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20 June 2017

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  1. lurcher1948

     /  June 20, 2017

    What a nasty bit of stuff the MP todd barclay is,he was well trained by bill english.How much of my taxes was used for the payout to the spied on employee. Every day a new crisis for boring billy,and lets not start on the next one PIKE RIVER

  2. sorethumb

     /  June 20, 2017

    Victims of racism to have health tracked in $800k study
    How will they define racism? There is no accepted definition

    Local Government NZ says (in a pamphlet on neighborhoods) that inequality affects our health: “moving from a neighborhood where inequality is low to one which is high is as bad as taking up smoking” (due to its effects on social cohesion).
    They have a blind spot however. Officially we “celebrate diversity” yet the Robert Putnam study clearly showed that diversity and social cohesion are inversely related.

    This is political correctness (wrongness).

  3. unitedtribes2

     /  June 20, 2017

    A terror attack is a attack on innocent people for the reason to incite terror. If after several of these events a troubled person retaliates is this also a terror attack?

    • Blazer

       /  June 20, 2017

      depends who is doing the terrorising…to…whom.

  4. sorethumb

     /  June 20, 2017

    Notice how RNZ are bandying about the term “Islamaphiobia”. Reading Wikipedia on Islamophobia, it is a “neologism”: a relatively recent or isolated term, word, or phrase that may be in the process of entering common use, but that has not yet been fully accepted into mainstream language. So really they are just calling names?

    • It was also apparently invented by the Muslim Brotherhood for the express purpose of providing a stick to beat Islam’s critics with.

  5. Gezza

     /  June 20, 2017

    8:35 Prime Rocks: No Direction Home

    Bob Dylan: Directed By Martin Scorsese, Experience Bob Dylan’s Story as One of the Most Influential Artists of All Time, and How it All Began from His Roots in Minnesota in 1961.

    Part 1 of 2. Ao

    Haven’t seen it. Gonna watch it.

    • It’s worth watching. I’ve got the DVD.

      • Gezza

         /  June 20, 2017

        Cool. Sounds good PG. I’ve just whined & strummed out my own version of Positively 4th Street on my customised 3/4-size classical guitar in the grumpy, selfish, egotistical bastard’s honour. To get me in the mood.

      • Gezza

         /  June 20, 2017

        Part 2 next week I think. I’ll be watching that too.

        You’re right. It’s a great doco Pete.