Labour’s “souls for the polls”

Media got back to Labour’s embarrassing intern scheme yesterday.

Stuff:  Two on Labour’s intern programme may have broken immigration rules as council member stands down

Two of Labour’s interns may have broken immigration visa rules, the party says.

Party secretary Andrew Kirton said in the course of sorting out the international volunteer programme the party had become aware two of the 85 interns may not have held the visa necessary to take part in the programme.

That seems to be a relatively minor issue.

One curious aspect of Labour’s intern programme was an attempt to turn out votes from church goers.

McCarten had also floated the idea of bringing in a reverend from the United States – dubbed “souls for the polls” to unify the Ratana and Pasifika churches and turn out voters.

“I can’t imagine Al Sharpton coming down,” Mr Little said.

Interns in the programme had been working on targeting ‘religious Labour votes’:


Little said McCarten’s plan – which he has named a “Campaign for Change” –  was one of those “ginger groups” that pop up from time to time. He described McCarten’s ideas as “fantasy world stuff”.

It was originally promoted as “Labour Party Fellowship” and was also referred to as”Movement for Change” (a document that gave details about the scheme referred to ‘Movement for Change Ltd’ but there is no registered company of that name).

Bringing out a bunch of US students to campaign for them was criticised as hypocritical due to Labour’s recently announced policy aimed at substantially cutting down on student visas.

If they had brought out a US pastor to campaign for them it is likely to have raised more eyebrows. Is there a shortage of Kiwi pastors?

Newshub:  McCarten may have left Labour in debt after intern scheme

Labour leader Andrew Little says Matt McCarten’s botched student scheme may have left a debt for the party.

“There is a potential for it [debt], yes,” Mr Little said. “We take moral responsibility and that means and creditors and suppliers have to be looked after and we will have to do that.”

They may need a few pastors with collection plates




  1. Preaching to the choir much!

  2. Blazer

     /  28th June 2017

    running out of ‘firewood’ to keep this going PG….’ two of the 85 interns may’….Bol.

  3. Haha – you couldn’t make this stuff up. When so many Labour MP’s have slagged off the “religious Right” as “fundies” and worse, here’s a secret squirrel plan from Labour to win them back.

    Maybe there’s been some divine intervention here…

    • The world over liberals show deep consideration for the fundamental vote. Elsewhere, however it’s the Islamic one they’re positively pandering to. FGM? Your prerogative. Put your women in black tents to preserve their modesty? Freedom of choice. Segregated pools and public meetings? Your preference is our pleasure.

      You’d have to hope it was mere cynical vote catching, as I see nothing in any fundamental lifestyle that should demand preferential treatment, let alone resonate with any purported Progressive values system.

      • Gezza

         /  28th June 2017

        Never mind all this, what’s the Barclay sex & drugs connection Andy was talking about at Question Time yesterday?

        • PDB

           /  28th June 2017

          Wouldn’t take much notice of anything Little says nowadays…..

          • Gezza

             /  28th June 2017

            Judas Priest❗️ The man might as well be wearing a bloody suicide vest!

            He’s not just shooting himself in the foot any more – he’s fookin obliterating himself with same ammunition he’s bloody firing at his opponents!

          • Gezza

             /  28th June 2017

            Reminds me. Are you still keeping that list of his sins PDB?

            With this church congregation business, will you be adding Sacrilege to it? 😳

            • PDB

               /  28th June 2017

              The other list of Labour MP’s that knew/were involved in the intern saga before last week has grown considerably whilst the one covering Labour MP’s who knew absolutely nothing until last week remains at…………

  4. Corky

     /  28th June 2017

    ”McCarten had also floated the idea of bringing in a reverend from the United States – dubbed “souls for the polls” to unify the Ratana and Pasifika churches and turn out voters.”

    Oh, brown brothers. Rise up, be not afraid of Whitey and those with much coin.
    Andy, Mat and Cindy have a vision…to liberate you from the chains of South Auckland ghettos…the chains of KFC, and deliver you from the devils device for idle hands- the ”bling bling.” Vote Labour my brothers, and let Andy, our Messiah, lead us to the promised land.


    • Blazer

       /  28th June 2017

      exclusive bretheren…anyone!

      • Yes; well remember how much Labour slagged off National for trying to win over those “religious” voters Blazer. Yet here is Labour proposing to do exactly the same thing; such hypocrisy…

      • Corky

         /  28th June 2017

        Sorry, I forgot I have already shat in your nest. Couldn’t help it. Your flock were ripe for the picking.

        Exclusive Brethren? Strange people. Hate computers, don’t eat with us heathens and are becoming more pale by the day given limited breeding stock.

        However, you don’t see them in court, they all run productive small companies, or have productive jobs. They don’t leach off the taxpayer.

        What about your flock?

        • Blazer

           /  28th June 2017

          constantly shorn,by shearers in …blue singlets,year in…year ..out.

          • Corky

             /  28th June 2017

            Lol….how would they go being put in a gravel holding pen, year in, year out? The benevolent Southland Farmer gives them green pastures…with promises of greener pastures next year,inter-sown with turnips.

      • Nobody would mind the Pasifika community commissioning and putting a pamphlet in letter boxes surely?

        • Blazer

           /  28th June 2017

          NO JUNK MAIL.

          • You’ve got a post box sticker in CAPS?

            Well there we are, you’re protected from Harvey Norman, Spotlight, the vagaries of Green policy as interpreted by the EBs and the good Reverend.

    • I wonder if this was the chap Labour was looking to –

      “Bishop” TD Jakes has been involved closely with “Bishop” Brian Tamaki, and runs a megachurch in the US. However Labour would have needed more than a few dollars, as Bishop Jakes doesn’t come cheap.

  5. Brown

     /  28th June 2017

    This is a cultural issue centered on PI’s supposedly blind allegiance to Labour as opposed to a church issue. Targeting the PI’s where they gather makes sense but hopefully the locals are not fooled by slogans or mislead by dodgy ministers looking for a quick buck. Christianity has little to nothing in common with socialism and the progressive left hate Christianity with a passion. Its a case of the blind looking to lead the blind.

  6. Which religious group was Labour targeting on the North Shore? South Africans?

  7. Maggy Wassilieff

     /  28th June 2017

    I’m not sure Dame Tariana Turia would be welcoming Labour bovver boys back onto Ratana grounds.