Statement from Rachel MacGregor

Statement from Rachel MacGregor

I have become aware that Colin Craig filed defamation proceedings against me in November last year.

Despite filing those proceedings nearly seven months ago, Mr Craig has not served papers on either me or my lawyers. I only became aware of the claim after media comments by Mr Craig in the last few days.

My understanding is that the proceedings relate to matters that I consider were resolved in mediation before the Human Rights Commission and in my subsequent case before the Human Rights Review Tribunal.

I have been advised that Mr Craig’s failure to serve those proceedings on me (or my lawyers) for several months is a breach of the High Court rules. It is unclear to me why Mr Craig would want to file proceedings but not give me notice of them.

I strongly believe Mr Craig’s claim against me is an abuse of process.

Over the last year I have been dragged unwillingly into being a witness in two Court proceedings by Mr Craig and others. I have been required to give evidence that was both highly personal and highly distressing.

I would like to get on with my life.

I invite Mr Craig to put an end to this by withdrawing these proceedings.

I intend to make no further comment at this time.


  1. Regardless of anything else in any associated proceedings, Craig needs to be upfront about what has happened.

    If he filed proceedings without serving her or her lawyer, and then it seems revealed the proceedings months later to media, I think this is at best incorrect procedure and poor process.

    I think he should publicly advise that he has withdrawn anything he filed, and that there is nothing filed or to be filed against MacGregor in relation to this matter.

    If he never filed anything then an explanation of the news reports last weeks should be made publicly.

  2. Tipene

     /  June 12, 2017

    “I would like to get on with my life”

    Yes, and I’m sure the Craig family would like to do the same – [deleted]

    The fact is that if there are papers that have been filed in Court the, they can be served whenever Craig wants to serve them.

    Anyway, there is a second Defamation Act heading MacGregors way soon.

    • I think you should declare your relationship to the plaintiff, Tipene. It’s clear there is one.

      • Richard

         /  June 12, 2017

        Colin mentioned something about Tipene being [If you can show that has been said publicly and can link to it, fine, but otherwise outing people using pseudonyms isn’t allowed here]… just doesn’t know when to give up!

        • Tipene

           /  June 13, 2017

          @Richard: I just don’t subscribe to the Colin Craig “attack cult group think”, driven mostly by the media (social and mainstream), most often from people who don’t have any passing interest in, or lean towards, the truth of the matters at hand, even when its right in front of them.

          Just because a majority of people hold a particular opinion on an issue, does not make that opinion right – just as the climate change “the science is settled” cult is discovering.

          • Richard

             /  June 13, 2017

            I like to believe the Courts, and the fact that MacGregor even managed to get a protection order against one of Colin’s closest friends (and former Conservative Party candidate) Steve Taylor, says a heck of a lot. The protection order was even appealed by Taylor, but they kept it in place. That’s not an “attack colt group think” driven by the media – that’s the Court’s trying to protect an innocent victim (in my honest opinion). See

    • PDB

       /  June 12, 2017

      Yes, some sort of agenda or Craig love-in…….with what Colin has put his wife through saying the Craig family wants to move on with their lives is a joke.

  3. The Herald reports on this and has a response of sorts from Craig:

    Craig confirmed to the Herald that defamation papers had been filed last November, but would not say whether they had been served to MacGregor, whether it was an abuse of process, and whether he planned to withdraw the defamation suit as requested.

    “My standing rule, and I’m not going to break it, is that on legal matters I never comment till the judgment is out,” he said. “I don’t comment on any legal issues until they are ultimately at an end.”

    That doesn’t make sense with something that is filed but not proceeding.

  4. Maggy Wassilieff

     /  June 12, 2017

    Seems like Craig has been wasting Court time if he hasn’t served the papers.

    • Kitty Catkin

       /  June 13, 2017

      The whole thing has been that-they all need to grow up and get over themselves.

  5. Bill Brown

     /  June 12, 2017

    Craig to be declared Vexatious Litigant I’d say

    Good job to

    • Kitty Catkin

       /  June 13, 2017

      He and everyone involved are vexatious in lower case, anyway, whether or not he’s declared to be so in that way.

  6. Kiri

     /  June 12, 2017

    He filed to stop the clock running for limitation purposes (2 years – s 15 LA 2010). Has 12 months to serve under the HCR. More to the point, aren’t all her statements privileged and not actionable as she was a witness? What statement(s) can he sue on?

    • I think you’re right about anything she said in court, that is covered by absolute privilege.

    • Revel

       /  June 13, 2017

      I think there was some mention about McGregor breaching their Human Rights deal by going to Williams who passed on material to Slater. Maybe it is to do with that?

  7. Brown

     /  June 12, 2017

    Maybe Colin’s wife is getting snarky and Colin doesn’t know how to react. I’m sure my wife would have engaged in some serious questioning had I done what Colin did but I’d not be so stupid as to lie to her once caught. She has a range of swords I could fall on.

    • Bill Brown

       /  June 12, 2017

      Colin talks to God @brown so he will be A oh K

      Still Colin is one of a select few who self crucify so his wife can live an eternal ……. ahhh embarrassment?

      • Kitty Catkin

         /  June 13, 2017

        The game of Musical Courtrooms is becoming very tedious. What will happen when everyone involved has sued everyone else ?