t said, then it isn’t self evident.

              Complaining about something and ostracising many for the deeds of a few is not a solution.

            • Gezza

               /  24th May 2017

              Trump supports a whole government of terrorists in Israel & even has & stresses his own family links with them.

            • “Complaining about something and ostracising many for the deeds of a few is not a solution.”

              It may not be a solution, but if you see Islam as a collective (which I do) then the few and the many are all parts of the same organism, and are all programmed to serve that organism in whatever way suits them best. Some do it by killing; some by refusing to condemn the killers; and some by insinuating themselves into positions of governmental power while the populace is distracted by their pals’ killings.

              The last is far and away the most dangerous, but the media videos are rather dull so they are easily displaced from the front page by those of the first. Which is, of course, precisely the real reason for the organism encouraging the first. Its raison d’etre is to cover the world with itself by killing or consuming every living human in its path.

              I truly wish I were wrong, but I have kept bees for many years and have learned how collective organisms work. “The colony is the creature,” I was told when I started, and I see the exact same modus operandi in Islam. These killers are not ordered to kill, they simply decide for themselves that that is the best way they can serve the collective, based on how they have been programmed in the mosques.

              The individual Muslims are thus impossible, and pointless to control; one must deal directly with the organism itself. A vicious bee colony can be fixed in two ways: either kill the whole colony with petrol fumes, or just kill the queen and replace her with one from a quieter genetic strain.

              The same principles apply to vicious Islam: either kill all the Muslims (ethically wrong and practically impossible) or metaphorically replace the queen. This can be done by banning Islam outright in your country, demolishing all the mosques and deporting all the Imams. You can then educate the resident Muslim youngsters (now freed from their 24/7 brainwashing) to share your values. Both bees and Muslims will take a generation or two, but both will come right. I see no other solution apart from an unthinkable worldwide war. There is nothing random about what is happening.

  8. Gezza

     /  23rd May 2017

    Ajaz tv: UK police say one man detonated an explosive device and died at the scene.

  9. Missy

     /  23rd May 2017

    I am going to apologise in advance for my language at the beginning of this comment. But those F***wits at TS have gone low again as it has been suggested it is a false flag operation to help Theresa May in the election. It makes me sick that there are people who actually are in so much denial about the real risks in society and would believe ANY government would target children in this way.

    I thought they had jumped the shark with one trying to link it to (in their words) the media misrepresenting Jeremy Corbyn’a IRA links, but suggesting the Government had perpetuated this to help them in the election is just sick.

    • That sounds like a fair reaction. I’ll check it out, it could be worth posting on.

    • Gezza

       /  23rd May 2017

      Not that it makes anything better Missy, but Aljaz tv UK commentator says based on previous performance & methods he expects the identity of the attacker to be known to Police & Security Services within 24-48 hours.

      • Gezza

         /  23rd May 2017

        He says the Police are saying it is a “fast moving investigation” & that in his opinion they may well even know who the attacker is already, but they typically control the amount & flow of information released because to publicly identify the attacker would prevent the investigations they work on to start immediately trying to identify & track down known contacts & anybody else may have been involved.

        • Missy

           /  23rd May 2017

          G, Theresa May has just spoken, she outlined what was known so far, paid tribute to the emergency services, but also said that the security services believe they know who the attacker was.

      • Missy

         /  23rd May 2017

        I would not be surprised if they already have an idea of who it was and are already starting to look at targeting associates.

        The news this morning said that it follows the pattern of other attacks during elections in Europe, and suggests there is a possibility it was designed to try and disrupt the democratic process.

        I will imagine security at the Chelsea flower show, which starts today, will be increased.

    • Missy

       /  23rd May 2017

      And it gets worse as one implies a comparison with the Nazi’s.


      No matter how they try to dress it up these comments just come across as the posters wanting it to be a false flag by the Government.

      • Missy

         /  23rd May 2017

        Anne goes from saying that she doesn’t think anyone there seriously believes the Government would do it for more votes, but then goes on to suggest it being some wrong headed right wing individuals – or individual. Seriously WTF? This shows how impossible these people find it to face up to the reality. It is more likely that this kind of attack in the U.K. Will be Muslim terrorists – even Muskims in the U.K. Are saying it was most likely Muslims!

        But to the idiots at TS only right wing individuals are capable of terrorism, everyone else is someone with mental health issues let down by the state. It is unbelievable that they hate the right so much and are so wedded to their ideology that they are blind and deaf to the reality of the world.

      • Missy

         /  24th May 2017

        Not only TS are at this, TDB has one poster who points out that it is all too convenient for Theresa May.

        I just don’t understand how these people can hate politicians or a Government so much they show so little compassion for the dead – especially when they include so many children. I will admit it is baffling to me that their political ideology, and their need to score points off their political opponents, or somehow blame their political opponents for these terrible things is above everything else.

        It has been happening all over social media in the UK as well, many who have even tried to suggest it is a false flag have been turned on pretty quickly by everyone else. A Labour activist posted on Facebook: “‘What has happened in Manchester is awful and my thoughts are with the families.
        ‘However I cant help thinking this is wonderful timing for Theresa May.
        ‘It is well known that politicians use events as part of their campaigns or messages.'”

        She received a backlash, and has since deleted the post and apologised. The candidate from her area immediately distanced himself from the remarks.


  10. Missy

     /  23rd May 2017

    Cobra meeting in 30mins.

  11. Missy

     /  23rd May 2017

    Unconfirmed reports passengers have been offloaded from a flight from Dubai to London due to a bomb threat.

  12. Missy

     /  23rd May 2017

    One of Manchester’s shopping centres has just been evacuated, no further details at the moment. (1128 local time)

    • Missy

       /  24th May 2017

      The evacuation was minutes before the man was arrested in connection with the attack, but I haven’t seen anywhere if they are connected in any way.

    • Missy

       /  24th May 2017

      Just an update on this. There was an arrest at the Shopping Centre, but it was unrelated to the attack. The man arrested in connection to the attack was in a different part of the city, timing was just coincidental.

      • I agree that a responsibility has been foist upon decent Muslims to do more to openly oppose terrorism and attempts to divide and to foment hate.

        But it is not just a Muslim problem. Whole communities and whole countries have to to stand up together against violence and hate.

        • Brown

           /  24th May 2017

          “But it is not just a Muslim problem.”

          Yes it is.

  13. Missy

     /  24th May 2017

    Update on the Terrorist Attack in Manchester:

    A 23 year old man has been arrested in South Manchester. No further details available about him.

    ISIS have claimed responsibility.

    The first of the victims have been named as 18 year old Georgina Callander and 8 year old Saffie Rose Roussos.

  14. Missy

     /  24th May 2017

    The bomber has been named as a 22 year old British born Libyan Salman Abedi.


    He is from South Manchester, and from the same area as where two schoolgirls who left to become jihadi brides are from.

    • Missy

       /  24th May 2017

      This information was apparently released by US intelligence officials, the UK police had asked for the information to be kept quiet until they said it could be released. The police have confirmed his name, though the coroner has not formally identified him.

      This information being released prior to the police wanting has the potential to compromise the investigation into any of his associates, I imagine the police are finding it very frustrating.

      Also, earlier today two properties in Manchester were searched and a controlled explosion was carried out on a device at one of the properties.

    • PDB

       /  24th May 2017

      If true it shows the difficulty one faces in stopping terrorism when the terrorists are home grown 2nd or third generation immigrants.

      • Missy

         /  24th May 2017

        Absolutely, and the difficulty the Security Services have in monitoring – and profiling – for potential terrorists.

  15. Missy

     /  24th May 2017

    Probably not the most popular columnist around, but Piers Morgan has a very good column today, it is powerful, but also truthful.


  16. Missy

     /  24th May 2017

    After all the bad news today with this awful attack there are some positive things I want to mention.

    After the attack one of the first people on the scene was a homeless man who ‘lived’ nearby, he helped with the injured and comforted one of the victims who died. This is amazing, as I am sure he does not get shown the same compassion by people.

    On TV this morning was an interview with two 11yo girls who were at the concert. They (and one of the girls mother) were staying at a hotel, and the reporter spent much of last night talking to them all. Watching these two girls talking about how they were trying not to panic and to be strong as they were leaving, and as they described seeing the bodies and the injured, I was just amazed. These are 11 year old girls, they shouldn’t have to feel that they should be strong, they should be panicking and wanting to be with their mum. I would never have been that composed at 11 (and they were still in shock and got emotional during the interview, but they were amazingly composed with it), I am not sure I would be that composed now! Truly incredible young girls. But I also thought about how sad it is that this is their reality.

    The hotels in central Manchester opened up to those caught up in it, providing rooms for those that needed somewhere to stay (free of charge), and providing food, drink, and comfort to anyone who needed it. The hotels provided a safe place for those that needed it. It seems such a small thing that most would say ‘so what’, but for those interviewed today they all said it was those small things that helped them try to process and deal with the attack.

    • And I think it’s fair to point out that a lot of the voluntary and free support provided by the people of Manchester included Muslims of Manchester.

      • Missy

         /  24th May 2017

        Pete, did you read the column by Piers Morgan I linked to? He points out in that – as he did on GMB this morning – that many of those at the Arena, and those that helped afterward, are Muslims.

        No-one has said Muslims haven’t helped.

        • Gezza

           /  24th May 2017

          It’s interesting that at their joint Press Conference Mahmoud Abbas was the first to express his condolences & condemn the attack but nobody seems have reported that. Only Trump doing so.

  17. Brown

     /  24th May 2017

    “What’s your point? Are you trying to blame me or local kebab shops for a bombing on the other side of the world?”

    That’s just stupid. My issue is that Islamic ignorant people like you give Muslims a free pass when you should be asking them to explain the Koran, associated writings and Sharia Law that make this type of attack both expected and acceptable behaviour from Muslims. If they disagree with the word of their god that is perfect and cannot be changed what part do they chose to ignore and why? And so on. The cultural Muslims have much to fear from those Muslims that are better educated about their religion and take it seriously but I’m over this religion of peace bullshit because, by any objective measure, its not.

  18. Conspiratoor

     /  24th May 2017

    goodbye sis hello losers

    Fear not folks. The greatest political predictor in the history of the world has weighed into the debate with some consummate words of wisdom…

    President Trump just gave ISIS its new name: Losers. (Short for Evil Losers).

    If you think that’s no big deal, you’re wrong. It’s a big deal. This is – literally – weapons-grade persuasion from the most powerful Master Persuader of our time.

    As I have taught you in this blog, President Trump’s clever nicknames for people are not random. They are deeply engineered for visual impact and future confirmation bias

    As you know, “annihilation” of the Losers in Loserdom won’t stop the loser’s ideas from spreading. You still have to kill the ideas. And that takes persuasion, not bullets. President Trump just mapped out the persuasion solution: Evil Losers.

    Read it in full here…