Trump in London attack controversy

Donald Trump has become embroiled in disputes and controversies after tweeting about the London terror attacks.

From the Telegraph

A spat has broken out between Donald Trump, the Mayor of London, and other politicians over tweets sent by Donald Trump.

Sadie Khan’s statement this morning said that the Terrorists would not win, and that Londoners would see an increased police presence and not to be alarmed by it.

Trump responded by saying ‘At least 7 dead and 48 wounded in terror attack and Mayor of London says there is “no reason to be alarmed!”‘.

Trump got the message from Khan wrong – he was saying not to be alarmed at the extra police presence, some of which would be armed.

BBC: Mayor Sadiq Khan dismisses Trump criticism

The mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has dismissed criticism from US President Donald Trump over his response to Saturday’s terror attack.

The attack in London Bridge and Borough Market killed seven and injured 48.

Mr Trump accused Mr Khan of downplaying the attack by telling Londoners there was “no reason to be alarmed”.

Mr Khan’s team said he had “more important things to do than respond to Mr Trump”, who had “deliberately” taken his remarks “out of context”.

“The Mayor is busy working with the police, emergency services and the government to co-ordinate the response to this horrific and cowardly terrorist attack and provide leadership and reassurance to Londoners and visitors to our city,” Mr Khan’s spokesperson added.

On Saturday night, following the attack, Mr Trump tweeted a message of support to the UK, but also sparked controversy after he called for his travel ban on visitors from six predominantly Muslim countries to be upheld by US courts.

On Sunday, he criticised Mr Khan, writing: “At least 7 dead and 48 wounded in terror attack and Mayor of London says there is ‘no reason to be alarmed!'”

His tweet angered many in the UK, who pointed out Mr Khan had been referring to increased police numbers on the streets.

During an interview earlier on Sunday, Mr Khan had said: “Londoners will see an increased police presence today and over the course of the next few days. No reason to be alarmed.”

This has created controversy in the US:

Fox Insiders: CNN Host: Trump ‘A Piece of S–t’ for His Response to London Attack

The hosts of “Fox & Friends Weekend” blasted a CNN host for posting an expletive-laden tweet directed at President Trump, moments after the London terror attack unfolded.

Reza Aslan, an Iranian-American religious studies expert who hosts a Sunday program on the network, called Trump a “piece of [expletive]” for saying America must get “tough” on terror.”We need to be smart, vigilant and tough. We need the courts to give us back our rights. We need the Travel Ban as an extra level of safety,” Trump tweeted.

Aslan responded by calling Trump the obscenity, as well as an “embarrassment to America and a stain on the presidency.”

Previously, Trump retweeted an alert from Matt Drudge’s “Drudge Report” which said there had been a terror attack on the London Bridge.

Fox News: Trump assails ‘political correctness’ in tweet on terror attacks

“We must stop being politically correct and get down to the business of security for our people. If we don’t get smart it will only get worse,” Trump tweeted first.

Trump also posted on Twitter about the attacks: “Do you notice we are not having a gun debate right now? That’s because they used knives and a truck!”

It’s ok for Trump to tweet things as he sees them but not others? Aslan was not being very politically correct.

CNN: Trump criticized for tweet about London Mayor after attack

Trump’s tweets have been heavily criticized by a number of British politicians, who are currently preparing for the country’s general election which is scheduled to take place on Thursday.

Conservative politician Penny Mordaunt tweeted the transcript of Khan’s interview and said: “I’m standing with resilient London and him.”

Labour politician David Lammy said Trump’s tweet was “cheap, nasty and unbecoming of a national leader.”

Wes Streeting, another Labour politician, called for Trump’s state visit to Britain to be canceled.

Trump was also fiercely criticized by Brendon Cox, the husband of former British lawmaker Jo Cox, who was murdered by a right-wing fanatic in November 2016.

“You represent the worst of your country, @SadiqKhan represents some of the best of ours,” Cox wrote on Twitter.

Also from the US:

Virginia Sen. Mark Warner, ranking Democrat on the Senate intelligence committee, said on CNN’s “State of the Union” that he had also been troubled by Trump’s tweets.

“I believe in many ways the Muslim-American community is better integrated into our society. I think that’s always been our secret sauce here,” Warner said. “That’s why it troubles me so much to see the type of tweets the President has put out in the last 12 hours or so.”



  1. It’s not just Trump using the London attack to promote their own agenda in the US:

    • MaureenW

       /  June 5, 2017

      Very true

    • David

       /  June 5, 2017

      As an ex Londoner Huckabee is right, Paris is as bad, it was happening when I left 20 plus years ago with its PC nonsense from lefty councils and their cultural safety which was all totally misguided and here is the end result.

      • if americas a melting pot shouldn’t they all be talking Lakota ?

        • Gezza

           /  June 5, 2017

          Only maybe where the Sioux live. Elsewhere you could argue they should all be talking the native tongue of all the other tribes of first peoples. But then it wouldn’t be United States of America & the powerhouse it became. Luckily, whatever other languages they speak, *they*, including the vast majority of immigrants over there for centuries, have adopted the prevailing, recognised, common language of communication, commerce, industry, transport, navigation, arts, science & culture – English – or as I sometimes call it – American.

          • Kitty Catkin

             /  June 5, 2017

            They certainly speak what can only be called a dialect and an ugly one at best.

            Mr Huckabee’s remark is as witless as almost all generalisations are, of course.

          • Gezza

             /  June 5, 2017

            Garn – they have the good sense to spell some words like they actually say them – color & labor, for example – & several of regional accents are delightful to the ear. Daniel, one of our new local young pharmacists, is from Tennessee. He’s not only tall dark & handsome (if you like that sort of thing) & unfailingly pleasant, he’s got one of the most wonderful American accents I’ve ever heard.

  2. CNN: Breitbart employees infuriated by colleagues’ ‘appalling’ comments after London terror attack

    Following the attack in London, which left at least seven dead and scores more wounded, Breitbart writer Katie McHugh tweeted, “There would be no deadly terror attacks in the U.K. if Muslims didn’t live there.”

    “I find it appalling,” one Breitbart employee told CNN.

    “It’s a terrible comment,” another Breitbart employee told CNN, saying it was wrong to make a blanket statement about an entire religious group. “I would never write what she said.

    One of the aims of terrorism is to promote division. It seems to be working.

    • “One of the aims of terrorism is to promote division”

      I think this is a very dangerous, oft-repeated belief. Islam is not a structured hierarchy with clearly defined aims that can be individually addressed. It is a collective with a single aim – to overrun all the world and force its ideology on all the people. Its Muslims are programmed in the Mosques to serve this aim any way they can – however barbarically. Those with IQs below the Muslim average (around the mid-70s) do it by savagely killing anyone they perceive to be insufficently Islamic. Those with higher IQs do it by insinuating themselves into positions of political power. And the silent majority shuffle about blindly obeying the Koran, while convincing stupid Westerners that none of it is happening.

      “Katie McHugh tweeted, “There would be no deadly terror attacks in the U.K. if Muslims didn’t live there.”” — this is no less valid than saying “There would be no deadly wasp attacks in NZ if wasps didn’t live there”. Unless this fundamental fact – that these killers are an integral part of the Islamic whole – is faced, there will soon be no Westerners left for them to attack.

      The popular idea that “One of the aims of terrorism is to promote division” – between Muslims and Infidels – plays right into the killers’ hands. There is only one aim of Islamic terrorism – to serve Islam in its drive to destroy all civilised, liberal humanity.

    • David

       /  June 5, 2017

      Or a member of the public would have shot the terrorist in the face, job done is the counter argument. The contrast I think is Chicago where there is a smaller population than London and 7-800 gun murders every year, Trump is wrong on this one but is in tune with most of his citizens.

    • They didn’t even need the knives. Just a truck and one crazed Muslim is all that is required to cause carnage in a crowded place. How does one defend against that when there are three million Muslims in Britain whose allegiance – by Koranic diktat – is to liberal-hating Islam rather than Britain; 23,000 of them definitely known to authorities as likely contenders for driving trucks over babies, and 3000 the upper limit on numbers that can be kept under surveillance?

      The Muslim Mayor of London – known for damning moderate Muslims as “Uncle Toms” – has a plan; and it must be reassuring for Londoners to know that murderous Muslim savagery is, it seems, just “part and parcel of living in a big city”, along with diesel fumes and late buses. His first priority was the diesel fumes. Londoners doubtless are now hoping the tax collected will help him speed up the buses.

  3. Missy

     /  June 5, 2017

    It would seem the Charge d’Affairs at the US Embassy disagrees with his President.

    • The Charge d’Affairs at the US Embassy is probably a lot closer to reality than the President.

      • Missy

         /  June 5, 2017

        On this almost certainly. And he isn’t a political appointment so Trump can do nothing about him.

        • David

           /  June 5, 2017

          Are you sure? The guy from the libyan embassy who showed up Susan Rice for all her lies got well stuffed despite not being a ‘political appointment’.

  4. Brown

     /  June 5, 2017

    Muslim Khan says, “Do not be alarmed …” after yet another Muslim rampage kills citizens on his streets. You would have to be a moron if you were not alarmed. The immigration policy has resulted in this – its like the Dunkirk evacuation bringing along the German army as well.

    • Gezza

       /  June 5, 2017

      It’s the Immigration Policy AND the Defence Policy I genuinely think, Brown.

      Post something nice somewhere today, I dare you. I bet your Mrs is nice.

      • Kitty Catkin

         /  June 5, 2017

        It’s amazing how many people have forgotten the IRA’s reign of terror.

        I don’t hear anyone saying that all Irish people were terrorists or that all Italians belong to the Mafia. Yet there are those who witlessly assume that all Muslims are clones and think as one, ignoring the fact that there is more than one kind of Islam thought and that the terrorists are a tiny minority.

        • Kitty Catkin

           /  June 5, 2017


          • Kitty Catkin

             /  June 5, 2017

            The IRA killed 115 people and injured over 2000 in 500 attacks in Britain. I don’t know if anyone has counted the incidents in Ireland and Ulster, which were numerous. According to relations who lived there, something happened virtually every day.

          • Gezza

             /  June 5, 2017

            What would you say are the essential differences between modern day orthodox (bog standard) Christianity & orthodox Islam?

  5. PDB

     /  June 5, 2017

    Trump is a joke, and in this case he jumped on the wrong tweet, however his target is also a joke.

    Sadiq Khan seems to think terrorism is the new norm (“part and parcel of living in a big city’)and continually fails to call out by name those responsible. However that isn’t a surprise when he has previously called out moderate Muslims as ‘Uncle Toms’. He has also said on a tour of the US that: “”One of the lessons from around the world is that a laissez-faire or hands-off approach to social integration doesn’t work. We need rules, institutions, and support to enable people to integrate into cohesive communities and for the avoidance of doubt, I don’t mean assimilation, I mean integration, and there’s a difference.”

    In fact he seems more concerned about climate change and pollution with a hefty London diesel tax being passed recently. Perhaps he thinks eliminating vehicles in London is the better option…..

    Bleating on that ‘London is one of the safest cities in the world’ is scant consolation for those being killed indiscriminately on its streets.

  6. Oh look Trump bashing for saying something true……. “Don’t be alarmed” really??? as London is turned into a Police State and don’t question why, and don’t question why you need to get used to living with terrorism on your capitals streets.

    Trumps problem is he doesn’t use doublespeak – he just says what he thinks. Its been doublespeak and softly, softly bullshit that has bred the problem – yes Gezza coupled with a dumb Foreign policy in the Middle East…

    The Brits have tolerated Islamic radicalism in Londons Finsbury mosque and other mosques since the 90’s, when they allowed scum like this guy: Abu Hamza al-Masri – to enter the country and spread filth unchecked..

    The British political elite need to harden up – tackle radical Islam head on and put moderates on notice to join the nation of Britain or sling your hooks for countries that live by your creed.

    • Trump said something stupid (even by his Twit standards) and misrepresented what had been said.

      • Totally consistent with Trumps critique of Sadiq Khan and his get used to terrorism statements. The sub text of Khan saying “don’t be alarmed” by more police on the streets of the UK capital is more is coming – and its because of Islamic Terrorist – but hey don’t be alarmed because its NORMAL…. and its not normal at all..

        Trump has the right of this issue overall…. but the liberal elite don’t wont to acknowledge their failure which has created the whole mess….. now some harsh response are required to deal with the problem which opens the whole of society to risk of a Police state once the emergency has been dealt with…

        • duperez

           /  June 5, 2017

          Could you itemise the “failure” which “created the whole mess.” Thanks.

          • Simple Duprez:

            Allowing uneducated insular people to emigrate to the UK and making no efforts to integrate them to the UK lifestyle allowing ghettos to develop – see Kashmiri Pakistans in the UK. Nice petri dishes for the culturing of the wave of 2nd and 3rd generation bombers, shooters and stabbers we have seen since the fiirst London transport attcks

            Allowing hate stokers like Abu Hamza to go unchecked for prolonged period of time. Anjem Chourdy is another left to spew is vile message for too long

            Interfering in the Middle East when it was not required – with multiple results:

            >lifting the lid of control the dictatorial regimes of the ME had on the Islamist nutters. Saddam, Gaddafi, Assad are/were bad bad men – but they held the Salafists in check.

            >giving the salafist nutters an excuse for spreading Crusader boots on our land justifications for their extreme acts

            Using Islamists as a weapon against the Soviet union was probably a mistake as well but made plenty of sense in the 1980’s as the COld War confrontation rumbled along – they created they own monster.

            The ongoing sponsoring of this group or that group of Islamist nutters as weapons of foreign policy by the States and their allies is another mistake…. the weapons have their own aims and ends

            • Hate stoking is a problem at both extremes. It’s something that terrorism tries to exploit and escalate.

            • Love hearts and tolerance have lead where Pete? Where? Dead teenagers in a concert hall in Manchester, people walking a bridge run down on two occasions – that’s the roll call in the last couple of months or so….

              If the UK government doesn’t actually sort it soon then my kith and kin in the UK will do it themselves. And that will be much, much worse for everyone in the country. If you can’t see it coming – well that’s on you.

            • Pull your head in with blaming me.

              If it gets much worse with people taking things into their own hands and a break down of law and order, who would benefit and claim a victory?

            • I thought that the ‘if you don’t agree with me anything bad that happens is your fault’ crap was a left wing thing.

            • Pete – “pull my head in”, really??

              “If you can’t see it coming – well that’s on you.” That’s not blaming you for eff all Pete – that is pointing out your willful blindness on this issue. Different things…..blaming and highlighting willful blindness… But obviously you feel touchy about the subject so jump to the interpretation that suits you best in terms of indignation…

            • I could as easily accuse you of ‘wilful blindness’.

            • go ahead Pete…. time will be the judge, but the last 10 years have demonstrated softly, softly doesn’t work on its own.

              Madrid, Paris, London, Glasgow, Brussels, Marseilles, Manchester all have felt the sword of Islamic inspired terror attacks…. and untold plots have been foiled.

              Yip the softly softly approach has paid dividends since 2001 in Europe…

            • “softly, softly doesn’t work on its own”

              Of course it doesn’t when dealing with terrorists. But it helps a lot when dealing with people who aren’t terrorists but who get associated with them due to some religious commonality.

            • if this was a small, small group they would be isolated and dobbed in. but they just keep coming and coming Pete……they are not a small group in terms of sympathy for they position there is a larger group would fund and support the cutting edge…..

              And have a look around – the softly softly approach is being actively resisted in the UK…..


            • duperez

               /  June 5, 2017

              “Allowing uneducated insular people to emigrate to the UK”
              Should they have allowed in only those who met standards of being educated ? How would that have operated?
              How should they have checked for “insularity”?

              “Making no efforts to integrate them to the UK lifestyle allowing ghettos to develop.” How should they have been integrated and ghettos not allowed to develop? It all sounds so easy.

              Putting those into the New Zealand context, are ghettos identifiable in our biggest city? If a “softly, softly” environment exists here, what specifically should be done to change that?

            • I suppose Dupe that when you identify a problem you generate a list of options and work through them till you find one that works.

              Migration policy based on criteria is easily set up – being able to read or write in English seems a reasonable start if you are the home of that language don’t you think?

              Whats your solution? Or are you just going to repeat cultural equivalence and say its all whiteys fault that this has happened.

            • duperez

               /  June 5, 2017

              Dave, I’m not repeating anything or thinking about fault but simply asking questions about how you would sort the problem out. In a sense asking you for the list of options on the list you say should be generated.

              The only one you mention is only letting in those being able to read or write in English. (I thought we had something like that here but then mother and father and granny are allowed to come here who often don’t speak, let alone write English. If a politician comments on that they get called xenophobic. The lack of public support for such views sees that politician isolated.)

              The ghettos question? In practical terms what is your list of options for avoiding ghettoisation? According to a speaker I heard at a conference, immigrants want to live near others with a “shared history.” In reality so do the locals. People live in enclaves with others of the same socio-economic status as themselves.

              You listed factors related to the Middle East and the West’s part in those. I’m not trying to be a smart bugger but seeing past easy words of ‘sort it out’ to the practicalities in sorting out or avoiding here what’s happening overseas. The difficulty may be shown that by formulating rules to avoid ghettoisation, ‘draconian’ and Kim Jong-un are bound to get mentioned.

              The difficulty may be shown by suggesting that some of the murderous lunatics in Britain are the sons of educated people who emigrated to the UK because their skills were needed.

            • Simple enough Dupe… limit the follow of migrants. Don’t let new cultures congregate in one area – disperse them and put a mentoring scheme in place to support them – for years if necessary.

              The flocking together is a natural response but it causes problems when cultures are so very, very different – and Islam is very, very different from modern, mostly secular humanist, post enlightenment Western culture. You need to address that and educate on what the host country values are and that they won’t change to accommodate the new migrant, that the migrant needs to adapt… if people cant accept that then go back to your homeland.

              As for the Middle East regime change stupidity I have stated it was wrong and we should step away from boots on the ground

            • duperez

               /  June 5, 2017

              So when immigrants come into the country they are told where they can and can’t live and they take part in mentoring schemes which I guess are Government organised or contracted out. The mentoring includes lessons on our values. If they can’t accept those things, they go back to wherever.

            • Seems extreme but what do you suggest? Would you willingly add more and more Muslims knowing what the experience has been across multiple countries in Europe?

              Directing where to leave happened here in NZ – in the 1950’s….

      • Alan Wilkinson

         /  June 5, 2017

        Did Trump misrepresent what was said? Literally, you can claim it but the emotional subtext of Khan’s statement was “Keep calm and carry on the same.”

        That’s what Trump was speaking to – with his message that things have to change.

        • Yes he did misrepresent.

          And it is important that the population keeps calm and carry on as normally as possible.

          • Alan Wilkinson

             /  June 5, 2017

            Why to both?

            The population will do what it will irrespective of what a Mayor pronounces. It is far more important than the country’s leadership act to secure the population from terrorists and their atrocities and don’t just spout platitudes.

            • Reassurance and solidarity are important parts of leadership.

            • Alan Wilkinson

               /  June 5, 2017

              They only have credibility if actions justify the words.

        • Joe Bloggs

           /  June 5, 2017

          It was a tasteless twisting of what Khan said. Here’s the full quotation: “Londoners will see an increased police presence today and over the course of the next few days. There’s no reason to be alarmed.”

          In other words, the mere presence of the police in a neighborhood wouldn’t mean that there was a threat in that area; not that hard to understand, eh.

          Khan was right to reassure the people of London – no different to Churchill in WW2.

          • Alan Wilkinson

             /  June 5, 2017

            Now you’ve convinced me that Trump didn’t misrepresent anything at all. The words said exactly what he inferred.

            • Joe Bloggs

               /  June 5, 2017

              Even before the nature or scope of the incident was entirely clear to responding British police officers Trump injected himself into a conversation about terrorism in Central London and tried to turn the wave of fear and anxiety to his political advantage.

              Just what London needs – a shitstain with a Twitter account.

              Every day a new low

            • Alan Wilkinson

               /  June 5, 2017

              Every day another chuckle.

            • Gezza

               /  June 5, 2017

              (I hope I don’t have to live on whatever mushrooms, fruits & any other forage I can find – plus dead possum & pukeko casseroles, Al?)

            • Alan Wilkinson

               /  June 5, 2017

              Should be a few more possum soon, Sir Gerald. There were droppings around the cabins this morning. Not sure how well they’ll keep till November though. Better not raid the beehives. The beekeeper is a muscly chap. And the fruit trees are still small. Might have to take you into the Hell-hole one night.

            • Alan Wilkinson

               /  June 5, 2017

              Try out the fishing though? And plenty of oysters I’m told, though I have to say they weren’t as prolific and easy to find as it was to cut your feet on the old shells in the mud.

            • Gezza

               /  June 5, 2017

              I like scallops, paua, pipis & mussels. Only ever tried oysters once. It was a fried one. It was bloody horrible & I’ve never had another one since. But I have found myself wondering lately whether I just got a bad one. I don’t have anything to compare that particular oyster to – it was so foul-tasting to me It was my first & last.

            • Conspiratoor

               /  June 5, 2017

              These droppings Sir Al. Would you say they were clumped or more spread? Slight elongation or more rounded? It’s possible you’re talking the wrong shit

          • Alan Wilkinson

             /  June 5, 2017

            Don’t think so, C. Last time they appeared I killed three possums there and they disappeared. Long, not round. Matches the pics in the possum trap manual exactly. There are a few rabbits around too that the hawks catch. But they don’t climb up into the carport rafters and drop crap below.

  7. Kevin

     /  June 5, 2017

    “We must stop being politically correct and get down to the business of security for our people. If we don’t get smart it will only get worse,” Trump tweeted first.

    Yep. Trump is right again. Security comes first. Without security you have nothing because whatever you have including your life can be taken away from you at any time.

  8. One of a kind

     /  June 5, 2017

    Ok. So 3 extreme muslim terrorists carry out another in a long string of violent acts of war against the UK and somehow President Trump is the problem?

    Why are the snowflakey twit(er)s not asking questions about why these acts of war are continuing without much comment from the UK muslim community?

    Why are not the local muslim communities in the UK dragging out the jihadists, handing them over to the Police, and denouncing their actions as being against the prophet?

    I will tell you why. Because their actions aren’t against the prophet – they are directly in support of koranic teachings against the infidel.

    Many in the muslim community won’t go against jihadists as they either support their actions or they are scared of becoming apostates themselves by betraying the jihadists to the authorities.

    But nothing will change – next week, or next month another atrocity will occur – the hand wringers will do their thing and more innocent people will be buried.

    • Where is your evidence that the UK muslim community isn’t ‘commenting much’?

      From where I stand I see the Manchester mosquers uniting in their refusal to bury the Manchester bomber because his actions went completely outside Muslim teachings:

      “Qari Asim, an imam at the Makkah Mosque in Leeds, told me the Manchester Central Mosque’s decision not to be involved in Abedi’s funeral is noteworthy. “It’s not taken lightly to refuse to bury or, more importantly, not to offer a funeral prayer,” Asim said. “By committing suicide and causing carnage and bringing harm to others, [suicide bombers like Abedi] have gone so beyond the boundaries of Islam that they are deprived of the last right to be prayed upon.”

      And from where I stand I see Arab and Muslim leaders strongly condemning terrorism and violent extremism:
      “Al-Othaimeen offered his condolence to the families of the victims, and to the people and government of the UK, and reiterated the OIC’s principled position that vigorously denounces all acts of terrorism and violent extremism, just as it categorically rejects any justification for terrorism.
      Expressing his strong condemnation of the terrorist attack, GCC Secretary-General Abdullatif bin Rashid Al-Zayani said the heinous crimes violate all moral and human values and prove, over and over again, the need for a unified international effort to counter and eliminate terrorism wherever it is found. He expressed the GCC states’ solidarity with the UK and the British people.
      The Egyptian government condemned “in the strongest terms” the terrorist attack in an official statement issued on Tuesday.
      Egypt’s Foreign Ministry said that such a terrorist attack just days after an anti-terrorism summit in Riyadh reaffirms the need for the international community to take determined action to eliminate terrorism and dry out its resources.”

      As long as you treat muslim communities as completely homogeneous, you miss the reality that the vast majority of Muslims abhor this violence.

      • David

         /  June 5, 2017

        Did that prevent any of the other dozens of Manchester sourced terrorists?

        • Of course not, but every word that muslims speak against terrorism adds to a groundswell against violence.

          And it also addresses the fake claim that muslims won’t go up against jihadists

          • PDB

             /  June 5, 2017

            Fake claim?

            A 2016 British Muslim poll showed 2/3rds of British Muslims wouldn’t inform the police if they thought that somebody close to them had become involved with terrorist sympathisers. 23 per cent of Muslims in the same survey want Sharia to replace British law in parts of the country.

            Sadiq Khan is in an ideal position to outright condemn such acts and get the local Muslim community motivated enough to rise up and do something but he doesn’t – why not?

          • David

             /  June 5, 2017

            “And it also addresses the fake claim that muslims won’t go up against jihadists”

            No one has claimed no muslims are against jihadists, it’s simply a case that far, far too many are supportive of the goals of the jihadists, even if some are not comfortable with the violence.

      • Gezza

         /  June 5, 2017

        Ishmael – the biggest problem with Islam is the Quran & Hadith can be read to justify terrorism. It preaches that it has a superior morality when in fact it has an inferior one, and the Quran is a turgid buggers muddle, based on the utterly nonsensical premise that a non-existent Allah gave detailed instructions via the non-existent Angel Gabriel, over 23 years, to a dictatorial warlord on how everyone should properly properly dress, eat, treat their women & children, deal with apostates & non-believers & submit to will of the non-existent Allah.

        We don’t need Imam’s to condemn terrorism. It means nothing. We need them to wake up, study something other the bloody Quran & Hadith – like the sciences, & even other religions if they’re so insecure about they need a security blanket of belief in life & reward or punishment after death, & to lead their followers to apostasy from Islam, & reason. Until then, Muslims should stay in the countries they came from that won’t do this. I would get murdered in some of those countries just for stating this obvious truth, if I could be identified.

        Islam does not belong in the West.

        • Conspiratoor

           /  June 5, 2017

          Well argued G. Even if we open the door to one of the jihadI-rejecting sects we’re still burdened with the fallout from 1400 years of consanguinity

  9. Joe Bloggs

     /  June 5, 2017

    Truly, in the hours after an attack, there can be no more noble priority than attacking the enemies of Donald J. Trump…

    • Alan Wilkinson

       /  June 5, 2017

      Dunno about the priority, but it’s always a pleasure, Joe.

  10. Joe Bloggs

     /  June 5, 2017

    A study in contrasts:

    A steadfast concert for peace can never be maintained except by a partnership of democratic nations. No autocratic government could be trusted to keep faith within it or observe its covenants. It must be a league of honour, a partnership of opinion. Intrigue would eat its vitals away; the plottings of inner circles who could plan what they would and render account to no one would be a corruption seated at its very heart. Only free peoples can hold their purpose and their honour steady to a common end and prefer the interests of mankind to any narrow interest of their own.
    — Pres. Woodrow Wilson, war message to Congress, April 1917

    Therefore, as your President, performing my constitutional duty to “give to the Congress information of the state of the union,” I find it unhappily necessary to report that the future and the safety of our country and of our democracy are overwhelmingly involved in events far beyond our borders.
    * * *
    Just as our national policy in internal affairs has been based upon a decent respect for the rights and the dignity of all our fellow men within our gates, so our national policy in foreign affairs has been based on a decent respect for the rights and the dignity of all nations, large and small. And the justice of morality must and will win in the end.
    — FDR, “Four Freedoms” message to Congress, 1941

    We need to be smart, vigilant and tough. We need the courts to give us back our rights. We need the Travel Ban as an extra level of safety!
    4:17 PM – 3 Jun 2017
    — @realDonaldTrump

    • Alan Wilkinson

       /  June 5, 2017

      Yes, Roosevelt let Europe be overrun by the Nazis and the UK barely survive the Battle of Britain while he spouted fine words until the Japs unleashed on Pearl Harbour before he committed to any actions.

      Obama would have done the same. Trump wouldn’t.

  11. Gezza

     /  June 5, 2017

    “Therefore, as your President, performing my constitutional duty to “give to the Congress information of the state of the union,” I find it unhappily necessary to report that the future and the safety of our country and of our democracy are overwhelmingly involved in events far beyond our borders.
    * * *
    Just as our national policy in internal affairs has been based upon a decent respect for the rights and the dignity of all our fellow men within our gates, so our national policy in foreign affairs has been based on a decent respect for the rights and the dignity of all nations, large and small. And the justice of morality must and will win in the end.
    — FDR, “Four Freedoms” message to Congress, 1941”

    Go read the Cairo Declaration of Human Rights. The UN definition of Human Rights except where any confkict with Sharia Law. People belonging to a religion whose followers wanti to Sharia Law introduced should stay in the countries that have it.