Support for ‘Family Incomes Package’

A Newshub/Reid Research poll shows that a majority of people support the Government’s $2 billion Family Income Package that was announced in the budget last month.

‘Two thirds’ of voters  support the policy and ‘just over 25%’ oppose it (they don’t give exact overall numbers).

Results based on party preference on: Do you support National’s ‘Family Incomes Package’?:

  • National voters: 88% yes, 7.2% no
  • Labour voters: 48.3% yes, 41.7% no
  • Green voters: 48.4% yes, 40.1% no
  • NZ First voters: 48% yes, 43.7% no

So even with National mentioned in the question more Labour, Green and NZ First voters supported than opposed the package.

Poll: Labour voters like National’s family package

I do wonder how many people who were surveyed have a good understanding of what was in the package.

The Family Income Package includes:

  • Tax Thresholds: Increases the $14,000 income tax threshold to $22,000, and the $48,000 threshold to $52,000. This provides a tax reduction of $11 a week to people earning $22,000 or more rising to $20 per week for anyone earning $52,000 or more.
  • Family Tax Credit: Increases the maximum credit for the first child under 16 by $9 a week, and for each subsequent child under 16 by between $18 and $27 a week. Also increases the abatement rate to 25 per cent, and reduces the abatement threshold to $35,000.
  • Accommodation Supplement: Increases the maximum payment rates for a two person household by between $25 and $75 a week, and for larger households by between $40 and $80 a week.
  • Accommodation Benefit: Increases weekly payments by up to $20 for students to reflect increasing housing costs for students.

The Family Incomes Package will benefit 1,340,000 families in New Zealand by, on average, $26 per week from 1 April 2018. Around 750,000 superannuitants and around 41,000 students will also benefit from the Family Incomes Package.

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  1. PDB

     /  June 18, 2017

    You’d have to say based on that poll that the govt arrow hit the bulls eye on that one.