Jones signals a rancid approach

Shane Jones joining Winston Peters and NZ First has been signalled for months. One report suggested an announcement was imminent.

Jones has signalled his approach to campaigning with comments on immigration.

Newshub:  Shane Jones’ anti-immigration slur

Former Ambassador for Pacific Economic Development Shane Jones has let loose on the Government’s immigration policy, slamming it as “conceited”.

In response, Mr Jones slammed the current Government’s immigration policy.

“The Government’s become conceited, it’s got an unhinged immigration policy, international education is now synonymous with butter chicken – rancid,” he said.

Peters has long played a careful anti-immigrant game.

Jones has signalled a more openlv rancid approach.

He will no doubt be attract media attention, but time will tell whether he can attract votes for NZ First. He could amplify Winston’s dog whistling, but this risks overstepping and dragging NZ First down.

If his comments here are an indication his gungho approach may end up in the gutter – there are some votes there bu it could also turn others off.


  1. I’m pretty disgusted at that…..

  2. Ray

     /  June 16, 2017

    The media have been talking Jones up for ever but as anybody who has taken an interest in politics knows he has a rather higher opinion of his ability than his results suggest.
    The media have also been talking up his joining Winston for ages ( Ratana Pa, Waitangi Day this year) with as yet no real announcement. Aren’t they leaving it a little late at the 90 days to the election?
    I am not sure that Winston fancies having someone with Jones’s “credentials ” being in a postion to potentially overshadow him, you know…small men’s syndrome!

    • Gezza

       /  June 16, 2017

      The Jones fellow is more easily moved by distractions than principles, imo.
      Not a lot of substance.

  3. PDB

     /  June 16, 2017

    Jones is not as well liked by voters as he and the MSM seem to think he is – I think NZL First would lose support with him being announced prior to the election, especially with those ex-Labour supporters that now support Winston.

  4. patupaiarehe

     /  June 16, 2017

    I hear what he’s saying, but he could have put it A LOT better than that.

  1. Jones signals a rancid approach – NZ Conservative Coalition