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    • Missy

       /  June 26, 2017

      ‘not believed to be terror-related’, oh, well done Tova, brilliant reporting. This is a simple case of an idiot who cannot tell the difference between her brake and accelerator.

      The Telegraph reported witnesses as saying that the woman who was driving left prayers, got into her car, and hit the accelerator not the brake.

      A complete non-story.

      • If it was an accident this sort of thing should not rate a mention here. There must be thousands of vehicle related accidents around the world that aren’t terrorism.

        • Missy

           /  June 26, 2017

          So, are you saying it probably wasn’t an accident?

          The woman got out of the car immediately to offer assistance to the injured, and was reported as saying over and over ‘I was trying to brake’. She is reported as being a 42 year old Muslim woman, (from the footage posted online she looks to be African).

          it is an accident, and the fact it made the news in NZ is because Tova O’Brien is obviously trying to make something of it. I would suggest she needs some more work to do – or get out and get a life – if she is reporting on vehicle accidents.

      • Gezza

         /  June 26, 2017

        Well, to be fair it might be a newsworthy local story & maybe a story for the people who got hit. Notable car accidents get picked up even by nation online/print & tv media here.
        But I agree it’s completely gratuitous for it to be picked up & run here, & for it to be announced as non-terrorist-related. Pathetic.

        • Missy

           /  June 26, 2017

          These type of accidents are picked up by national media here as well, but usually get relegated down the page pretty quickly to be honest – as this one has today.

  1. Bad comment, good reaction by the Democrats.

  2. Missy

     /  June 26, 2017

    Yesterday was Armed Forces Day in the UK. This is a day that was instituted by the previous Labour Government as a day for the public to celebrate the contribution of past and present members of the Armed Forces.

    There are events all over the country, usually big fairs with a military theme, my local one is held at the Woolwich Barracks, and it is a pretty good family day out. The official event was in Liverpool, and as part of the event the PM and Jeremy Corbyn were invited to attend the parade and events in Liverpool. The PM attended, but Jeremy Corbyn decided to go to Glastonbury instead where he spoke on the main stage yesterday afternoon. Jeremy Corbyn has received a lot of criticism for his decision, many seeing it as a snub of the military by Corbyn, and out of order for the man that claims to be ready to lead the country.

    The MP for the Wells Constituency, (which includes Glastonbury), sent a letter to Jeremy Corbyn inviting him to their local Armed Forces day events, meaning he could also attend Glastonbury. Apparently Jeremy Corbyn could not attend.

    • Blazer

       /  June 26, 2017

      Who wouldn’t rather be. .at Glastonbury.