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    • Yes Dave, I put that link up yesterday. Widely ignored ( entirely) by the MSM, it’s pretty damning, esp when you see the video above.

      Russia / Trump Daily is about ratings, liberal political machinations and nothing else.

      As if the CIA aren’t sticking their noses in everywhere they shouldn’t. They’re masters of spying and subterfuge. Mind you, saying that if I had a son or daughter being held by Daesh or Al Queda I’d only call one team to extract them.

      Team Israel – Mossad.

      • Blazer

         /  June 28, 2017

        Amins not in charge….dear.

        • Take your keyboard condescension over to TheStandard or TDB where it’s par for the course. Don’t “dear” me. I’m neither dear nor the weak and wimpy woman you might prefer to be accustomed to.

          • Blazer

             /  June 28, 2017

            don’t…’dare’ me….I might .

      • Sorry Trav didn’t see that – wasn’t online much yesterday… nasty flu

    • High Flying Duck

       /  June 28, 2017

      And the writers were involved in several other retracted stories – including a repeat of the NYT story on Trump campaigners meeting Russians that Comey outed as being “completely false” in his Senate testimony.

  1. PDB

     /  June 28, 2017

    “When Seattle officials voted three years ago to incrementally boost the city’s minimum wage up to $15 an hour, they’d hoped to improve the lives of low-income workers. Yet according to a major new study that could force economists to reassess past research on the issue, the hike has had the opposite effect.

    The city is gradually increasing the hourly minimum to $15 over several years. Already, though, some employers have not been able to afford the increased minimums. They’ve cut their payrolls, putting off new hiring, reducing hours or letting their workers go, the study found.

    The costs to low-wage workers in Seattle outweighed the benefits by a ratio of three to one, according to the study, conducted by a group of economists at the University of Washington who were commissioned by the city. The study, published as a working paper Monday by the National Bureau of Economic Research, has not yet been peer reviewed.

    On the whole, the study estimates, the average low-wage worker in the city lost $125 a month because of the hike in the minimum.”

  2. Conspiratoor

     /  June 28, 2017

    The Master Persuader in Chief scores a victory, albeit not total …for common sense and national security…

    He added: “My number one responsibility as Commander in Chief is to keep the American people safe. Today’s ruling allows me to use an important tool for protecting our Nation’s homeland.”