The Nation – Shane Jones

The Nation will give NZ First’s campaign another boost with an interview with Shane Jones. Not many new candidates get this much media attention.

See also Audrey Young: Shane Jones is an important part of Winston Peters’ plan to regain power

It is one of several factors likely to keep the party on its upward trajectory, mainly at the expense of Labour.

The former Labour MP will help Peters peel off Labour leaners for whom personality is more important in leadership than anything else and who just can’t adjust to Andrew Little.

Jones will also help peel off Labour-leaning blokes who think the party is too “politically correct” – which is really code for too much control by feminists and gays.

And Jones will help to boost support for New Zealand First in the regions and among Maori. He is widely admired in Maoridom for his command of te reo and is considered one of its best orators. He has a microscopic knowledge of Northland tribal history and families. Unlike Peters he was raised in Northland on a dairy farm.

Jones says he knows how to resonate with people. I’m not sure how many. He comes across as pompous and arrogant to me.

A derogatory reference to Dotcom is undignified.

In it for the long haul? He says he had a good break for three years in the Pacific, now has a passion and has learned from his past mistakes as an MP.

Asked about leadership ambitions he avoids that, saying he is looking long term for Whangarei.

He has said it will be “a long day in hell” he would work with the Greens but he says that historic statements shouldn’t be seen as static.

Another derogatory reference, to Russel Norman.

He won’t commit on how well he might get on with Labour and the Greens.

On Bill Liu – ten years old and no more comment on it from Jones.

Immigration – defers to policy yet to be announced.

TPP – another non-static historic position perhaps, saying he won’t walk away from trade. He won’t commit on the TPP. He tries to divert to Winston supporting trade and avoids the TPP as dead.

Maori electorates will stay as long as the people on the rolls want them.

“Arithmetical exactitude”? Trying to be too clever with words. This is just one example.

Asked about more NZ First recruits with some suggested names and he says he won’t divulge anything at this stage.

I don’t know how well he will attract votes for NZ First. He has a very different style to Peters.

On the panel they agree that Whangarei isn’t that important, the party vote is.

Guyon Espiner makes a good point – it’s a major departure for Peters to invite another high profile person to stand in NZ First beside him.

Hooton says that their objective is to take Labour votes and to have Winston as Prime Minister by Christmas.

Espiner thinks that scenario, a NZ First surge and a strong bargaining position for Peters, is unlikely but should be seen as a serious possibility.


  1. PDB

     /  July 1, 2017

    Young: “The former Labour MP will help Peters peel off Labour leaners for whom personality is more important in leadership than anything else and who just can’t adjust to Andrew Little.
    Jones will also help peel off Labour-leaning blokes who think the party is too “politically correct” – which is really code for too much control by feminists and gays.”

    I disagree – these people have already left Labour long ago hence why they poll in the mid-high 20%’s rather than 35%+.

    If anything Jones joining NZL First will stop the rise of party as some people jump off the bandwagon and internal problems ensue. Ron Mark for one will not enjoy being third cab off the rank now.

  2. Blazer

     /  July 1, 2017

    NZ First has great appeal for Conservative voters,the elderly and the redneck faction.National…. territory.

    • They have probably picked up most of the support they’re going to get there already.

    • PDB

       /  July 1, 2017

      He will lose NZL First more support than he gains, at best they hold existing support.

    • Corky

       /  July 1, 2017

      What redneck faction? Just because you have a problem with immigration doesn’t make you a redneck..

      Peters stated 20 years ago unfettered immigration would cause social dislocation and infrastructural problems. He’s been proven correct.

      I have a deep suspicion, on a variety of levels, with regards to people whom seem unable to face the problems immmigration is causing.

    • Gezza

       /  July 1, 2017

      Maybe he’s just checked out the racy pics of some of the newest female recruits?

      • Alan Wilkinson

         /  July 1, 2017

        Suggest you send him some of your ankle collection?

        • Gezza

           /  July 1, 2017

          Suggest Metiria sends him a pic of her ankles.

          • Alan Wilkinson

             /  July 1, 2017

            She might be nervous about return fire.

            • Gezza

               /  July 1, 2017

              One thing about this candidacy is that, if it doesn’t work out for The Joneser, at least he could still look forward to a career as a comedian – or a stage actor, specialising in farce.

            • Gezza

               /  July 1, 2017

              She might be nervous about return fire.

              😖 Good point. The mind boggles! 😬

          • Loki

             /  July 1, 2017


  3. The Daily Blog: A NZ First Vice Chair slams Shane Jones

    The question that should be one everyone’s minds in New Zealand First; is what exactly it would be that this “red blooded, robust dude” actually represents for the party, and it’s post-election plans as regards both coalition, and future policy; especially as he’s widely regarded as the main rival to current deputy Ron Mark, for the leadership once Winston eventually retires.

    One last note; is that New Zealand First has always prided itself on its own internal democracy.
    One would think therefore; that it’d leave a bit of a rotten taste in the mouth to see that on Tuesday, it was reported by the Otago Daily Times and Maori TV that although Shane Jones would be expected to announce his candidacy for New Zealand First on Friday; that Mr Peters had confirmed that no selection had been made for Whangarei.

    When did Tracey make that media advisory announcement for again?
    Oh yeah, that’s Friday.

    Conclusion: Looks very much like a rotten egg.
    Time to hope and pray that Winston will be announcing someone else entirely.
    One would hope, that if a humble Applied Science student like myself can disseminate why a “red blooded, robust dude” isn’t exactly a solid contribution to the ranks of New Zealand First; that a man like Rt Hon Winston Peters, with almost 40 years of political experience under his belt would be capable of the same.

    We’ll see, though.

    Ermmm… One more thing that I almost forgot, and I know that a lot of my fellow members of New Zealand First agree with me on this (some to the point where they’ve said they’ll resign their membership, which is something I had also previously threatened to do, but have been tentatively convinced to refrain from – for now).

    About the writer:
    Anton Skipworth; 29, is an Applied Science student at UCOL in Palmerston North.
    He is based in Whanganui, and is a father of two.
    He is also the current Vice Chair of the Whanganui Electorate Committee for New Zealand First.

    Jones could mean gains and losses for NZ First.

  4. Zedd

     /  July 1, 2017

    is mr J.. really Winston’s potential successor, OR maybe; the 5th column ?

    methinks Tracey & Ron may have an opinion.. :/

  5. Chuck Bird

     /  July 1, 2017

    “A derogatory reference to Dotcom is undignified.”

    Please explain why.

  6. Jack P

     /  July 1, 2017

    Since 2011 I backed up Winston and NZ First. Mainly because they have always been about policy. Ideas bigger than themselves and Winston has the political saavy to follow through on them. Winston has worked very hard since 2008 to rebuild the party and there isn’t anyone better than him. I like his policies. Then comes Shane Jones. It doesn’t seem consistent with NZ First. He is so self absorbed, arrogant, and doesn’t seem to stand for anything. I don’t like the guy. If Jones were to lead the party, I’d leave. Wouldn’t know where to go, probably wouldn’t vote. Labour and National = neoliberalsm, Greens= communism, Maori = racism, Act = facism.

    • Alan Wilkinson

       /  July 1, 2017

      National = pragmatism, Labour = unionism

  1. The Nation – Shane Jones — Your NZ – NZ Conservative Coalition