Hobson’s Pledge versus National

The Hobson’s Pledge campaign is targeting the National led government. From Reddit:

Meet the people behind Hobson’s Pledge Trust:

Andy Oakley , Casey Costello , David Round , Don Brash , Fiona Mackenzie , John Bell, Kevin Moratti , Larry Wood , Mike Butler , Mike McVicker , Peter Shirtcliffe , Sarah Taylor , Tom Johnson , Wendy Clark

Why are they attacking National and Bill English? If they lose the election and Labour+Greens get in then they are less likely to get any changes they want.

The answer may be Winston Peters.

If NZ First hold the balance of power in a new government Peters is unlikely to concede on any ‘Hobson’s Pledge’ issues, and may demand changes that Hobson’s Pledge want, whether he goes with National or with Labour-Greens.

Someone else trashing National and English and promoting Winston Peters is Whale Oil.

Is there any connection Hobson’s Pledge and Whale Oil?

Earlier this month on WO: Why are only Maori being helped to get drivers licences?

This quotes Hobson’s Pledge and then comments:

This is clearly a racist policy, why is the government promoting it other than as a bribe to the Maori party?

Last month:  Hobson’s Pledge questions why we are revisiting the Foreshore and Seabed issue

This quotes Hobson’s Pledge, including:

The National Government in effect put coastal claims back on the table as a sop to the Maori Party when it helped repeal the Foreshore and Seabed Act in return for support, Ms Costello said.

Prime Minister Bill English has uttered soothing words that few of these claims would succeed.

The Prime Minister has confirmed that some groups will be awarded such rights.

The Prime Minister is yet to explain why some New Zealanders will be awarded property rights far beyond those exercised in 1840, with the ability to exclude all other New Zealanders should they so wish, Ms Costello said.

‘Cameron Slater’ adds:

Bill English can barely put a sentence together, so explaining this will be difficult.

It’s almost like Bill wants to lose….or is bending over backwards to help Winston take his vote.

Like Hobson’s Pledge, Whale Oil seems to very much want Bill English to lose, and appears to be bending over backwards to help Winston take National’s vote.

Is Whale Oil just using Hobson’s Pledge to help promote it’s political agenda?

Slater’s motives seem to be a mix of monetary, spite and trying to settle old grudges. I guess he also has some political and policy aims as well.

Are Hobson’s Pledge or anyone behind them working with Whale Oil?

They both seem to have very similar aims.

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  1. Cameron Slater can never accuse anyone of a 180 when he himself has reversed his position entirely on Peters.

    What happened to “From beginning to end the man is a liar”

    “Winston Peters is a natural born liar. He has charmed the bewildered and the deluded yet again. The only saving grace is that with the low turn out we know that the bewildered and deluded only measure about 5% of the population.”.

    Looks like it’s an easily led , early onset octagenarian Slater who has fallen hook, line and sinker for the “lies” of Peters. He’s now with the +5% “deluded” in the population. We know Peters hasn’t changed, but old before his time and flip,flop merchant he is, he’s a convert to the “deluded” and has chosen a “liar” as his saviour.


    • David

       /  23rd June 2017

      It does make his site a not such a go to place, its a bit difficult to reconcile with the years and years of having a crack at Winston which made his site hugely entertaining and very revealing and a must see site given Winston hasnt changed and National havent really changed much either.

      • Follow the money?

        • High Flying Duck

           /  23rd June 2017

          Or the smell of desperation?

        • Dot joiners unite. Slater uses Peters “blood brother”, trustee of the $158,000″ Brian Henry as a lawyer and now he’s suddenly a convert to the pinstriped one! Pull the other one.

          Will Slater’s cap-doffing subjects join the dots and figure out the simple, age old reasons for the sudden and quite Damascene conversion?

          “There was a horde of ironies, then, attending the blood brothers’ appearance before parliament’s privileges committee last week. The pair, who had crusaded against money-go-rounds and fancy financial footwork, now faced hard questions about their own monetary arrangements. Was Henry’s non-fee work for Peters just a way of avoiding the rules of disclosure for party political donations? Did Henry’s voluntary labour allow Peters to avoid parliamentary rules about disclosure of gifts?

          The blood brothers’ many enemies must have been smacking their lips.

          Of course, it’s not true that Henry does all his New Zealand First work for nothing. He told the committee he did not bill Peters, but he could fundraise his fees. He said he received $100,000 from expatriate tycoon Owen Glenn as payment for his work on Peters electoral challenge over the 2005 Tauranga electorate result. And by the end of the week, Peters declared that he had in fact reimbursed Henry for the $40,000 court costs he had stumped up for the minister after the failed electoral petition.”


          • Blazer

             /  23rd June 2017

            this post is good work….Winston is proving to be a wrecking ball for Nationals re-election ..hopes.

            • High Flying Duck

               /  23rd June 2017

              Except he is far more likely to side with National after an election.
              Whatever he does, if he’s in Government whatever coalition it is will lose the next election.
              He’s made for opposition and very good at it – just not so much for actually being held to account himself.

              From the Spinoff article on the stupid theories as to why he stepped down (no surprise yours is in there Blaze!):

              “Winston Peters sent out a four-paragraph press release claiming Key is stepping down because he knows dark, unseen economic forces are about to maim New Zealand.

              The signs of economic catastrophe are there if you look hard enough. Auckland house prices fell for the first time in seven years last month. Jono and Ben have been forced to take a second job at The Edge. Chris Trotter is writing speculative Apocalyptic fiction about the final Age War.

              But if Peters truly has insider knowledge about the forthcoming collapse of our financial systems, his decision not to go into detail about it seems selfish at best and reckless at worst. More suspicious, Peters went on Morning Report today claiming he’d known for ages that Key was going to step down, but for some reason never released his insider info. It feels a bit like Peters is one of those people who always knew Trump was going to win after Trump had won.”


            • PDB

               /  23rd June 2017

              Blazer is just looking for someone to blame (Winston) if the left get into power and the inevitable disaster ensues.

  2. Tipene

     /  23rd June 2017

    Slater has been ostracised by National, hates Labour, abhors the Greens, helped to destroy the Conservatives, ridicules ACT, and mocks the Maori Party – who is left for him to support?

    NZ First.

    • Blazer

       /  23rd June 2017

      Slaters wish is Nationals defeat,a divided ,dysfunctional coalition…and a resurgent National in 2020…with Judith at the helm.

      • Slaters wish is two-fold. He wants Nats to be effectively moderated by Peters and them to be more right wing. That’ll only happen as part of a Nat/NZF coalition. There’s nothing but destruction for his ideology, his perception of the economy in Lab/NZF/Greens scenario. That one of the “folds”. The second “fold” is that Slater needs to monetise. The latter may only by omission rather commission, if you get my drift.

        What I think is sad for Slater is that he’s shown his weakness and he can have zero respect from anyone. That’d include any future or past paymasters.

        I’m kind of reminded of the old adage. “We have established what you are, madam. We are now merely haggling over the price”

  3. duperez

     /  23rd June 2017

    One of the beauties of a “one man one vote’ systems is the richest has in a voting respect, only the same power as the poorest. The most sane has the power of the least.

    The rich are allowed to buy elections and power by the way they contribute or seek to influence unless they’re the rich you don’t like of course.

    The malevolent with outrageous ideologies have the same chance as the wise with the most sensible and sane.

    Shunning the lunatic down at the village pump was probably easy. He was just the lunatic down at the village pump. Now he has the digital megaphone though and the idiot in the next village hears him and that soon is a group.

  4. Pete Kane

     /  23rd June 2017

    “Hobson’s Pledge targets Waikato voters with ‘anti-separatist’ message”
    “Brash said Act Party leader David Seymour and New Zealand First leader Winston Peters were two politicians closer to Pledge members’ objectives, and the group would likely endorse one of the two.’

    Quite a step for Don to back Winnie one would have thought

  5. Sally

     /  23rd June 2017

    Supporting this group would be a useful thing for Slater to do. They have a few decent points.

  1. Hobson’s Pledge versus National — Your NZ – NZ Conservative Coalition

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