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  1. Looking like Rubio plays a pivotal part in Trump Govt. rolling back the Cuba 🇨🇺 relationship.
    It’s a delicate situation. Restoring trade to enhance the comfort/day to day lives of the people versus trusting regime liberalisation to bring about humanitarian change.

    “Cuban-American leaders and human rights activists within the island nation are hoping that the incoming Trump administration will scale back President Obama’s efforts to restore relations between the two countries, measures they say emboldened the communist regime and brought the U.S. little in return.

    Sen. Marco Rubio, a Florida Republican who sits on the Foreign Relations Committee, said that a top priority for him next year will be to roll back sweeping changes President Obama implemented that significantly eased trade and travel restrictions. Rubio, like many Cuban-Americans who have opposed the normalization of relations, said Obama’s overtures to the Cuban government have not yielded the hoped-for reforms.

    “By any objective measure, President Obama’s unilateral policy changes have failed, and they are not in the best interest of the American people or the people of Cuba,” Rubio said in a statement. “Rolling back President Obama’s one-sided concessions to the Castro regime, a key campaign promise shared with President-elect Trump, will be a top priority for me next year.”

    Rubio met on Tuesday with Guillermo Farinas, one of Cuba’s most prominent human rights activists, during the dissident’s visit to Washington D.C. Farinas, who has been jailed numerous times by Cuban authorities, has been a vocal critic of the Obama administration’s surprise decision two years ago to normalize relations with the Cuban government after more than a half-century of hostilities between the two nations.

    Farinas and other dissidents, as well as some international human rights organizations, say the Cuban government continues to oppress its critics. Farinas went on a month-long hunger strike earlier this year after he was detained and beaten by Cuban authorities when he asked about a fellow dissident who had been arrested. Farinas, who was in New York Wednesday to meet with Samantha Power, the United States ambassador to the United Nations, told Obama’s U.S.-Cuba policy betrayed the cause of human rights.

    “I have faith that President Trump will be better for the people of Cuba and press the cause of freedom and democracy,” Farinas said. “Let’s just say no one can possibly be worse than Barack Obama has been for our cause.”

    • Gezza

       /  June 11, 2017

      They’d better organise a high chair.

  2. Trump did not have to raise that specific issue other than within the context of the Defence Preparedness, that he was fully briefed on and told the Pentagon to get on with their job and promised a huge increase in Defence spending. So why the dumb question from Justin Miller?
    Another thing, on the Global weather debate the following is relevant.