Whale Oil and NZ First

It’s been obvious for some time that Cameron Slater and therefore Whale Oil had gone off National – politics hath no fury like a Slater scorned.

After Dirty Politics was published in the lead up to the 2014 John Key and most National MPs distanced themselves a politically toxic associate. Slater was noticeably peeved about his contacts and his sources of insider stories drying up. Regular anti-National posts became the norm on Whale Oil.

Slater has long held an obvious grudge against Bill English so when John Key stepped down and English took over, and in doing so easily beating Slater favourite Judith Collins, National was cemented on Slater’s hit list.

Since then, as a number of people here have noted, Slater has often been promoting Winston Peters and NZ First. This seemed surprising given Slater’s past treatment of Peters and his party. It has been speculated that there may be some connection with this to Slater’s lawyer in his defamation case with Colin Craig being Brian Henry, who has been associated with Peters in the past.

There could be a more politically pragmatic reason why Slater is promoting NZ First.

If NZ First are in a position to determine the outcome of this year’s election and enter a coalition with Labour  then there’s a good chance either English would resign as leader or National will dump English – I think English would be more likely to jump first. This would open another opportunity for Collins.

Alternately if NZ First form a coalition with National that would be likely to be National’s last term in government. That would mean Collins would need to be more patient, or it could give another Slater client a chance to establish themselves in the leadership stakes.

Or it could be simpler than this – Slater has been abandoned by National, David Seymour and ACT have no time for him, and he may see NZ First as the best way to do some political damage out of spite. It’s difficult to know when he is operating out of political interest and when he is simply dumping on those who have annoyed him, pay back seems to be a common motivation.

The reasons for Slater are turning on National and English are well known. Whatever the reasons for him trying to promote Peters and NZ First he is fighting a battle with Whale Oil supporters  who still tend to lean far more National than NZ First.

PDB posted on this yesterday:

Had a look at Whaleoil and he continues to push his anti-National party agenda with a recent post that tries to lay a case for NZL First being a better bet than ACT. I note the large majority of comments disputed that. A comment from ‘KGB’ sums it up well;

KGB • 7 hours ago
In my opinion no.
A stronger NZF will not take National to the right ‘IF’ they went with National. They would certainly move Labour towards the left of centre more.
NZF policies are mostly a left-wing list.
NZF have weaker Law & Order policy than ACT.
NZF immigration policy is more ridiculous than Labours numbers.
NZF will close Charter Schools.
NZF does not really care about Israel. (1 or 2 questions in the house were about ‘catching’ them out proceedurly, NOT morally). NOT even an ever popular…bottom-line.
NZF has an aweful list. Always has.
Winston is too lazy, and too old to be in Government now, let alone for 3 more years.
Winston has achieved nothing for anyone but himself since losing Tauranga.
Most NZ’ers have never owned a gun, and hate the things.
And lastly, ask Northland how its working out for them?

That got 9 up ticks. Slater responded:

Be that as it may…they have more MPs than Act. The reality is Act is and will remain a spent force. It is a waste of time voting for Act. There simply isn’t enough of them to get a slipping National party across the line on current numbers. One MP won’t do it.

Gun owners number around 230,000 voters. That is nearly ten percent under MMP. Ignore us if you want, but piss us off and we vote for parties who will protect our rights…right now that is NZ First.

I think you are wanting NZ First to be a major party in its breadth of policy offerings. The fact they have policies is a good start. Where are National’s? Go look…i think you be will disillusioned quite quickly.https://www.national.org.nz…

Basically it is a numbers game and Act simply doesn’t have the numbers. It is a shame, I’m a natural Act voter, but there is no way I can bring myself to waste a vote by voting for them.

Just 1 up tick for that. A ‘niggly’ response also got 1 up for:

Plus NZF is still anti NZ-China FTA (despite that helping NZ’s economic growth during and after the GFC), is anti-TPPA and anti free-trade in general. I wonder if NZF’s solution to economic growth is borrowing the Green’s money printing press?

They talk big on being pro-defence, but constantly attack spending up on non-offensive necessities like new strategic lift transport aircraft and medium,ift tactical helicopters (and if we hark back to 1998 it was Winston First that pulled the plug on the National cabinet wanting to go ahead with the 3rd ANZAC Frigate purchase … to the anger of the Aussies as they bent over backwards ensuring NZ got hundreds of millions of dollars in offsets that provided jobs for many NZ businesses supplying the Frigate project. Then we wonder why the Howard Govt a few years later made things tough for Kiwi’s living in Oz)!

In a post today Pete Belt claims:

Whaleoil believes it has more influence in our current role than we would have with a parliamentary presence.

Whale Oil continues to provide a popular forum, but their political influence seems minimal. About the only thing Whale Oil has in common with Peters is being anti-establishment – sort of. Neither can claim to be a fresh change in politics.

Whatever Slater’s reasons are for campaigning for Peters and NZ First if he can’t win over his own Whale Oil faithful he’s unlikely to influence the outcome of this year’s election much.


  1. Tipene

     /  May 28, 2017

    What amuses me is that Slater believes that he can influence elections – he testified to such in the Craig v Slater trial.

    It wasn’t Slater who took out the Conservative Party in 2014 – by her own admission and intent – it was Rachel MacGregor – her 48 hour-prior-to-election resignation had a massive impact on what then a razor-thin voter difference between 5% polling 2 days out, and 3.9% after the Election.

    It must suck for Slater to be thinking one minute that you are a huge political influence, only to be trumped by a “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” press secretary with now-publicised work performance issues.

    • Kevin

       /  May 28, 2017

      “press secretary with now-publicised work performance issues.”

      We can see where your loyalties lie.

      • Tipene

         /  May 28, 2017

        @Kevin: My loyalties lie with the truth of the matter at hand.

  2. Pretty much in the tradition of an obese redundant German.
    If I don’t get my own way I’ll attempt to destroy every other party/person in the game.
    He has no influence. A blog is not influence.

  3. John Schmidt

     /  May 28, 2017

    500 people on WO are not going to make much difference. You only have to see the continual ads for people to pay for a subscription on that site to know the number of dedicated whale oilers is small.
    Until Hagars book 99% of NZrs had never heard of WO or even understood what a blog is let alone read anything on it or other blogs.
    Today not much has changed. Go talk to average people, not your geeky or political friends, and you will soon discover how irrelevant blogs are to the political landscape. Blogs are currently nothing more than echo chambers. This will change idc but that change is still a few years away.
    Slater overstates his importance in the world as do others from other blog sites such as those running The Standard and The Daily Blog.
    I had a bit of a laugh when Lizzie Marverlly won the Canon media blog award. Visited her site and most of her posts have no ticks or comments. Occasionally there is a tick or a few ticks and maybe a comment. There is clearly no crowd following on her site so she is talking mostly to herself and won an award for it, amazing.

  4. duperez

     /  May 28, 2017

    Someone called KGB making what (s)he obviously thinks are salient points but from that particular side of the fence says, “And lastly, ask Northland how its working out for them”?

    Probably a good question but it only having status because of the a couple of other questions;
    How had things been working out for Northlanders if they voted out a party with an majority seemingly impossible to topple?
    Are all Northlanders in work, is there astonishing regional development, have all sad social, health and educational statistics shown dramatic improvements and if not how is that Winston Peters fault?
    And of course the flippant one, “How have the renovated bridges now with their two lanes worked out for Northlanders? If the answer is “Not so good” or “nothing’s happened” or something in between, how is that Peters’ fault?

    This is not support for Peters, he should expect all the shots he has directed his way, but that nonsensical reference to Northland puts into context the whole list and the support it garnered.

    • PDB

       /  May 28, 2017

      I hardly think one ‘debatable’ point about what Winston has done for Northland suddenly means the other 10 points made by KGB are therefore not valid. The poor standard of the NZL First list (god knows who they will find if they get 12%+ in the election) and their clearly left-wing views on many issues would be hard to disagree with.

      The point being made is that Slater is not backing NZL First because it aligns with his beliefs (clearly ACT would be a better fit) but for other reasons as stated by PG.

  5. Bill Brown

     /  May 28, 2017

    I struggle to see how there is a problem with WO position on English and Collins

    Everyone has friends they back …….

    Politics and blogs are moving beasts so I guess he’s headed to Winstons camp as that’s where the action will be at this point

    • PDB

       /  May 28, 2017

      There isn’t a problem as such, but a post pointing out how Whaleoil has become somewhat of a bitter blog (even more so than before) which even its own dwindling readership is finding hard to stomach.

  6. Loki

     /  May 28, 2017

    Take some time to delve back into the bottom reaches of slaters sewer blog.
    His stance on Peters currently would be breathtakingly hypocritical for a normal sane person.
    This is just another “poor me” tantrum from this countries biggest spoilt baby.

  7. PDB

     /  May 29, 2017

    Maybe Slater & his gang do read the criticisms of them on this blog…….


    Plenty of comments bashing Winston on there.

    • Funny seeing Slater (or whoever wrote the post) apologise to Winston for being critical.

      • PDB

         /  May 29, 2017

        It appears the Oilers are enjoying the opportunity to speak openly about Winston without upsetting the Whaleoil hierarchy.

        • Are you suggesting they hierarchy might be a bit distracted from their moderating duties?

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