Q+A: Gareth Morgan and TOP

“Economist and reluctant politician, Dr Gareth Morgan, talks to Corin Dann about what The Opportunities Party is offering – can he cut through to voters?”

In this week’s Colmar Brunton poll TOP got 1% support (rounded, CB haven’t published their detailed results yet). That’s a start but a long way from the 5% they need to make the threshold. UPDATE: Corin Dann says 1.5%

TOP look like being the wild card in September’s election. They are targeting the ‘not status quo’ vote.

“You cannot build transparency on anything but a foundation of fairness”

A lot to take out of this and it will take time to go over it.

But in short Morgan is passionate about taking a different approach to politics, and promoting non-partisan research based policies. He is listening and learning what people want outside of the political bubble.

The panel discussion was interesting. Matt McCarten totally doesn’t get it. Jennifer Curtin gets a bit of it but is a long way from understanding the real difference. Fran O’Sullivan had a bit more of an idea about Morgan’s differences and strengths.

I am growing on the idea that TOP is the only real credible alternative to the status quo politics we are being weighed down with.

The panel are wrong about where TOP votes may come from. They can potentially get votes from across the spectrum, they can attract people who want politics done differently, done sensibly backed by solid research.

Can TOP look like getting close to 5%?

I think the key is in getting a leader who can share Morgan’s passion and logical approach but unlike Morgan wants  a political career in reforming New Zealand democracy.

Video: Gareth Morgan and TOP’s election campaign


  1. I think we need TOP in the mix as we need someone asking the really hard questions, like are the foundations the economy is built on stable and sustainable?
    In an age of disruption and with the incredible computing power available to almost anyone we need the level of conversation, analysis and transparency amongst government, business and social proponents to jump up about five notches.
    If the government can’t do the job then the private sector needs to be able to step in a vice versa. The blame game is getting us nowhere and will lead to further ructions come any significant downturn.

  2. Zedd

     /  June 11, 2017

    Its sounds like Gareth is more about ‘providing a vehicle’ for others of like mind to get to parliament, rather than go himself ? (similar to Mr D-Com)

    It was also good for him to reaffirm that he is not necassarily ‘pro-cannabis’ so much as ‘anti-prohibitionist’, the libertarian view of; personal responsibility (adults only). I tend to agree 🙂

    • PDB

       /  June 11, 2017

      In fact this is the exact vehicle Gareth will be providing…….

      • Brown

         /  June 11, 2017

        Hey, I followed this guy to work on Thursday morning. I was pleased when he eventually turned into an oncoming lane at a give way and did a U turn. I was getting worried I need to clean a mess up if he went much further.

  3. I’ll post this in Open Forum as well.
    TOP wants to build a mailing list, send you targeted emails, support charities AND claim the higher moral ground on election advertising spend. Innovative!

  4. Oliver

     /  June 11, 2017

    TOP will be the NZ version of Trump and brexit. It’s the party you vote for when you’re just had enough with career politicians. I normally vote national, but I’m switching to TOP.

    • PDB

       /  June 11, 2017

      “I normally vote national” – yep, and I’ve always voted Greens………but changing to National this year

      • oh really.. & I’m a big polka dot sunhat.. got it made in the shade

  5. patupaiarehe

     /  June 11, 2017

    Personally, I struggle to take Mr Morgan seriously. He looks funny, talks funny, and has some really funny opinions.

    • Bill Brown

       /  June 12, 2017

      What wrong with a lisp, badly manicured tash and an obsession with pussy ?

      • Gezza

         /  June 12, 2017

        😳 At least I haven’t got a lisp.

  6. Brown

     /  June 11, 2017

    “TOP will be the NZ version of Trump and brexit.”

    Nope, not even close. Gareth is a control freak and is just more of the same. He’s been wrong about almost everything he’s researched in his quest for the Holy Grail or whatever it is he’s looking for. If you want small govt you won’t get it via Gareth.