Lions beat Crusaders

The British and Irush Lions beat the Crusaders in Christchurch tonight, 12-3, all penalties.

Tough for the Crusaders to lose their first game this season, and unusual for them to be kept tryless, but they were outscored and outplayed. The Crusaders were claiming the game as a virtual test, but they weren’t up to it.

This is a good result for the Lions obviously, but an even better result for their tour. It’s a tough one for them but each game will be tough for their opponents.

This result signals that it is game on for the test series. That’s good for the game.


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  1. Brown

     /  10th June 2017

    Yep, Lions at least matched them just about everywhere, including endurance, and by three quarter time the Crusaders looked to have no real idea how to respond. Lions had a penalty kick not awarded (an error) so should be 3 more points up from where they finished. Lions were awfully close to try time on several occasions as well. Lots of handling errors, several misses catching the high ball and tactical kicks to nowhere useful hurt the Crusaders – they didn’t seem to cope with pressure. I was expecting a Crusaders win but its good for the game and tour they lost to a better team. Ref was a bit mysterious at times but c’est la vie I guess.

    • Gezza

       /  11th June 2017

      Good analysis. 👍

    • Good summary.
      Re the ref – doesn’t this happen every time we play under a northern hemisphere ref? – pretty much, which is why we should be better prepared when playing under them.
      It’s like we have to have the same conversation every time we have a big northern/southern hemisphere tournament, about their boring style of play, the refereeing, slow ball, etc., when we should know better.
      Basically, the Lions dominated and showed that their style trumped the Crusaders, who looked lost a lot of the time and despite playing superbly in the Super Rugby couldn’t step up to the international level.

  2. Hey, its only a game, not a national superiority competition. The media will always look to stir the pot- like complaints about the Haka, scrumming, high tackles, different referee styles, and the pursuit of being the superior rugby playing team!

    Its only a game, the sun will rise tomorrow.

    Well done to both sides, hope you all enjoyed the game for the game’s sake and have made some friends.

    Tell the media to get stuffed, they do not help the spirit of the game. Shame on the MSM!

  3. Blazer

     /  11th June 2017

    if the Lions win the series…National will lose the..election….Key who looks very uncomfortable drinking…stage managed every photo op with the WC AB’s…English who is actually a man…and can hammer a nail into a piece of wood ,as opposed to Key..who admitted, Bronagh had to get a ‘’ for anything practical may just find that perception trumps..reality.


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