Clash of conspiracy theories

One conspiracy versus another:

If it matters Dan Bongino describes himself as a ‘renegade Republican’. Wikipedia describes him as ‘a former United States Secret Service agent who was a primary candidate for Florida’s 19th congressional district in 2016’. He lost.


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  1. Yip the main media outlets on the Coasts haven’t come out and publicly said they were pushing Hilary and ignoring Trump – none of those outlets have apologised for not reporting unbiasedly to their readers… There where no articles submitted to the DNC for approval

    This guy is obviously not closely connected the day to day inner workings of politics in the US as an ex Secret Service agent who would have seen lots of realpolitik maneuvering between “independent” press people and pollies….

    Conspiracy is a big word and probably not 100% accurate in this instance…. but its clear WaPo [Jeff Bezos], NYT, CNN are running close to a co-ordinated attack on Trump which verges or veers over the line into fighting the democratc partys line

    • Gezza

       /  June 4, 2017

      Yep. I follow these too. The bias, the reportage & opinion pieces on anything, however unimportant, that is critical of, or potentially damaging to, Trump & his entourage, wife, family – it’s all got embarrassingly partisan. I really think these outlets might be approaching a tipping point with fair-minded folk who weren’t Trump voters.