Media watch – Thursday

1 June 2017


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    • Zedd

       /  June 1, 2017

      Good to see PG.. BUT this Govt. still take a zero-tolerance approach, even on Medicinal use (other than Sativex) !
      What is their real agenda ? Prohibition industry (keep cops busting us & courts sentencing us ??).. & private prisons being paid to ‘lock ’em ALL up , for maximum profit’??

      • btw; I watched ‘Backbenches’ last evening:

        Natz MP said ‘NEVER’ to cannabis reform
        Labour MP said ‘open to serious debate’
        Green MP said ‘YES to reform’

        Again I ask what are this Govt. NOT telling us, when most other OECD countries have already passed laws to allow Med-use & support Decrim. of personal use ??

  1. Zedd

     /  June 1, 2017

    I listened to ZB talkback, last night; talking about ‘smokefree 2025’ most callers think its a total joke !
    Whilst the sentiment seems ‘noble’ to reduce the harm.. moving to a pseudo ‘prohibition stance’ will do nothing but move it to the black-market (as with ‘other drugs’). This has already started with the increase in dairy robberies, mainly targeting cigarettes, that are reportedly being ‘resold’ back to other dairies, for resale ?

    You think this Govt. would learn from the mistake of cannabis prohibition, now being called a failure & calls to decrim./relegalise it. OR are they pushing another prohibition agenda (but misinforming us ??)

  2. Zedd

     /  June 1, 2017

    I watched a news item on AlJz.. IF Mr T (& whanau) support ‘make America great again’ why is it that Ivanaka has a shoe factory in China, that is being investigated for paying below minimum wage & ripping off the workers for overtime hours entitlement ?

    likely just the first example of their family business’ practice ??

  3. Zedd, shouldn’t we leave the problems in the USA to their people to resolve in their own way? I am far more interested in looking for solutions to the problem of the violent robbing of our small stores and petrol stations selling cigarettes. Unfortunately it seems that most victims are immigrants from Asia and most perpetrators are either gang members or ethnic Maori and Pacific Islanders and they move in groups against one or two people.
    I was a soldier mumble years ago and know that violence begets violence. What we need to do is to prepare ambushes with armed police near apparently vulnerable targets, and have the patience to wait until an attack occurs. If the perpetrators are armed with rifles etc, they run the risk of being shot by the Police who should have absolute immunity. Live by the sword? Die by the sword!
    This problem needs strong determination to stamp it out. The message needs to be got out there now!