National’s campaign video

National Party blurb:

National launches first 2017 election video

National launched the first of its 2017 election videos at its annual conference in Wellington today.

“National will continue to strengthen the New Zealand economy under the leadership of Bill English so that we can deliver for all New Zealanders,” Campaign Chairman Steven Joyce says.

“The video, ‘Let’s Get Together’ records the progress New Zealand has made since the Global Financial Crisis and the Canterbury and Kaikoura earthquakes, and the confidence with which we face the future.”

“It’s a clear visual representation of New Zealanders’ hard work and optimism, backed by Prime Minister Bill English who shares their values and wants to see all New Zealanders succeed.

“New Zealand’s economy is doing better than many of our closest partners. It’s no accident. It’s because every day, Kiwis get up and open their businesses or get out on their farms, sell their wares to the world, create jobs and work hard and provide for their families.

“Bill English and the National-led Government are backing Kiwis to succeed. We’ll remain focused on growing the economy with our clear plan to keep delivering more for New Zealanders.

“This election, New Zealanders have a real choice between a stable, future-focused and positive Government under the strong leadership of Bill English; or a negative, inward-looking Opposition.

“This is the start of what will be a typically positive campaign from us to ask Kiwis to give us their party vote in September.”



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  1. “Let’s get together now”. Not much of the missing million, Momentum, nationalise production about it. It’s evocative in an emotional yet understated way. Simplistically compelling. Quite Peter Burling.

  2. sorethumb

     /  26th June 2017

    Sounds like “let’s keep going as before” – the migrant based economy fuelling property development.
    The real opposition is one which will stand up and bad mouth the Foreign Invasian (what Trump said). Left and right oppose that. Susan Devoy’s office was set up specifically to counter nativist politics.

  3. Blazer

     /  26th June 2017

    Great video.Encompasses the mores of real community ,the strength of unity against adversity,the importance of diversity and education.All those things that…National does not stand for.So its quite a common theme of …pretending,an art ..National have mastered of form…over substance.

  4. Blazer

     /  26th June 2017

    don’t tell me the..faithful…don’t!

  5. Gezza

     /  26th June 2017

    It’s slick. Nice background track, will appeal to all. Calm. Relaxed. Happy, satisfied townsfolky people. Happy workers. Beautiful countryside – easy access to lovely scenery. Bountiful farms & crops. Relaxed, businesslike Cabinet team stars, all working smoothly under the tutelage of their wise & knowledgeable leader mentor. Steady as she goes – we DO know how lucky we are! Just the overt and subliminal messages they need to convey.

    It will be interesting to compare with Labour’s. If theirs focuses on the things that are wrong, on Andrew giving upbeat segments of speeches to the Party faithful and/or giving earnest looking lectures & haranguing the camera, it won’t be enough. I expect obligatory photo op scenes for Jacinda, probably with “her focussing on the children”. But, we’ll see.


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