Media watch – Saturday

3 June 2017


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    • Conspiratoor

       /  June 3, 2017

      I looked at this and thought if these brainwashed kids are tomorrow’s leaders the US is rooted. But then I recalled my younger days as an anarchist about to transition into a socialist and realized most of them would receive a big dose of reality as they left the institutions and learnt to face real world problems …like finding their own food and shelter.
      Some of course would spend their entire adult lives closeted by institutions, and they are the ones doomed to live their lives in a fantasy world untroubled by reality

    • Gezza

       /  June 3, 2017

      I watched the video. Unbelievable. Even allowing for the fact most of their brains won’t be fully developed yet, that kind of organised, mindless groupthink standover bullying & harassment of one individual expressing a perfectly reasonable & legitimate point of view iis reminiscent of the Brownshirts. Fuck them. And their wimp-ass College President. Wouldn’t be too many future rocket scientists in that lot I imagine.

  1. duperez

     /  June 3, 2017

    I enjoyed reading “Craig v Slater: The end of the affair” by Steve Braunias. One bit confused me for a minute – “a weeping lawyer denounced in the witness box as a Judas.” I couldn’t remember him appearing recently. As I got further down though I found it was Madeleine Flannagan not Jordan Williams. This time.

    • Alan Wilkinson

       /  June 3, 2017

      I don’t have much sympathy for Flannagan. A nasty piece of work unless she’s changed IMO.

  2. The morning after discussing with my son the risk of someone being killed in the America’s Cup I read this headline in the Herald:

    “America’s Cup tragedy: NZ woman dies in Bermuda boat collision”

    There was nothing whatsoever in the story to indicate the slightest connection with the America’s Cup, other than that it occurred on the same island. Am I alone in thinking this was an appalling misuse of a headline? If there was a golf tournament on at the time would the headline have read: “Golf Tournament tragedy”?

  3. Alan Wilkinson

     /  June 3, 2017

    You’ve got to hand it to the Brits, no-one does sex scandals like they do:

    • Gezza

       /  June 3, 2017

      So true Al, not even American televangelists can probably top those two.