There were two other bills drawn

For some reason only two of the four bills drawn from the Members’ ballot today got people excited. The other two were:

Ian McKelvie’s Sentencing (Livestock Rustling) Amendment Bill

This bill is designed to deter people from engaging in livestock rustling, by identifying it as an aggravating factor at sentencing.

McKelvie is National MP currently holding the Rangitikei electorate, which he won by 10,060 votes from Labour’s Deborah Russell in 2014. Russell looks set to take over David Cunliffe’s New Lynn electorate this year .

Jonathan Young’s Local Government (Freedom of Access) Amendment Bill

This bill clarifies the law to ensure that persons who obstruct council enforcement officers or local authority agents from performing their duties, or fail to give true and sufficiently particular details when required by the Bill, are liable to be arrested without a warrant, and widens the scope in which an enforcement officer may remove and seize property.

Young is the National MP for New Plymouth who has beaten Andrew Little twice, by 4,270 votes in 2011 and by 9,778 votes in 2014.


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  1. Zedd

     /  9th June 2017

    why are Natz MPs putting these bills into the ‘members ballot’ & not introducing them as Govt. bills ?

    again common speculation; to block up the ballot & prevent opposition MPs bills being drawn !? sounds about right.. another attempt to prevent democracy from working !!

  1. There were two other bills drawn – NZ Conservative Coalition

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