Internet Party and the elephant in the room

The Internet Party are promoting themselves for this year’s election campaign, trying to ignore the elephant in their room from 2014.


They did have some innovative ideas for policy development by the party members, but it wasn’t polices that failed them last election.

Who is driving the party now?

Their website is ‘Authorised by Sarah Illingworth’ from Upper Hutt.

Their Contact page has generic email addresses and no names.

Their Candidates page states:

Our candidate list will showcase a strong and diverse group of Kiwis who are committed to securing positive change for New Zealand in the digital age. They will contest the 2017 General Election.

But all candidate slots are ‘To be announced’. It’s getting late in the year to be trying to put a candidate list together.

Without the elephant in the room’s substantial finances advertising will be a struggle, and unless they get someone to lead them who the media want to publicise – but that means they probably need to be controversial, or ridiculous, or an ex media person.

A good leader who could make a good MP is unlikely to attract any attention, such is the nature of our sensation addicted media.


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  1. Zedd

     /  12th June 2017

    yahoo.. the more the merrier.. esp. if they take votes from centre-right

    • PDB

       /  12th June 2017

      I can’t see the Internet party taking votes from the centre-right, mind you I can’t see them taking votes from anywhere.


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