Robertson pre-empts budget

Labour’s finance spokesperson has pre-empted the deliver to the budget today with criticisms in advance and a promise of much better things if Labour forms the next government (if that happens shouldn’t he have pre-empted jointly with Greens and NZ First?).

Grant Robertson: Labour ready to deliver a fresh approach

These are the key questions New Zealanders need answered in today’s Budget:

  •  After nine years of denial, have they done something that will finally fix the housing crisis and get New Zealanders affordable homes?
  •  Have they done enough to turn around their legacy of neglect in mental health and their $1.7 billion of health service cuts?
  •  Have they given schools the operational funding they need to they can keep the lights on, pay their bills and make up for last year’s funding freeze?
  •  Have they given the Police the resources they need to keep our communities safe?
  •  After nine years of failing to contribute a single cent to the Super Fund, will they finally do the right thing by future generations?
  •  Have they finally recognised New Zealanders birth right – to swim in clean rivers and streams and properly resourced making all waterways swimmable?

When Labour has the opportunity to lead the next Government, the budget that I deliver will set out a plan to give New Zealanders some hope for them and their families and to begin to address the shortfalls and shortcomings of National’s approach.

Our Kiwibuild programme will deliver homes to first-home buyers. They will be sold at cost, and the proceeds used to build more homes. 100,000 over 10 years – all affordable, all within reach of young New Zealanders.

Labour will close the tax loophole that effectively amounts to a taxpayer subsidy to speculators of $150m a year and helps them outbid home buyers, and then pump those savings into grants for home heating and insulation.

Labour’s next budget will invest in health, including funding primary healthcare, homecare, breakthrough life-saving cancer medicines and mental health services.

It will end the freeze on operational funding, which is a huge strain on already stressed school budgets. Parents are forking out more and more in “donations”.

Labour will invest in education, so schools can get on with teaching, not begging for money. We will introduce three years of free post-school education to help prepare our young people for the changing world.

Our budget will also be the first where a government is held accountable by an independent body to a set of Budget Responsibility Rules. We understand that the public needs to know that we will be responsible and prudent, with our spending phased and focused to achieve results.

New Zealand is a relatively wealthy country. We are blessed with wonderful natural resources and talented people. Now is the time to harness the potential of every single one of us, and give everyone a fair shot at success and a share in prosperity. We can do better than what will be put on offer by National today. It’s time for a fresh approach.

It’s not time yet – that will be next May at the earliest, if Labour forms the next Government with either or both the Greens and NZ First, and if Robertson is the new Minister of Finance.

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  1. Corky

     /  May 25, 2017

    I don’t care what this Central Wellington chap thinks. He has bigger problems should he be in power post election. And it’s summed up in these lines from the article.

    ”If Labour forms the next government (if that happens shouldn’t he have pre-empted jointly with Greens and NZ First?).”

  2. Strong For Life

     /  May 25, 2017

    I hate being lectured to by a pompous career politician like Robertson.

  3. The do nothing party will be looking to do just enough to get back in. New Zealanders do have a tendency to boot out a party for the sake of change so it would be astonishing if the other lot can’t get in. I guess it’ll come down to whether Winston wants to play ball. How could he support the incumbent after telling the public they’re useful for 9 years?

    • PDB

       /  May 25, 2017

      Clone278: “How could he support the incumbent after telling the public they’re useful for 9 years?” (I guess you mean ‘useless’)

      How could he support being in govt with the Greens when he has always insinuated they are unfit to be in govt?

  4. Ray

     /  May 25, 2017

    Love the way Robertson can skip over Labour leaving the cupboard pretty bare as the World’s finances went down the gurgled, the effects of a series of earthquakes that meant the country’s second largest city and surrounds needed rebuilding.
    Apparently they could have managed all of that without borrowing, no extra tax and increased spending on their pet PSA union.