Green campaign launch in Nelson

The Green Party is launching their election campaign in Nelson. They recently announced they would be campaigning to win that electorate, a different direction for them as they have solely sought the party vote in recent elections.

Stuff:  Greens pick Nelson for campaign launch

The Green Party is to launch its election campaign in Nelson on Sunday as it attempts to unseat long-time Nelson MP and National Party Minister Nick Smith.

Nelson City councillor Matt Lawrey is the Green’s candidate for Nelson and said the decision to hold the nationwide launch here  provided a “huge boost” to his campaign.

“I think we have a chance of winning,” he said.

I suppose he has to say that but last election:

  • Nick Smith (National) 20,000
  • Maryan Street (Labour) 12,395
  • Colin Robertson (Greens) 3,449

Even if Labour encouraged voters to go green it looks a very long shot for Lawrey.

Lawrey said he believed part of the attraction was that he was running a strong “two-tick campaign” for the seat and the party vote. He is No. 21 on the party list.

“I believe I have got a chance of winning [the seat] because every day, all sorts of people tell me they think it’s time for a change.

“Nick Smith has been an MP in these parts for 27 years; it’s time for a change.”

Greens haven’t been attracted to two-tick campaigning for a decade so it is an interesting change.

The top 20 candidates on the Green Party list including co-leaders Metiria Turei and James Shaw are scheduled to join Lawrey and West Coast-Tasman electorate hopeful Kate Fulton at the launch on Sunday afternoon at the Trafalgar Centre.

The launch is scheduled to be held from 1pm to 3pm.

Possibly not coincidentally the Greens were bequeathed a substantial amount on the condition it be used in the Nelson and West Coast-Tasman electorates.

I am interesting in whether the Greens will actively contest more electorates. Of special interest will be Metiria Turei’s approach in Te Tai Tonga, the southern Maori electorate that she is switching to.

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  1. Toby Manhire: time for Greens to get a bit crazy

    In the middle of 2016, Labour announced its “memorandum of understanding” with the Green Party, and this week Andrew Little appeared to be drafting up something similar for New Zealand First, in the form of a Memorandum of Bootlicking.

    With 11 weeks till polling day, New Zealand First’s footwear could hardly be shinier. The battle bus, emblazoned with “campaign for the regions” and Winston Peters’ grin, is up on its foils, propelled by nothing but adrenaline and the global winds of voter insurrection.

    It is altogether less easy, however, being Green. The party enjoyed a burst of good press around its list announcement, which revealed a healthy rejuvenation, but since then they’ve been missing in action.

    Currently polling around 12 per cent, the Greens are pretty much where they were at this point in 2014. Then, they finished on 10.7 per cent, however: a far cry from their aspired heights of 15 per cent.

    Some similar dangers are in the water in 2017. The Greens loathe Gareth Morgan’s Opportunities Party, which has stolen some of their thunder on issues including drug reform and water, and has even attempted -audaciously if not hubristically – in recent weeks to steal very senior sitting Green MPs by unsuccessfully attempting to lure them into the big TOP.

    And the Greens have the best, most charismatic candidate to channel that energy on the left of New Zealand politics. Metiria Turei, who came close to chucking it in after the disappointment of 2014, is a 15-year parliamentary veteran, a firebrand from way back.

    Not sure she is that charismatic outside the green bubble.

    She should be front and centre, thumping the tub, making the progressive case for the environment, the economy and society.

    Who better than Turei to bellow that the idea that there is a live conversation about tax cuts, as greater-than-expected surpluses flow in, while, for example, child poverty remains so acute and mental health underfunded, is kind of grotesque. There’s budget responsibility, and then there’s basic human decency.

    The Greens would no doubt insist that they’re making those arguments already. But it’s no use preaching to the converted. When I interviewed the co-leaders earlier this year,

    Shaw told me, “We’re really committed to not saying crazy s*** just for the sake of getting headlines.” They would attempt to come across “as a kind of responsible, sober party that is committed to achieving big policy gains”.

    That just sounds like a recipe for getting ignored. Be a bit crazy. A bit less sober. Fire up the old radical in Metiria Turei and let her rip – the Bernie Sanders of Palmerston North.

    But she is campaigning in Te Tai Tonga, which covers Wellington and the South Island.

    • PDB

       /  7th July 2017

      Most people I know can’t stand Turei – if anything her being the leader of the party puts off many centralist voters giving the Greens the tick.

    • Put Meteria front and centre all campaign – I love the strategy!!! Perfect for all the other parties….

      • Pete Kane

         /  7th July 2017

        Yea, I don’t warm to her I must say. Overrated.

        • sorethumb

           /  7th July 2017

          And a doctrinaire leftist SJW and…………………… baizou!

  2. sorethumb

     /  7th July 2017

    isn’t it interesting that Manhire and his mob get to appear on The Nation and now the mouthy (who is?) David Cormack is suddenly famous.

  3. sorethumb

     /  7th July 2017

    Manhire and that group of left-wing internationalists are all over the media. Hard for the Greens to marry a pristine environment with the free movement of it’s most successful and polluting megafauna.
    [refer crab fishers at Ruatiti Beach]


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