Hansard history to go online

All the available (virtually all) Hansard records of what has been said in Parliament have been digitised and will be available online.

This is not just a comprehensive record of New Zealand business in Parliament, it is also a valuable record of New Zealand democratic history.

For the record: 150 years of Hansard

A century-and-a-half ago, a team of independent reporters began writing down everything politicians said in debates at Parliament. They stood for truth and accountability and their work continues to this day. The team and their written record is known as Hansard.

More than just words on a page, Hansard is an account of New Zealand, its politics, society and history. Through it we can track the changes of our nation and see how our priorities and positions have developed or, in some cases, remained the same. Join with us in celebrating Hansard and its role in our democracy.

Happy anniversary Hansard

Hansard is more than just a fact checker. It is one of the longest running narratives in New Zealand’s history and presents the raw and often passionate opinions of political representatives from era to era. Its format is that of a dialog or script. No wonder then that playwrights, journalists and cartoonists have found it such a source of inspiration for their work.

Hansard is our history

If you’re interested in finding out more about Hansard, its origins, who writes it and why we need it, you can read all about Hansard in our series of online articles.

Coming soon: Some of Hansard’s best bits

We’re putting together an online exhibition of political cartoons, memorabilia. Watch this space!

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  1. Kitty Catkin

     /  5th July 2017

    While I would never want to read Hansard word for word, I was surprised to find myself reading them with interest when they were sent to us.


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