Cosgrove bus follows Labour over McCarten

On Newstalk ZB Clayton Cosgrove has followed the Labour party bus driving over Matt McCarten as he cops all the blame for the intern scheme.

No sooner than the National Party had their, you know, let’s say drama or debate last week, some would say it’s a little more serious than that, but Labour then had the situation with the foreign students coming in here.

Now Clayton, I’ll start with you this time, how did the Labour Party not know about the conditions?

Clayton Cosgrove: Oh well as I understand Matt McCarten, who used to be employed by the Labour Party…

It’s unclear when his employment ceased but McCarten says in May but he didn’t announce it until 11 June. There seems to be no doubt that McCarten was purportedly working for Labour while he was working on this scheme.

… came up with one of his you know you beaut ideas and Matt’s sort of characterised as a guru, god only knows why, he destroyed the New Labour Party, he destroyed the Alliance and everything he touches turns to the proverbial.

More colourful than others in Labour but joining in the ‘blame Matt’ chorus.

But nonetheless he came up with this idea, he was the author of it, he was the coordinator of it, we found out, and as I understand certain commitments were made to these young people, those commitments weren’t honoured.

Andrew Little found out about the detail of it, ah and stepped in right away and said, well, you know even though it’s gonna work for me (?) he started this, he’s put this together, we’re going to fix it.

Little said on Q+A he knew about the idea early in the year, and he knew that an unauthorised programme was operating when interns were arriving at least as far back as mid-May, so “stepped in right away” is disingenuous.

And as of today my understanding is, I think there’s about sixty plus of the eighty who want to remain. I understand they’ve been billeted out, those commitments that have been made to them I believe have been honoured, ah and you don’t see Andrew Little making excuses, blaming other people, having amnesia.

Except that they are trying to excise Labour and put all the blame on McCarten.

He stepped into the space and said “we are fixing it”, ah and my understanding is it has been fixed.

Just so people understand, these are intern programs that are run all over the world. National party people, Labour party people go all over the world, Young Nats,  Young Labour and they fight campaigns.

And I must say that the weapons grade hypocrisy of the Maori Party who came out and slammed us for having interns, well if you go onto their web page and look under the volunteers and go down about three boxes it says “do you want to be an intern?”

Disingenuous. Yes, the Maori party has an intern option on their website under Volunteer, but there is no suggestion of any foreign volunteers or students on visas being sought.

So you know putting that aside, but the point is Andrew Little got the detail, commitments were not lived up to, he moved in, it’s been fixed. And I think that actually shows ah leadership, not dodging and weaving and hiding behind a gorse bush.

Cosgrove is spinning the standard Labour line that Andrew Little spun yesterday on Q+A and that has been obvious on The Standard.

He’s more colourful in his comments on McCarten but joins in the blame game and hypocritically says that they are not “making excuses, blaming other people”.

Cosgrove has continued the dodging and weaving that Little and others have been doing.



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  1. Matt won’t take this for ever….. Bother Boys need to be careful how often they put the boot in before extreme retaliation happens.

    I look forward to the blow back on this – it will only not come if McCarten has agreed for some type of quid pro quo to be the sacrificial goat

    Their stories are starting to part company as well as you are pointing out Pete…

    pass the popcorn

    • Pete Kane

       /  26th June 2017

      Facts must, it was Andrew’s fault for keeping Matt on in the first place (when he had no need).

    • PDB

       /  26th June 2017

      You beat me to it Dave – McCarten isn’t one to take criticism lightly & is somewhat of a hothead……….what’s in it for him to continue to take the full blame? What’s his good mate Willie Jackson think about it all?

  2. oldlaker

     /  26th June 2017

    Why have the volunteers signed non-disclosure agreements? Something is very fishy right here.

    • Well said oldlaker. And are the non-disclosure agreements actually worth the paper they are written on, if Labour has acted unlawfully?

      • Maggy Wassilieff

         /  26th June 2017

        As most of them are US citizens, I doubt that anything could be done to them if they broke their disclosure agreement. They’d just head back to the States with a tale of this dopey project and incompetent “employers”.

        • John Schmidt

           /  26th June 2017

          The irony being the organisers involved in the scheme have also spent a life time being anti US.

    • Colin

       /  26th June 2017

      And been asked to cleanse their social media of anything negative about this scheme.

  3. Boy; they’re putting the boot into McCarten.

    I wonder if this is Little’s doing. McCarten’s union links are well-established, and when you consider that Little owes his leadership role to the unions, it’s a rum old turn of events. I guess the wounds within Labour hadn’t been magically healed by Andrew Little after all.

  4. Colin

     /  26th June 2017

    This is good. Pete seems to be one of very few reporting the facts on this corruption. Why haven’t Immigration and the Labour Inspectorate stepped in and investigated yet?

  5. Blazer

     /  26th June 2017

    bloody Nats.they put all the blame…on..Barclay…the bastards.

  6. Steveremmington

     /  26th June 2017

    McCarten is taking one for the team. Will be no hard feelings between them if they can deflect away from Labour

    • High Flying Duck

       /  26th June 2017

      But what will happen to his hard won reputation as a political strategist and organiser extraordinaire?

      • Blazer

         /  26th June 2017

        in tatters for quite sometime.The reason -he says what sounds good to left leaning politicians,but does not understand the sublteties of what resonates with…voters.Quite a big…negative.

  7. Brown

     /  26th June 2017

    Typical socialists – can’t even own their own mistakes unless someone else pays for them.

  1. More details emerge of Labour’s intern scheme | Your NZ

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