WO: political threats against Auckland councillor

This looks like political threats at Whale Oil against Auckland City councillor Denise Lee, under the name of ‘Cameron Slater’ in Will Denise Lee suffer at List Ranking?

National candidate for Maungakiekie Denise Lee surprised everyone in National when she voted for Phil Goff’s pillow tax.

Whale Oil may still speak for some in National with particular interests but nowhere near “everyone in National”.

This was despite a lot of lobbying from National Party Board Member Alastair Bell, who was trying to ensure National candidates actually followed party policy, and listened to him.

Obviously Denise failed to do either, so there are a lot of angry people in National who can’t believe National have a candidate who basically rolls over whenever anyone puts some pressure on her.

A very ironic claim about ‘anyone’ putting pressure on Lee.

This may be just posturing from WO, but if it is accurate I think it is alarming.

Lee is an Auckland City councillor, representing and acting for the people of Auckland.

She is also a National candidate, standing for an electorate and presumably also after a party list position.

There are a number of local body politicians standing in this year’s general election. They will need to campaign for their parties, but while they are still local body politicians they need to separately do their jobs there independently of their future aspirations.

It is alarming to see what looks to me like political blackmail – Lee voted differently to what Whale Oil/Slater/whoever wanted so they are attacking her and apparently threatening her chances on the National Party list selection.

I doubt that Slater actually has much if any input into the National Party list, especially given how much he criticises and attacks the party, the Prime Minister and other ministers and MPs.

The tipline has been running hot that Alastair Bell is furious because he has been made to look like a right fool by Denise, and his clients are very, very unhappy with him.

Without corroboration or specifics “tipline has been running hot” is WO hot air. My tipline is running hot that Slater is an arse.

Who are Alistair Bell’s clients and what do they have to do with this?

So now there is talk of a plan to give Denise a very low list position so she learns quickly that you cannot defy National Party policy and expect to get away with it, even if you are from the wet or Nikki Kaye wing of the National Party.

So now there is talk of a plan by shadowy political operatives using Whale Oil to publish barely veiled threats against a city councillor and national election candidate.

And they can’t resist dissing a successful National MP and minister in the process.

Let’s see how she copes when the rumoured third party campaign, funded by angry moteliers, gets underway against her.

This looks more like the ‘dirty politics’ part of Whale Oil in action, it certainly doesn’t look like journalism.

No supported facts, just ‘rumours’. Rumour mongering and Whale Oil are not strangers. Neither are dirty politics and Slater.

This Whale Oil post has tried to present itself as representing the views of “everyone in National” and “a lot of angry people in National”.

What it shows is that Whale Oil is still being used to target and threaten sitting local body politicians and general election candidates.

And it smells dirty. Not just against Denise Lee. This may also be deliberately trying to muddy National’s election campaign. WhaleOil/Slater has been showing signs of campaigning against National for some time, and dirtiness seems to be starting to kick in.

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  1. There could be a bit of irony in this comment at WO:

    Labour continues to show they are the Nasty party. They are desperate, liars, losers and nasty.


    • duperez

       /  7th June 2017

      I had a quick trip there and in very short order saw the words ‘nuts’, ‘nasty’ and ‘unhinging.’
      Appropriate place to find them I suppose.

  2. Pickled Possum

     /  7th June 2017

    Cameron Slater The Embellisher who would give credence to anything he would say. Not I.

    • Cameron loves to talk hypocrisy, failing to see the trait is not only universal, but highly visible in his own imperfect person.

      • Blazer

         /  7th June 2017

        And they keep repeating the fiction that Key donated his salary to charity. ..one ruse. ..that worked.

        • High Flying Duck

           /  7th June 2017

          He said he did already, and would continue to donate a good portion of his salary to charity, as Prime Minister but refused to go into details.
          The headline writers wrote that up as “Key: I will donate PM’s salary to Charity”.
          But unless you can prove he didn’t donate anything perhaps you could stop with the assertions.

  3. artcroft

     /  7th June 2017

    “Obviously Denise failed to do either, so there are a lot of angry people in National who can’t believe National have a candidate who basically rolls over whenever anyone puts some pressure on her.”

    But Alastair Bell applied some pressure and was rebuffed. How weak is he. Sounds like renewal is needed on the National BoardParty Board.

  4. Loki

     /  7th June 2017

    Slater is winstons pet pit bull now.
    His influence in national is ZERO.
    Much the same as it has always been,
    A useful tool for dissemination of spin.
    Until he melted down after Dirty Politics.

  5. Conspiratoor

     /  7th June 2017

    pg, my good friend cameron has asked me to pass on his thanks for the ongoing publicity. Personally I think the lazy arse should thank you personally. But as a sign of appreciation he is offering the good folks on this blog a $10 gift. Hurry, it won’t last


  6. I notice he keeps calling Farrar an “arts lifestyle and travel blogger”, even though the percentage of Kiwiblog posts actually on politics are far greater than that at Whaleoil, which is mostly a cat video, trivia, and deranged anti-Islamic ranting by my wife blog.


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