National’s Clutha -Southland candidate selection

National has announced it’s selection process for a candidate to replace Todd Barclay in the Clutha-Southland electorate. This is a very safe seat so is likely to be sought after by people wanting a relatively secure political career.

NZ Herald: National re-opens selections for Clutha-Southland seat

National has re-opened selections for the Clutha-Southland seat and already there are three names in the mix -including the man who unsuccessfully challenged Todd Barclay for it a few months ago.

The National Party’s Southern Region Chair Rachel Bird said nominations will close on July 18 and the candidate will be selected in August – leaving the new candidate between 4-7 weeks to campaign.

There are already three names in the mix.

Hamish Walker, 32, has confirmed he will seek the selection after standing for National in Dunedin South in 2014.

Walker has family in the electorate. Before moving back to Dunedin in 2014, he had a property management company in Auckland.

I’ve heard he may have an association with people on one side of the rift, if so he will have to manage that.

Barclay was from the electorate but had obvious difficulties dealing with established identities in the electorate (long standing staff) and with both Queenstown and Gore constituencies.

Simon Flood, an ex-Merrill Lynch investment banker, is believed to be considering it again after challenging Barclay for the seat last year.

He seems another odd option in a mostly rural electorate. Empathy and connections with high flying Queenstown are important, but so is a connection with the farming community.

Gore District Councillor Nicky Davis has also confirmed she is considering it.

She has tried before – she was a nominee when Barclay won the candidacy in 2014.

The person at the centre of the Barclay staff dispute, Glenys Dickson, is also a Gore District Councillor. Davis will need to be seen as either neutral or able to work with both sides of the bitter dispute if she wants to get support for the candidacy. She looks very much a Gore person so I don’t know how she would be seen around the largest general electorate in the country.

Whoever gets selected by National will havea lot of repair work to do in the electorate and for the party as a whole.

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  1. Gezza

     /  1st July 2017

    I rather suspect whoever gets finally selected will, whatever differences might exist among the candidates’s backers, have the full support of the National voters, the electorate committee, & the electorate office – after what they’ve all been put through. The well-oiled, disciplined machine of the National Party organisation was very publicly seen to have completely broken down in Clutha Southland, but I expect the lessons learned will ensure that doesn’t happen again.

  2. I get a bit suspicious when Whale Oil strongly takes a side, especially in an electorate a long way from Auckland.

    • Gezza

       /  1st July 2017

      Who cares? Who’s paying so much attention to his opinions that they might change their minds these days?

      • I doubt that many Clutha-Southlanders would care. Of more interest to me is WO’s siding with and campaigning for one faction, and why.

    • I concur. I think WO probably has some skin in the game.

  3. As an aside, note that a significant proportion of the Clutha-Southland voters are in Otago, with large population centres in Queenstown and Balclutha.

    Another aside – I’ve never lived in Southland, only in Otago and Auckland. I’ve always seen (actually heard) the Southland accent as a curiosity.
    When I was living in Auckland I was surprised once when someone asked me if I came from Southland because of my accent. I didn’t know I had an accent, and Southland seemed like another world to me (even though my mother lived there for quite a while before and raising a family, and one great grandfather lived in Bluff for a long time and my grandfather grew up there).

    My mother was born in Queenstown and then spent most of her early years at Arthurs Point (just 5 km from Queenstown – her father was a Welshman who worked on gold dredges as an electrician on the Shotover River. I was born and grew up near Cromwell, a small town then but Queenstown was more remote and at least as small. Both places have been totally transformed since, for different reasons.

    • Gezza

       /  1st July 2017

      I find New Zealand’s Southern accents generally quite pleasant to the ear, to be honest. From those of the well-educated, well-turned out denizens of the various hamlets, townships & cities, to those of the hard-working chaps & chappesses drinking Speights in the Shed after mustering & shearing the sheep from the highlands. Very good stock indeed, these people, Absolute treasures, in the main. Those that don’t have a completely unnecessary inferiority complex *thing* about *JAFAs*, anyway.

      • Thank you. Should I start doing podcasts?

        Funny bit of personal history. I always thought I had a voice that carried very well – at least that’s the impression I got off teachers.

        In Primer 1 one day I wondered who was in trouble when the teacher suddenly stopped talking and picked up the sellotape. She walked in my direction and I wondered who near me was in trouble. One of those little buggers must have been a ventriloquist, I had my mouth taped shut.

        In Form 1 I was offered lead role in an Operetta because of my talking voice (not because of my singing voice for sure) but I refused. I was the compere instead – and in those days we didn’t have PAs.

        Roll on about 20 years and I wanted to do some radio advertising. I decided to do the voice myself based on what I thought. I was gobsmacked when I heard that I could hardly hear myself. My face is no good for tv, my voice is no good for radio.

        So maybe I stick to typing.

        • Gezza

           /  1st July 2017

          It is my carefully considered opinion that (apart from persistently errant “it’s”es) you do a superb job of both typing & parenting here, Mr George.

  4. Blazer

     /  1st July 2017

    hope Flood doesn’t get selection.NZ needs another Wall St vampire in Parliament like ….a plague.

  1. National’s Clutha -Southland candidate selection — Your NZ – NZ Conservative Coalition

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