Covfefe – peak pathetic

Donald Trump seems to have had a typo in a tweet yesterday, which isn’t a surprising thing given his habit of tweeting frequently.

“Despite the constant negative press covfefe.” was been widely repeated and ridiculed before and since Trump deleted the tweet.

Twitter went nuts over it. Mainstream news has covered it.

This is how stupid it has been – CNN: Trump, wake up and smell the ‘covfefe’

It’s already an Internet meme, and symbolic of this administration’s major theme so far: distraction.

But it wasn’t Trump or his administration doing the distracting or being distracted, it was journalists and media and many others.

Is this peak pathetic in the trivialisation of ‘news’?


  1. Gezza

     /  June 1, 2017

    Surprised to see you giving this any covfeferage I must say, PG. 😃

  2. High Flying Duck

     /  June 1, 2017

    The more I look at it, the more I think it needs to become a real word.
    All it needs is a definition and some context.
    If Trump can pull off both his Supreme Court appointment and adding Covfefe to the lexicon he can rightly consider his 8 years as president a great success.

    • From The Urban Dictionary:

      “cov” is an acronym which stands for: “Confirmation of Victory,” it is said usually referencing that you succeeded in getting laid for the night.

      ‘fee-fee’; Noun; 1. A contraption, commonly used by prisoners, usually made out of common household materials such as cloth and paper towels that is used for manual sexual stimulation.;

      So what do we get if we put these together? Answers on a postcard, as they used to say pre-digital. Prize for the best, PG?

      • Speaking as a sailor, something rhyming with ‘anchor’ might seem appropriate, for what the Germans call the “Lugenpresse”.

  3. Gezza

     /  June 1, 2017

    At 6:09 a.m., Trump tweeted again: “Who can figure out the true meaning of “covfefe” ??? Enjoy!”

    Dammit. This man is a bloody legend.

  4. PDB

     /  June 1, 2017

    It highlights what journalism has become and in effect the stupidity of those caught up in the social media bubble.

    • Gezza

       /  June 1, 2017

      Oh sure, you come round here covfefeing & expect people to pay attention❗️😡

  5. Andy C

     /  June 1, 2017

    Should we be concerned about Spicer’s claim that certain people would understand what it meant? Are we entering Dear Leader territory where Trump can never be seen as fallible?

    • Gezza

       /  June 1, 2017

      No – Sean’s very loyal. I would naturally expect him to go into bat covfefeing for his boss.

  6. David

     /  June 1, 2017

    “Is this peak pathetic in the trivialisation of ‘news’?”

    Nope, they are only just getting started.

    • Joe Bloggs

       /  June 1, 2017

      Yup trump’s got that well covered.

  7. Conspiratoor

     /  June 1, 2017

    Yep, right up there with the two day firestorm over his predilection for two scoops of ice cream. My brain saw those letters and interpreted them as coffee fairy.
    Seriously though folks, this is probably just the master persuader having a bit of fun with the media by sowing the seeds of doubt whether trump is responsible for his tweets

    Next big story I kid you not …the pres is gaining weight!!!! Must be that second scoop

  8. Some people call me the space cowboy
    Some call me the gangster of love
    Some people call me Maurice
    ‘Cause I speak on the covfefe of love…

  9. High Flying Duck

     /  June 2, 2017

    • Gezza

       /  June 2, 2017

      I know Covfefe The Strong❗️❗️ 👍 He’s from my ancestors’ tribe in Norway❗️

      Bekjemp den gode krigen, fetteren 💪