Bad timing by Greens on refugees

Greens want to substantially increase the number of refugees coming into New Zealand.

Newstalk ZB:  Greens push for even bigger intake of refugees

The Green Party is pushing for an even bigger intake of refugees into New Zealand.

It is looking to further extend the country’s refugee policy, and is committing to do more than double the current quota.

Co-leader James Shaw said they would aim to increase the quota to 4000 refugees a year, to be phased in over six years.

“We would need to build an additional refugee resettlement centre, that would not be in Auckland. We would be asking council to apply. We know that there are number who are already keen,” he said.

Shaw said they would also introduce a new community support programme that would allow NGOs and support agencies to take in another 1000 refugees annually.

“When the Syrian crisis really hit the front pages last year, we did hear from a lot of community organisation, church groups and NGO’s to say actually we do have capacity, we do want to be able to support refugees. And so we are taking them up on that offer,” he said.

Immigration is a hot topic leading into the New Zealand election campaign.

Winston Peters and New Zealand First wants to substantially reduce immigration numbers, but they don’t seem to have any policy on refugees – see their Immigration Policy.

Labour announced policy last week that would reduce overall immigration by tens of thousands – see Time for a breather on immigration – but that doesn’t mention refugees. A fact sheet states “These changes won’t affect the Refugee Quota”. It also gives numbers:

Labour will increase the refugee quota to 1,500.

This will continue Labour’s proud tradition of welcoming victims of war and disaster to our shores, which extends back to taking in refugees during World War II and is just as needed today, with conflicts such as in Syria creating the largest number of displaced persons since 1945.

The Green proposal is substantially more, with an eventual aim of 4,000 refugees per year.

There may be many more Syrian refugees looking for a safe haven as their civil war escalates yet again – see US shoot down Syrian jet – but with an escalation in Muslim tensions in the UK – see London Finsbury Park Mosque attack – there are likely to be growing concerns and opposition.

The timing of Green proposal may have been pre-planned but it is unlikely to be well received with the current international situations deteriorating.



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  1. Potential coalition WRP won’t like that one!

    He’ll like it even less than skilled migration

  2. David

     /  20th June 2017

    Looks like the Greens were worried about being in government this year and actually scared stiff they might implement some of their mad cap ideas and kill their brand so decided to torpedo any chance they may have had.

  3. sorethumb

     /  20th June 2017

    Kiribati: Tiny island’s struggle with overpopulation
    Syria grapples with surging population
    Ibrahim Issa, a jovial Syrian taxi-driver who wears a blue robe over an ample belly, has nine children from two wives. He plans to marry a third wife soon.
    He says it is up to Allah whether more children arrive, and not for him to interfere, say, by using contraception. Like all Damascus taxi-drivers, he complains about the cost of living and how hard it is to make ends meet on the $300 a month he earns.
    Issa, 43, shrugs when asked if all those mouths to feed don’t make life harder for him. “No, I’m delighted,” he grins.

  4. sorethumb

     /  20th June 2017

    Crop failure caused by Syria’s worst drought in hundreds of years forced millions of destitute farming families and other rural residents to migrate to the country’s urban areas, resulting in what the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace called a “severe social crisis.” These multitudes of vulnerable, displaced persons became what amounted to social tinder or fuel in the eventual conflagration that consumed Syria.
    Syria’s population explosion in the latter 20th century was also extremely destabilizing and contributed to the catastrophe. The population exploded from a mere three million in 1950 to more than 22 million in 2012. With this increase in the number of water consumers, the country’s total per capita renewable water availability plummeted by nearly 90 percent, from 5,500 cubic meters per year to under 760, to a condition of absolute water scarcity.

    • sorethumb

       /  20th June 2017

      If anyone thinks refugees are a solution to population ageing (potential support ratio) think again:
      This is from a UN Study
      53(f) Scenario V
      Scenario V does not allow the potential support ratio to decrease below the value of 3.0. In order to achieve this, no immigrants would be needed until 2005, and 94.8 million immigrants would be needed between 2005 and 2050, an average of 2.1 million per year during that period. By 2050, out of a total population of 229 million, 124 million, or 54 per cent, would be post-1995 immigrants or their descendants.
      (g) Scenario VI
      This scenario keeps the ratio of the working-age population to the retired-age population at its 1995 level of 4.8. In order to keep this level of potential support ratio, the country would need 553 million immigrants during 1995 through 2050, or an average of 10 million immigrants per year. Under this scenario, the population of Japan is projected to be 818 million in 2050, and 87 per cent of them would be the post-1995 immigrants and their descendants.
      However they are still trumpeting it as a reason Merkel took in all those “Syrian” refugees.

  5. Gezza

     /  20th June 2017

    No more Muslim refugees. No way.

  6. John Schmidt

     /  20th June 2017

    So they are happy to take in thousands of people as refugees who will be a drain on our society for generations to come verse cutting back on migrants who add value to our society and our well being.
    Its a bit like Steve Hanson selecting the next All Black test team using members of the church choir.

  7. PDB

     /  20th June 2017

    The Greens saying we should boost our refugee numbers because countries such as the UK and Sweden take in far more is probably not the wisest either………

    • Gezza

       /  20th June 2017

      Look at Afghanistan, look at Egypt, look at Iraq, look at Iran, look at Lenanon, look at Libya, look at Tunisia, look at Mali, look at Nigeria & Central Africa, look at Pakistan, look at Saudi Arabia, look at Thailand & other parts of Asia, look at Yemen, look at Belgium, Britain, France, Germany, Spain, USA ….

      Muslims belong in Muslim countries. They don’t belong in the West – & whenever & wherever their numbers get large enough that’s bloody obvious. It’s not just another bullshit Abrahamic religion – it’s by far the worst, most repressive, & most dangerous one when it comes to not recognising the most fundamental, basic, ordinary human rights of everyone who lives & enjoys free lives inside or outside it.

      It’s an entire totalitarian belief & political system that’s a sect-riven, separatist cancer when it starts to grow in any other society or social system except another totalitarian one that forces it into submission.

      Muslims should go to Saudi Arabia – or Iran. If they want to come here – they must leave that bloody, bullshit, mediaeval religion & come into the light of reason – or convert to a kinder, more tolerant one like Christianity, that is the root of our current Western societies’ tolerance, and whose basic principle of love for all mankind still informs the thinking of the more educated & wise who can no longer believe & embrace it.

      Only they can’t, can they? Because apostasy is forbidden in Islam – like so many other things – and some orthodox & very devout follower of their damned prophet could bloody murder them for leaving the love & total domination of the prophet.

      Just like some fanatical blinkin Muslims would like to murder me for saying all that! No other religion has to be constantly monitored by security services in Western countries because of the real & actual danger they present because so many of them have expressed the wish to kill non-Muslims.

      No more Muslims here, thanks. Go to a Muslim country. Knock yourselves out there – until you either grow up & leave Islam, or wipe each other out.

      And the West? Get your bleeding forces out of Muslim countries & leave them to it! Just buy their oil off whoever’s got control. They’ll sell it. What they do to each other to sort their issues out is up to them! It’s got nothing to bloody do with us! It’s got everything to do with why these hate-filled fanatics keep killing our non-Muslim people.

      • PDB

         /  20th June 2017

        Unfortunately for most in the world it is too late……

      • Mefrostate

         /  20th June 2017

        And don’t even get me started on how terrible Singapore is, with all their Muslims!

      • Good one Gezza, I totally agree with you. The worst thing the West did was depose the Arab despots who were keeping a lid on all these hate-filled, infighting savages. It was like undoing the radiator cap on a boiling car.

        Islam is humanity’s cancer – destructive, difficult to eradicate, but acceptable to live with if kept in remission, ie the Middle East. Any Western country that wants to still be one in ten years time needs to declare Islam a proscribed violent cult and ban it outright. The mosques must be destroyed and the imams deported. I see no other way to save a civilisation founded on Christian concepts of love and forgiveness from the ravages of a backward cult consumed by hatred and vengeance.

        Do I see any current Western leader with the courage and determination to do this? No. Do I think one will turn up? Yes. When the people are finally at the end of their tether and see no alternative they will pick a man so hard and ruthless that he will succeed, with huge spillage of blood, in cutting out the cancer. The people will then find themselves faced with the possibility that, having let the cancer fester for so long, they have had to employ a cure perhaps almost as bad as the disease.

        Like the Germans electing Hitler to solve their financial problems, and the Aussies calling on Cane Toads to eliminate their beetles, the people of the West might regret not dealing with this Islamic menace while it was still manageable. In this country, we are fortunate that it currently is still manageable, and we should keep it that way. It is a simple numbers game: 1% Muslim alright; 2% alarm; 3% trouble.

        • Blazer

           /  20th June 2017

          Hitler solved the germans financial problems…and brought full employment.His financing strategies…were not popular with the established central bankers…at all.Every time there is a terror attack in the West…thank Blair and Bush….an –dying’ ‘..legacy.

      • Ring fence the ME say I!


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