Turei clarifies NZ First preferences

In discussions on Twitter the Greens were asked if they would go into coalition with NZ First.

The question we answered was would we go into coalition with National. Not touching upon any other pairing.

We have said we could work with NZF if necessary, in a Labour Greens govt. It’s not our preference, so people should vote Green to avoid it.


I don’t think it’s possible to be any clearer than that due to Winston’s practice of not revealing what he or NZ First might do in coalition negotiations.

Winston keeps saying it is up to the voters to decide what they want in the election, but it is difficult for voters to make informed voting decisions when they don’t know what a vote for NZ First would result in, apart from what’s best for Winston.

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  1. PDB

     /  June 7, 2017

    Turei should be better prepared considering the chances of Labour-Greens getting enough votes to govern alone is probably less than 1%.

  2. I “think it’s fair to say” that the Greens would roll over like the doormats they’ve been ever since MMP began. Labour would probably prefer to throw baubles and bridges at the vainglorious Peters, than deal with the carping and unpragmatic Greens. However, numbers would suggest that they’ll need both. Peters will insist on Finance and he’ll want a knighthood at the end of the first three years. He thinks he was NZ’s most successful Finance minister. Even though he’s as thick as any lawyer when it comes to money, he’s got to be better that the Arts graduate Robinson and infinitely better than anyone the Greens could put forward.

    • PDB

       /  June 7, 2017

      For once in a long time I’m fairly comfortable about who wins the coming election.

      *National gets in the economy continues to hum along HOWEVER Winston is needed and I can see that relationship becoming somewhat of a circus.
      *Labour gets in, Winston provides the hand-break on many of Labour/Greens worst ideas and the three parties become a laughing stock and are thrown out in three years time without doing any long term economic damage.

      Hell, Labour/Greens won’t have to build new houses if they get in with good working people leaving the country in droves.

      • Blazer

         /  June 7, 2017

        Why is National the party for small business. ..PDB?

        • PDB

           /  June 7, 2017

          Simply put small business is booming in this country due to very favourable economic conditions created under the current govt & to a degree under the previous Labour-led govt (before the GFC began to bite). A Labour/Greens led govt that is to the far-left of both those govt’s can only be bad for the economy.

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